iOS PigRange cartoon shooter game for kids

Most of us will remember times when we have visited a fun fare and had fun at the shooting range trying to win that cuddly toy or other goodies, and today we can tell you about the PigRange cartoon shooter game for iOS that kids and adults alike can enjoy.

PigRange is available for owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad that sees funny pigs run around with silly smiles, while you take aim to shoot them down. The gameplay may not seem to challenging, but there are four game modes to choose from, which allow the player to pick the right level of difficulty and include Arcade, Kamikaze, Extreme, and Time Range.

The game is a funny shooter for all ages to enjoy, and to shoot down those silly pigs all that is needed is to touch the screen to score points hitting the targets, and in other levels there are other animals to shoot at. Players will be absorbed as each mode requires different tactics to get the best score.

The toughest mode is extreme but players can easily choose Arcade or the Kamikaze mode, but those hilarious pigs will keep you laughing with their antics. There are three different versions of the game available that include the free lite version, full version priced at £0.69/$0.99, and the HD version for £1.49/$1.99.

With the full version players can use all types of modes and shoot at other targets, while the free version is ad supported with limited levels and modes. Use the links provided for more information on each version of the game and to download, and in future updates the developers plan to ad Game Centre and a system of ranks.

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