Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories and exclusive on Flipboard

The dust is now settling on the Unpacked event in London where Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S3 handset to the world for the first time, and while we have to wait for the end of May to see the device become available to consumers, the company also announced some accessories and an exclusive on the Flipboard app.

Samsung revealed a number of new accessories for the handset that as Cnet are reporting included a number of protective covers and a desktop dock. There was also a wireless charging player as well as an MPS player, and the C pen will help make the most of that beautiful looking 4.8-inch screen.

Meanwhile SlashGear are reporting that Samsung also announced exclusivity for the Flipboard application for the Galaxy S3 on the Android platform for a limited time, and spent some time with it.

This will be the first time the app has been available on Android, and is similar to what is already available on iOS, and makes use of the Super AMOLED HD 720p display along with a gesture based interface.

Just like you do with the iOS version users can login to their social networks and have links aggregated straight to the app. There is also the option of adding different news feeds to the app, and then flick down through the stories to read them. Cover Stories tailors specific news based on your reading habits.

A widget is available to be placed on any of your home screens allowing for quick access to the news, and using the application for a short time it was found to be as smooth as the version on the iOS platform. Images and text looked impressive on the Galaxy S3 display, and even though it was on a PenTile screen, considering the resolution and size of the display it wasn’t an issue.

Samsung didn’t reveal how long the Galaxy S3 had exclusivity to Flipboard, but surely it won’t be long before the hacking community gets hold of it and makes it available to the rest of the Android world. Use the link above for a video of Flipboard in action.

With what you have seen so far will you be getting the Galaxy S3?


7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories and exclusive on Flipboard”

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    Rgx521 says:

    I was waiting for the S3 to be revealed before deciding on my next phone.
    I’ll get the One X tomorrow. 

    1. Reply
      FF50 says:

      Where did you order the phone to get such a good deal?! Please tell me it is available in the uk…

      1. Reply
        KitXat says:

        It was available from carphone warehouse (UK), for the first 1000 people to pre-order the s3, but has run out now. My husband and I both ordered 1, so we were both lucky enough to get a tab each. They are still doing a deal where you get a 32gb microSD, screen protector and car charger now. But shop around, someone else might be doing a better deal by now.

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    Frank_knukles says:

    It looks horrible.
    For what i have been waiting all this months…
    Pentile display, ugly design.
    Good things…expandable memory and 64gb.
    Thinking on not upgrading from my sgs2.
    One x, looks far better, battery my only concern though

    1. Reply
      Anonymous says:

       How do you know the new pentile is bad or even comparable to the older versions? There isn’t one reviewer whose handled it hands on complain about the display or the looks if just the opposite. How is it ugly? Looks similar to any other phone out there like the nexus and is far far better than the HTC One X option-less closed environment. Look at you tube there are some who even hold the two side by side the Samsung display looks more crisp  in comparison.

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