Samsung Galaxy S3 colors & Snapdragon S4

At last the big day is here, the day of the Samsung Unpacked event where we expect to see the reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III or SGS3). We’ve been bringing you all the developments and speculation about this hugely anticipated smartphone and hours ahead of the unveiling we have further news, firstly about color options and then the possibility of it featuring the Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor.

We’ve already posted many articles on the rumored specs and features of the Galaxy S3 but one thing we hadn’t mentioned so far was color options. As usual with a major device launch, the closer we get to the big reveal the more leaks occur and now there is some interesting news regarding Galaxy S3 colors. Carphone Warehouse is a UK phone retailer and a screenshot showing its inventory system has come to light showing the smartphone listed in a blue option as well as a white version.

The news comes to us from GSMArena, who also point out though that Samsung’s idea of blue may not tally with most people’s. The Galaxy Note for example is available in ‘carbon blue’ as well as ‘ceramic white’ but the blue is so dark as to look virtually black. Slash Gear has also been observant and pointed out that blue and white are the colors of the large blobs on the invitations sent out for the Galaxy S3 event later today, which could also be an indication. You can see those colored blobs in the small image at the top of our story to give you some idea.

In further Galaxy S3 news it has long been rumored that the new Galaxy S smartphone would feature an Exynos quad-core processor and this seemed to be confirmed by Samsung last week. However PocketNow tells how in the US at least it seems that the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor will be used if a leaked user agent profile is anything to go by. It seems this agent profile is likely to be the Verizon carrier version, which will be good news for many people waiting to hear if Verizon will carry the new Galaxy S phone after it missed out on the S2 last year.

It still looks like the global version of the Galaxy S3 will have the Exynos quad-core processor though but that the US variants will have the Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, which has turned out to be impressive in its own right. This is likely to be because the US version of the Galaxy S3 will feature LTE connectivity and in fact the exact same thing happened with the HTC One X, which featured a quad-core processor for most regions but when it appears in the US will have the S4 dual-core CPU and LTE connectivity. Although PocketNow cannot confirm the user agent profile confirmed is definitely the Verizon variant it does appear highly likely that the model number SCH-I535 is the Verizon SGS3, with all the expected specs fitting the bill.

We’ll be covering the Samsung Mobile Unpacked Event featuring the Galaxy S3 as mentioned here and if you want to know world times for the event later today (starting 7pm UK time) as well as live streaming then check our article here. Thankfully it is now only hours until we should hear all the confirmed details of the Galaxy S3, hopefully including a release date and full specs and features so do check back with us for more and we’ll bring you the news as it happens.

What are your thoughts on the news regarding Galaxy S3 color options and also the likelihood that the US Galaxy S3 will be dual-core and not quad-core? We’re always interested to hear from readers so let us have your comments.


27 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 colors & Snapdragon S4”

    1. Reply
      Jordan Herrera says:

      JB? Jenson? 😛 Why has it? i dont think it will be a light ish, be dark/navy which sound cool 🙂 would you reli not buy it if it was navy insted of black!?……. Do you own an iPhone?

  1. Reply
    Sam says:

    They will release the phone in 11 hours. Just google search later and you will see all the news… Duh.

  2. Reply
    Kimo says:

    I actually think its better not to have black because that’s too mainstream and change is good. I would personally go for the blue even if black was available, it looks nicer and more unique.

  3. Reply
    Mark says:

    As I’ve read thoroughly all reviews plus have had a small glimpse into the future 🙂 The Galaxy s3 won’t have any better specs than the HTC One X.  Sorry to burst your bubbles, you know, with all the hype and all…

    1. Reply
      Anonymous says:

      If it has a better battery, and less lag, then I’ll gladly sell my One X.
      Although I’m already thinking of selling it for a black One X

      1. Reply
        Jordan Herrera says:

         Ha could not of said that any better, “Ya’al” 🙂 What an idiot, how does he think that comment is even slightly insulting, why is he even on the page himeself!

  4. Reply
    thexbox says:

    tbe only gripe I’ve had about Samsung phones is their shitty GPS chips

    if they fix that this phone will be perrrrrrfect for me

    1. Reply
      Bubba says:

      you mean compared to the Galaxy Note which has by all account, even the sheep the very best, fastest gps currently available in a phone. That samsung….

  5. Reply
    Ecarlson52 says:

    I think they need to figure out how to integrate a quad core processor with the LTE chip to make it a viable competitor with the iPhone. It sounds like apple is making it happen with the iPhone 5 with less room.

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