UK networks Samsung Galaxy S3 price plans & tariffs

Now that we know what the Samsung Galaxy S3 has in store for Android fans when it becomes available later this month, thoughts are now turning to the all important price for the handset, and we now have news of the UK networks Samsung Galaxy S3 price plans & tariffs.

The handset is now beginning to be put up for pre-order in some retailers and as IBTimes are reporting the Carphone Warehouse is offering the first 1,000 people that pre-order the device a bundle of free gifts worth 400, which includes a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a car charger. If you are too late for this offer other customers will get a free SanDisk 32GB microSD card, Invisishield Screen Protector, and an in-car charger, which is worth £59.97 altogether.

Meanwhile Vodafone exclusively have the 32GB version for the first month that will attract a lot of customers, while the 16GB version with a two year contract can be had for £36 per month with 600 minutes, 1GB of data, and unlimited texts.

Orange will let you have the 16GB version for free on a two year deal also costing £36 per month with 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data, or if you want more talk time for the same amount you can have 900 minutes but with only 250MB of data. T-Mobile only has one contract currently on offer that also costs £36 per month, but you will have to pay £199 up front for the handset. For this you get 2,000 minutes to any network, unlimited calls to other T-Mobile customers, and unlimited texts and data.

Finally O2 also has a £36 per month contract although there is a £49 upfront fee, which will then get you unlimited minutes and texts, and 1GB of data. For an extra £5 per month there is no upfront fee and you get 2GB of data. Currently there are no SIM free prices available but expect something around the £500 mark that was seen for the Galaxy S2.

Which carrier do you intend to get the Galaxy S3 from?


4 thoughts on “UK networks Samsung Galaxy S3 price plans & tariffs”

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    Shah Khan says:

    Three 3 got the best deal so far,Free galaxy s3 ,2000 mins,5000 text and unlimited data now that is real generous fair deal on brand new amazing handset.

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        Yodude147 says:

        Wondering if you’ve ever used 3 network as you will state you have – currently not experienced any network problem on 3 from a wifi or mobile phone point of view – as Shah says yes 3 will have best tariff of all networks also 5000 3to3 mins tethering also included. FACTUALLY correct.

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