Amazon Kindle Fire 6.3.1 update provides more options

Those of you who are owners of the Amazon Kindle Fire may be interested in this latest news about an update that will offer users more options. The 6.3.1 update is set to roll out over the next few days, hot on the heels of another recent update that gave quicker WiFi reconnect and more sharing options.

The 6.3.1 software update focuses on offering more parental controls and a variety of ways to restrict content access, especially useful for those with children in the home. Purchases will be able to be password-protected and specific content libraries can have access disabled. Another option is to prevent Silk Web browser use by completely blocking all access, a useful safeguard to prevent unauthorized purchasing.

Amazon Kindle Fire devices will receive the OTA (over-the-air) update automatically at some point over the next few days according to Ars Technica. If you want to see if your device has already received the software update head to the Quick Settings icon and tap it, then click on More before finally clicking on Device. If your device has received it you will see ‘Current Version: 6.3.1’ under System Version.

If you don’t receive the update it can be downloaded manually via USB under Quick Settings and then Sync. You will need to be connected to a WiFi network and make sure that the device battery is fully charged before you begin. After tapping Sync the update will automatically download and once the download is complete and the device is asleep it will then be applied. You’ll know when the update is complete as your device screen will read ‘Current Version: 6.3.1.’

To find out more about the update and further instructions head to Amazon here for full details. Are you pleased that this latest Kindle Fire software update will improve parental controls? Send us your comments using the box below.


2 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle Fire 6.3.1 update provides more options”

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    Jefferysl says:

    My experience with th Kindle Fire has been deeply frustrating. The worst is the touch screen. It is simply unresponsive. It either selects the wrong thing or does nothing. I get so mad I want to throw it. You can’t add memory, what a piece of junk.

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      Pouncer says:

       You probably should have done some homework before buying.  It’s not like Amazon promised things that they didn’t deliver. Certainly people have done reviews that you could have learned from.  If you’re the kind of person who buys a product without researching first then it’s your own fault if you got something that displeases you.

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