BlackBerry PlayBook LTE 2012 promise release, BB10 maybe

Old Research In Moition as most know hasn’t been doing too well in the mobile space in the past, and most of the Canadian company’s hopes at grabbing back lost market share are pinned on BlackBerry 10. The BlackBerry PlayBook hasn’t really done all that well for the firm either; however it appears RIM is going to deliver a new BlackBerry PlayBook this year that supports LTE.

According to an article over on the Washington Post, RIM’s new chief exec during the firm’s annual conference call said plans are in place to deliver a BlackBerry PlayBook featuring LTE connectivity sometime later this year.

According to the guys over at Canadian Reviewer, the new BlackBerry PlayBook with 4G LTE will include Near Field Communication technology from the outset, along with being powered by an updated 1.5GHz dual core processor, and possible both Adobe Flash and HTML5.

Apparently when it comes to design though, the word is the new BlackBerry PlayBook LTE tablet will retain the same design as the original slate, and the report didn’t also say whether the new LTE enabled RIM tablet would come running RIM’s new operating system BlackBerry 10.

However, as Research In Motion is hoping BlackBerry 10 devices will pull them back to their former glory in the mobile space, it’s a fairly good chance that RIM will slap the BlackBerry 10 OS on the new tablet one would have thought.

So, if RIM does release a new 4G LTE version of the BlackBerry PlayBook later in 2012, and it does come packing BlackBerry 10, will you be inclined to consider picking up the slate?


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