Happy or disappointed about Samsung Galaxy S3?

The dust has now settled on the big Samsung reveal that took place with the announcement of the Galaxy S3 and all its new features and specifications, and while the tech world begins to digest what was announced, we wondered if you were happy or disappointed about the Samsung Galaxy S3?

To recap the upcoming device features a stunning looking 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display that has a resolution of 1280 x 720, which is powered by the Exynos quad core processor. The handset features an eight megapixel rear mounted camera with autofocus and flash, which also has zero shutter lag and is capable of 1080p HD video capture.

On the front it will feature a 1.9 megapixel camera, and the handset will come in either 16GB or 32GB storage options, which is expandable to 64GB via the microSD port.

Obviously the handset will come running the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system as well as having NFC support, and you can find the full specifications here. The Galaxy S3 will ship with a number of new software features as well that includes Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Siri assistant feature. This will respond to commands like making calls and sending messages just by listening to the user’s voice, and will start off supporting eight languages.

Another clever feature is the buddy share photo option that will use facial recognition technology to send an image taken by recognizing the people in the image before forwarding it on. There are also a number of accessories that were announced by the company yesterday that included a desk top dock, and the wireless charging device that will allow Galaxy S3 owners to charge the handset by just placing the device on top.

Now that the handset has been revealed are you happy with what you have seen so far and think this phone is stunning, or do you feel the device looks too cheap? Are the specifications enough for you to want the Galaxy 3S or are you going to wait to see what Apple does next.

There are a number of retailers now offering consumers the chance to pre-order the handset, and there is now even an official Samsung global signup page for the device. Have you already pre-ordered the Galaxy S3?


38 thoughts on “Happy or disappointed about Samsung Galaxy S3?”

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    Dmwhittley says:

    As an original SI owner I must unfortunately express disappointment at the S3. After the success of the Note and the fact that so many today use phones to create, retouch, design draw I am very surprised that a dedicated stylus alá Note was not included with supported software.
    I fully understand that the stylus could not vanish into the phones slim body, but hey, I could live with that.
    I also think that the software improvements (read gimmicks) will be nothing more than party tricks for a month or so until the novelty wears of. Much like Siri is today for the majority of iphone 4s users.
    As for the water ripple effect…I say nothing!
    What really surprised me was how Samsung marketed the floating video!?
    Firstly, whats the point? Secondly, an app that allows this is readily available on the market and works fine on my SI. The developers of which also have a floating browser, a floating calculator and have promised a floating note taking app. The latter being the one I can see most use for.
    My SI, which is rooted but running standard 2.3.3 is faster now than when I bought it 2 years ago. I have a custom browser and fantastic third party keyboard and many smart apps that make multitasking and a breeze and my phone a joy to work and write and play with. My 2 year contract is coming to an end so I am now looking forward a year or two with lower monthly bills in wait for a Galaxy Note Mini with a long lasting battery.

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      Anonymous says:

       The floating video was to show of the smoothness of the cores running on a 720p display and its ability to deliver high quality images without the lag while simultaneously being able to multitask. The stylus is available as an accessory if you’re interested but for the most part is not targeted at that niche and this is more a smart phone than a personal assistant though the lines are blurring. Siri doesn’t work and this supposedly does, which judging by the number of people there from all over the world with various English accents the  phone had to distinguish, the final reviews are still being held back. The software improvements are a novelty in the beginning but have everyday practical uses which I see being common place like direct call and android beam. Reminds you of missed calls etc when you pick it is useful when rushing for work and have missed the call when in the shower. The 64 gb expandable memory option and the free 50 gb online drop box option is extremely useful. Apart from this the ability to wirelessly charge your phone without having to deal with another cable is welcome.

      Finally it comes down to personal choice and if you are happy with what you have then keep it. The fact that this phone has a larger battery and uses a pentile display for lower power consumption is a plus compared to its current distant competitor the HTC One X

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        Elong_122_beaton says:

        That the S3 phone doesn’t have separate RGB elements for every pixel is a minus point, not a plus point.

        If it were a plus point, then it would have been held up as a feature of the phone by Samsung. They’re not drawing attention to it because it’s frankly a bit of an embarassment.

        We’ll have to wait for some proper tests to see how the HTC One X and Samsung S3 fare when it comes to battery life, but a quick search online shows that actually, the early concerns about the One X seem unfounded. Perhaps the S3 will do much better of course, and that might alone be a reason to prefer it, but please, let’s not pretend that the S3 is anything but a mild disappointment when it comes to the display specs.

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        Elong_122_beaton says:

         Oh.. and one more thing. ‘distant competitor’…LOL

        The HTC One X and the Samsung S3 have huge similarities in form factor, processing capacity, screen resolution and size, memory and storage. Samsung even copied HTC One X’s camera features and dropbox integration. They both run Android ICS and both cost roughly the same.

        So when you say ‘distant competitor’, I wonder if you’re being just a teensy weensy bit fanboyish. I was considering both, and there are large numbers of pages comparing these two phones (along with the Iphone 4s, which is actually far more distant)

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          Anonymous says:

           Dropbox is a separate company owned by neither offering One X owners 25GB while this S III offers 50GB. Because all phones now have facebook integration can we assume they also copied the HTC? I still stand by “distant” and I’m being a realist comparing both hardware specs so whose being a fanboy? You’re saying that you have a rooted phone that does much the same thing and yet talk about software on a device whose previous iterations are famous for easily being rooted. So lets talk about hardware differences. The Pentile screen which is also present on the Galaxy Note is of similar if not same specs. I have yet to hear of anyone complain about the devices display. Now here is the difference, the Pentile display RGBG uses far less power than the usual RGB HD linear version you are referring to. So the Galaxy note gets 1-2 hrs more battery life while yet using a bigger display. So I would expect battery life on the S3 to be as good as One X if not better as display uses the most resources.

          Processor wise the Exynos has been always the better processor when comparing same generation technology and in the Quad core spec I see no reason not to expect the same compared to tegra 3 when looking at early benchmarks. The US version will most likely be the same S4 dual core on both. Again this just makes the display a lot more reason to compare. Apart from this  the S III has a removable battery, wireless charging, 16/32 GB internal storage while the US version HTC has only 16 GB. External memory SIII has 64 GB expansion capability while the One X has none and a closed battery. Apart from this the S3 can sense your eye movement and display remains on for the duration while your reading and automatically sleeps when your no longer looking on the screen. The Samsung has S-voice functionality available while HTC doesn’t even offer it lol. Gimmicky? not if it actually does what I ask of it especially when driving. 1.9 front facing camera vs. 1.3 on HTC and both offering similar camera functionality and I’ll go by better hardware = S III. Battery size higher on S 3  than the HTC one X 1800.

          Hands down unless your blind the HTC is not better in any way other than probably looks and thats at best subjective.

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    Bulbul Ahmad Rajon says:

    I too am disappointed with the S3 as an owner of the first series of the galaxy phone. The design is not anything near to a “Woww” factor and sort of looks like the nexus. The material used in the back of the phone looks cheap and what is the big deal with the floating video, I dont see any practical use for that to be honest. 
    And I would have to agree with “Dmwhittley” that software features like this is nothing but something to show off around your mates. I was expecting Samsung to set a new trend for smartphones and as much as I hate apple but apple really is the smartphone trend setter.
    Samsung could have implemented the 3d technology just like HTC and LG did. I have to be honest that HTC 3d was fantastic but not perfect. 
    Samsung really could have taken this technology to the next step since S3 has this amazing processing power now. 
    So what is the use of this mammoth quad core processor. Is is just to run a lag free phone, camera and to be able to float videos and other apps? Is that all?
    And again just like “Dmwhittley” my phone got super fast after rooting it and flashing rom from MIUI, 99% lag free. It almost seems like upgrading to this phone will be almost to nothing except probably bit bigger screen and a different shaped phone. Ohh wait, no, no, my S1 already is this shape.

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    Tony NoName says:

    Haters will always find something to hate and fans will always find something to love about Samsung’s top to bottom designed, engineered and parts all integrated into a phone slab that no other company is capable of producing. LG comes close, but they are still far from having the total top to bottom parts manufacturing expertise Samsung has as the #1 Electronics Corporation in the World by far in both Volume and Revenue, doubling their next closest competitor Apple in these two categories. Reality is Market Means Nothing to us end users. It’s number meant only to excite Share Holders bent on getting in on Apple’s obscene profit margins!

    Samsung ranks #2 in the World for both R&D and CAPEX Spending this year to IBM and Intel respectively. That’s $42 Billion spent on CAPEX (factory upgrading, etc). Which is $42 Billion more than Apple spends, not owning any factories of their own. In R&D Spending Apple doesn’t even rank in the top 40 and neither does any of the other phone manufacturers. Why is that important? Because it takes expensive R&D spending to prepare for the future and no other consumer device manufacturer in the is better prepared to put Superior Technology and Hardware Innovation into our hands than Samsung!!! 

    Do I want one of these phones? You better believe it and no doubt with 10 million already on pre-order by retailers, it should be obvious that they know it and want it too!!! …and this will be the first Global launch of a Samsung Device that is projected to be a part of Samsung estimated to sell 50% more smartphones than they did last year (95million). So we’re looking at Samsung possibly selling more Smartphones in every quarter this year to top all Apple’s iPhones combined! Apple’s days as number one are gone, having obtained that status all of just  two quarters. While Samsung not only beat them in two quarters, but annihilated them even in this last quarter globally! Expect this phone to be not only the Official Phone of the 2012 London Olympics….. but the best selling phone this year!!!

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      Elong_122_beaton says:

       If it really mattered that the same company made all the components, then the iphone wouldn’t have been the success that it is.

      Apple has no problems hugely desirable well designed handsets using third party components, so why should we forgive Samsung for this bland design just because it made all the bits itself?

      If anything, their unique ability to integrate all the components should have given them more design latitude to create something that took your breath away.

      The S3 doesn’t do that. It will of course be hugely capable with those specs, but they blew their chance to take industrial design of handsets to the next level. The HTC One X is far more successful on that front, and Apple presumably won’t be resting on their laurels. Samsung’s earlier products had a wow factor that is just simply missing this time around.

      Maybe it’ll hurt them, maybe not. But the wow factor *is* missing.

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      Cropdog01 says:

      this comment made me feel so much better, everyones comments were driving me to cancel my pre-order of the phone until i saw this. All i have to say to you is thankyou!

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    Steve_ngerrad0409 says:

    S3…..disappointed ….looks like iPhone 5 is the one we can put our hope in it …..and the google glass…….

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    RSDroid says:

    Disappointed  – gives no practical reason to move from Note / SGS2 / Razr Maxx

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    Jassari96 says:

    Why all these sad faces
    You haven’t used the phone yet
    The design may not be sexy but it feels very good in the hand
    and i also don’t have any problem with the plastic
    So cheer up ,, when you use this phone you will know the true value of it
    I’m sure that samsung never disappoint their costumers

    Also it beats the htc one X in all the hardwere section

    Also samsung wouldn’t use pentile for nothing,, of course it has a reason
    Maybe battery saving , s iii screen is nice and i am sure you will be happy with it

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    Dr Jay says:

    Built quality ZERO atleast for me even iphone 4 looks better than this
    But for hardware it owns really

    And samsung must bring some thing better than ICS by defalt the pixels are like 5 years old samsung device i mean the icons and stuff of os.. Not in applications. Period
    Anyway ill wait for next iphone update till june WWDC will buy then or…

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    Rahulbhasme3008 says:

    People who use iPhone are nothing but dumb.They dont know what the latest technology is and depend only on wow factor and style trend of people who blindly follow Apple.I bet the production cost of iPhone will be not more than $200.but people buy it for $700.
    If u want only a fashionable model then buy something from Nokia and decorate it with whatever u want.really dont know what to say about Apple fanboys…….

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      mandara says:

      “People who use Iphone are nothing but dumb” – Wow…. Dude its not like the iphones are running slow ass crap technology. I don’t see anything wrong with wanting a nice looking phone for a trade off of less bleeding edge tech. IOS does have its advantages ya know. I use both IOS and Android across different range of phones, both are good mobile OSes. I wouldn’t call someone dumb JUST because they want and Iphone. That is a bit extreme man.

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    Pink Spot Devotee says:

    Glad to see it has retain the much loved ‘feature’ from the S2 and Note. The feature that everyone loves……..THE PINK SPOT!!!!!!!!
    Why, oh why, oh why?

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      Elkster says:

      I’ve never had this much mentioned pink spot, so it’s not an issue for me. It seems I’m one of the lucky ones.

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    guest says:

    Very dissapoined in SG3 i have ip4s and wanted sg3 to be awsome having had the sg2 (sold sg2 as it was to big in pocket when out on a satuday night. So my ip4s is pefect siz does eveything i need it to build quality is great so cant fault apple. I would like on ip5 stereo speakers, 12mp camera, micro sd, swap battery and lighter oh and quad core to so me thinks I;ll wait for Sg4/5 but will be buying the ip5 not because im apple fan boy nope because its feels like a £500 quid phone.

    Fail Samsung And Release Presentation Was Rubbish as a company and peopleyou used to do it

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    Adoool92 says:

    Oh god this phone is unbearably ugly! nw I made up my mind and goin for th htc one x.. coming from galaxy s 2 I just cnt see y thy ddnt make th design it so well like th previous s1 and s2!.. this is way out of th pack! better to do will with s4.. this time htc aces..

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      Kieran M says:

      Pretty much no other reason than Apple’s anti-competitive, monopolistic lawsuits against Samsung.  Samsung don’t want another device that Apple can turn around and go “Hey, those guys used a bland, obvious rectangular design!  We own the copyright for that!”

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    donsun says:

    this is the worst phone design and specs at this current stage. how come samsung care much less when there is lots of expectation and heavy competitors waiting around to smash sgs3.now iphone5,lg lte2,htc sence 5 wont let down. 

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    Anonymous says:

    The S3 didn’t live up to its massive hype, period. 
    I expected a:
    A)  More powerful processor & GPU. 
    B)  Super Amoled Plus Non Pentile display (like in the Galaxy S2).  
    A) the S3’s Exynos 4212 is the exact same as in already released Miezu MX 
    B) an older Super Amoled display unit like the original Galaxy S!
    Like all Android devices the Galaxy S3 will also suffer from fragmentation and limited updates. Unlike anyone else though they always made up the difference with revolutionary hardware. This time though this is not the case. Beating the S3 hardware should be cake-walk for Apple this time round. That plus the fact that iphones can always look forward to updates on time means that for the first time since the iphone release in 2007 am I now excited about an apple device. The iphone 5.

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    Jason says:

    Talk about a let down. Gonna guess supplier comes out with the quad and 10 mp camera. They should call it the Galaxy ectomy not the galaxy S3.

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      Jason says:

      That was supposed to say, “gonna guess apple comes out with the quad core and 10 mp camera.” Apologies.

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    CZFred says:

    I couldn’t wait and bought an HTC One X (white, of course).  I was annoyed with myself because I ‘knew’ the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be better.  However, apart from edging it on a few of the specifications like the front camera and the processor benchmarks, it doesn’t beat the HTC on the important stuff.  By this I mean the screen!  Pentile, like the Nexus, looks bad to me.  This HTC One X is incredible.  As good as the iPhone but 4.7inches.  It really is a wow-factor screen.  The other thing, which I had been prepared to sacrifice, is HTC Sense.  Much prefer it to Samsung’s rather ‘Fisher Price’ TouchWiz.  The final point is the quality finish and styling.  Yes, they are both plastic, but the HTC is pure quality, and the styling is original and beautiful.  Sadly, the Samsung is a bit ugly.  I might change my mind about all of this when I get one in my hands.  Maybe it’ll surprise me.  But, from the images, it looks a bit dated.  Already!!  I was so hoping that S3 would be the edge-to-edge screened version that one of the rumours pictured.  That design would have stolen every single smart-phone customer on the planet in my opinion.  I think what people need to realise is that it’s not about the internal specs any more.  It’s about the interface, the styling and the premium quality feel (or not) of the device.  This is why Apple are so successful and why they have such loyal customers.  I personally heve and never will own an Apple device as I resent being locked in and told what to do.  So – back to the point – I’m disappointed with Samsung’s S3 but relieved and happy I bought the HTC One X.  It really is the current leader of the pack, and in my mind, by quite a long way.

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      Mandara says:

      Yes couldn’t agree more. Interface is now more important. For the Android camp, ICS has really improved usability. Going from my 3GS which is very old, to my Sensation 4G, I was totally shocked how unsmooth things were. ICS smoothed things out. I am not too fussed anymore about IOS vs Android. Both are good. Now, which will have very good battery life will do it for me.

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    Haters gon hate says:

    1.I hate the Iphone users that say its made of plastic so it is cheap yet 90% of Iphone users put their glass phones in a plastic casing because otherwise it will break into a million pieces google iphone 4s vs S2 drop test its my proof
    2. The exynos processor even though it is 1.4 ghz is actually the fastest processor on the marketjst chek the demos benchmarks smokes all competitors and doubles the iphone in many categories
    3. Smart ppl know that megapixel does not make a phone. They are only useful for blowing up ur photos to abnormal sizes i.e for an advertisement if u want a cameraphone buy a Nokia Pureview 808.
    4.Removable battery that is larger (2150ma )than the HTC one X (1800mah) (which keeps in tune with world renowned worst battery inTC smart phones {HtC sensation much}) and Micro Sd card slot.
    CONCLUSION: Best phone on market right now my only worry is pentile screen but HD screen must be a reason for this choice

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      Mandara says:

       Yes you can go very wrong with Samsung, the Galaxy nice, but recall the i900. That was a terrible “iphone killer” which I took the bait for. That phone was useless

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    Mochammad Ichsan says:

    It has amazing spec yet really boring design, The rounded corner makes it looks like a toy

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    Blacks2510 says:

    just sent my s3 back., wasnt impressed with it,, didnt like the plastic feel,, ease of use is way behind the apple iphone4, i must say it paked full of features but the look and feel is very basic. when watching videos play-back wasnt as good as expected plus.. i’ll continue using my iphone4 for now. samsung need t6o improve on the design and quality of the casing…

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    Warlock says:

    I will return this phone right away, is mostly a mini tablet because have a lot of signal issues and battery. I will stay with my jailbroken 3gs iphone

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