HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3 in core technology

Many of you will already have heard that the Samsung Galaxy S3 (or S III) was finally made official yesterday and just some of our posts so far have been about official specs, hands-on looks, sign-up pages, bundles and much more. You may also have heard of the HTC One X, another impressive phone, and today we want to take a look at the HTC One X vs. the Galaxy S3 as far as core technology is concerned.

We should begin by saying that the international variant of the HTC One X has a quad-core processor but the US variant will have a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and will offer LTE connectivity. In a similar pattern the official specs for the European version of the Galaxy S3 have been confirmed and it will also have a quad-core processor and although the processor for the US variant is still unclear it’s certainly possible that this too could have the Snapdragon S4 dual-core instead of the quad-core for other regions.

This comparison then is based on the HTC One X and Galaxy S3 quad-core versions. The HTC One X has the NVIDIA Tegra 3 1.5GHz quad-core processor and has come in for a lot of praise for its speedy performance. It could be said to have 5 cores in fact as NVIDIA calls it “Super 4-PLUS-1” Quad Core. A Cnet article explains how this fifth core is more power efficient and comes into play to boost the battery life when there are no requirements for performance and also manages the low-power tasks.

The NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor also features DirectTouch technology to enhance touch responsiveness and lessen power consumption. The Tegra 3 is based on the ARM Cortex A9 design and uses a 40 nanometer fabrication process in manufacturing. We told yesterday how the battery life for the HTC One X using this processor has been praised although Cnet says, “Top-shelf components and a massive 4.7-inch screen take a toll on this pricey superphone’s battery life.”

Moving on to the quad-core processor for the Galaxy S3 then and this is the Exynos 4 Quad at 1.4GHz. Samsung say that the quad-core processor was chosen for several reasons, one of them being that it offers full-speed video at 30fps for 1080p video capture and playback. The high-quality camera and HDMI 4.1 interface is also possible because of an embedded image signal processor interface.

This processor uses 32 nanometer technology, more recent than the 40 nanometer process for the NVIDIA Tegra 3 used on the HTC One X. Samsung claims this means its processor has twice the processing capability of the Exynos dual-core processor and also uses 20% less power. The Exynox 4 Quad processor is also based on the ARM Cortex A9 design used for the NVIDIA quad-core. Obviously as the Galaxy S3 has only just been announced there has been no chance yet to test out how well this quad-core processor works in Samsung’s flagship device.

When the first reviews start to come in we’ll have more of an idea of which of these quad-core processors comes out best in tests but the HTC One X has already been a huge hit and it’s more than likely that the Galaxy S3 will achieve phenomenal sales too. What are your thoughts on the latest smartphones using quad-core technology? Do you think the Exynos quad-core used by Samsung will match the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core, or maybe even better it? Send your comments to let us know.


35 thoughts on “HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3 in core technology”

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    i eat smartphone eater says:

    of course s3 will have edge in performance ,im going for s3 cuz it will offer good battery including everything else

  2. Reply
    Mecloud says:

    will wait for the battery test, without battery life no matter how powerful is the phone it’s just plain useless.

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    Gadget Man says:

    The good thing about these larger screened phones is that there is more space for a bigger battery – in theory 😉

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    Finsnapper says:

    If the Galaxy 3s has a removable/replacable battery then for me it wins over HTC One X. The One X is awesome but you cant change the battery. Shame that, other wise its a great phone.

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    Anonymous says:

    So nice to see someone reporting properly on this… Read a comparison on PC Magazine saying how the quad core SIII is faster than the dual core one x! It’s no wonder HTC are struggling to sell phones when the guys writing reviews are being paid by the competition to print lies and incorrect info.

    1. Reply
      onefan says:

      have u read the review

      do u know anything about phones 
      the comparison is between the shitty 1.4Ghz quad core exynos and 1.5 Ghz quad core tegra 3 which also has another small fifth core for power saving
      out of all the tegra 3 powered smartphones htc one x has the best processor performance after the latest update 
      when PC magazine compared the dual core processor with a quad core processor it shows how much the editor knows 

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    Magicianf says:

    Personally i prefer HTC ONE X in terms of the Audio Quality, Camera & its design 🙂

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    Ed Sanchez says:

    HTC One X destroys SGS3 in terms of display. Too bad i’m giving too much importance on display.. I was hoping a samoled plus 720p for sgs3. I’ll wait for another year or maybe sell mg S2 and get One X. I’m so envy with my co-workers phone. We played same video high quality blu-ray rip and for the first time I felt my S2s display is no contest. My other friends galaxy Nexus which happens to be the same screen with S3 did not give me a WOW experience with display.

    1. Reply
      Raghu says:

      I recomend HTC one x as it “DOES NOT have the bluish effect which  is  irritating while watching movies or videos
      the HTC design itself shows a phones true colours the one is always the first and the 3 is not faarrr behind but an mm back………. this is not the best phone the samsung has created

  8. Reply
    Bradtigas03 says:

    SORRY HTC One fan!  what happen to all of you? are you scared???
    Well Im sorry to tell you that Samsung Galaxy S3 is finally unveiled
    with the Grandest Introduction of their creation! The Samsung Galaxy S3!
    weather you like it or not SAMSUNG COMPANY are making History in world of Smart Phone!


    1. Reply
      Ikokk says:

      I have it and I don’t like it, I prefer the HTC user interface. The phone gets too hot if you leave the wifi on, it seems to be clunky for something with such a processor in it. The camera doesn’t seem to take pics as good as my desire HD. I am going to go for the One X even if it has some disadvantages, as long as it’s better than my desire HD which I prefer to the S3.

      The S3 looks nice but feels like a toy in your hand, it’s such. Maybe I don’t know how to set it up like my desire, but then it should be more intuitive.

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    Sheikh114 says:

    i just bought HTC one X and i have never seen anything like it. believe me, my S 2 galaxy was made look like  nokia 3310. the quality of the screen, the videos, pictures and everything is just breath-taking. HTC for me.

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    Thelordster says:

    I wont buy an S3 if it feels cheap, but I will wait and compare both next month when my contract is up.

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    Richard Rccyi says:

    HTC ONE X is real beautiful phone and good at display the movie without bluewish sush as amoled from samsung.
    amoled too blue,..seem u wear the blue sunglass to see a movie…

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    Su_room says:

    S3 kicks htc one x ass everywhere my friend has it its battery sucks and storage too but its screen is very good but s3 would kick its ass i will be getting s3

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    Meetpatel3686 says:

     i would like to buy htc one x because it has BEATS AUDIO,GREAT CAMERA,DESIGN and specially for HTC SENSE UI4.0.

  14. It has to be the HTC One X for me! Both are amazing phones, the Galaxy S3 slightly beats the One X when it comes to battery life, front facing camera and the new S series of apps. However, they tie with the screen (does a slightly bigger screen matter?), processor and to be honest I will be happy with 32GB. Then of course comes the Beats Audio that comes with the HTC..

    Plus the premium price of the Galaxy s3 over the HTC is not warranted. I will be getting the HTC for £36 per month on O2, the SG3 on the same network comes with a £99 one off fee.No way am I paying £99 for a few apps and a slightly better battery!

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    Nigel Nyathi9 says:

    H.T.C ONE X!! This fone explains technology!, u don’t need to ask wat technology is if u operate this fon.. if u a music fanatic lyk me.. put on ur earphones and turn on beats audio and tell me if u wuld go for galaxy sIII

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    Claus Juul says:

    SG3, it comes with a amoled screen instead of LCD, that means less power and also higher contrast.
    32 nanometer as opposed to 40 nanometers, again this means less power

    Will i fell the impact of 1.4 ghz vs. 1.5 ghz, I do not know.
    How about the different implementations of ICS and the gui on top, I do not know.
    I have a Bravo today (Desire GSM), that do not get updates anymore from HTC, so I had to root it and install CM7, I am glad I did, as the battery and general performance improved 10%

    HTC has better support for rooting you phone, that I will have to say.

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    PabloEscobar says:

    I like how all comments are for the ONE X – THE ONLY PHONE OF THE TWO COMPARED WHICH IS RELEASED, therefore more people are going to have this phone and therefore more people feel stupid for getting this phone instead of waiting for the S3! S3 wins hands down, sorry all you HTC fanboys, its a FACT.

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    no more samsung, htc is my fav says:

    Please trust me on this I have the s2 and the galaxy nexus and bought the one x yesterday and the nexus screen is like the s3 and pls Samsung fans HTC one x blew my eyes away it feels like its poping at u so I compared the colours and the one x has true accurate colour reproduction unlike the s amoled plus and the s amoled they have a blue tint to the whites, as far as speed HTC one x spanks the s2 and nexus, build quality never held a device that feels that good and looks pure sxc on the one x s3 uses plastic onece again the s2 and nexus feel cheap, camera no thinking twice one x has better features and accurate shots, I used to be an apple fan den moved to Samsung and now HTC is my last decision never move to Samsung again

  19. Reply
    Pete says:

    I currently have a HTC desire HD and looking to upgrade. It’s either an X or S3 I am going to get the S3 why? When I am an HTC fan. Well it’s because 1, you can’t swap the battery on the X , 2, there is no sd card slot, 3, the S3 is faster, 4, the battery lasts longer on the S3, 5 better integration with my Samsung Tv, Samsung PVR, Samsung Bluray. So sorry HTC I’m moving to Samsung.

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