Dismay as US Galaxy S3 last to the party again

We’ve been bringing you all the official news on the Galaxy S3 (S III) after the big Samsung announcement and now that the initial buzz is starting to die down we’re starting to think about some of the wider implications, such as for US customers. It seems pretty certain to us that there will be a fair amount of dismay as the US Galaxy S3 will be last to the party… again.

We say again because as US consumers will no doubt remember, exactly the same thing happened with the Galaxy S2 release last year. The Galaxy S3 is a massively awaited smartphone by potential owners across the globe and at the announcement on Thursday we heard that it would release in the UK and the rest of Europe at the end of May, so just a few more weeks to wait. However regarding the US market Samsung merely said that it would release later in the summer, a pretty vague time frame and one that we think will have many US customers frustrated.

Now that the official specs are confirmed it seems that the European variant will have a quad-core processor while the US variants are likely to be dual-core but will have LTE connectivity. We also told how as well as an LTE version for the US there will be an HSPA+ model so when the Galaxy S3 eventually heads stateside it could theoretically be available on the Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile networks, as well as Sprint in theory if it gets its own LTE network up and running.

The fact that it could be available on all of the major carriers in the US will please many customers wondering if their carriers would take up the Galaxy S3. However the news of a release delay for the US may well counter any positive feelings. This is particularly relevant as Samsung is well aware of the negativity that occurred last year when the Galaxy S2 release in the US was several months after it had been released in other parts of the world. The long wait for the flagship Samsung phone caused a huge amount of consternation and annoyance and the longer the wait the more people gave up and purchased a different smartphone instead.

Most of us expected that Samsung would avoid that same scenario again this year especially as there were plenty of reports with sources suggesting that this time around the new Galaxy S phone would be released simultaneously across the globe in 50 markets or cities. Phone buyers and enthusiasts in the US then, could be forgiven for feeling that once again they seem to have been placed at the back of the queue. In an article yesterday we told how the Galaxy S3 could be competition for Apple’s iPhone 5 especially as it could have a head start on sales but we don’t yet know if the iPhone 5 will release in summer or fall. Either way we feel it would have made more sense for Samsung to release the Galaxy S3 in the US in May to make the most of that head start. Although a Samsung page for US customers to register an interest in the Galaxy S3 is available, we can’t imagine that’s going to give many people an awful lot of consolation.

We’d really like to hear from you about Samsung’s failure to release the Galaxy S3 across the world at the same time. Are you a US customer who wanted to get your hands on it at the same time as everyone else? Will you hang on for the Galaxy S3 release later in the summer or could your head be turned by another new smartphone instead? Maybe you feel let down by Samsung? Let us know by sending us your comments as we always appreciate them.


67 thoughts on “Dismay as US Galaxy S3 last to the party again”

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    A US Customer says:

    We have two iPhone lines and when GS2 was announced last year, we “really” wanted to switch one of our line to GS2. We waited waited and waited but when Samung did not launch until August and news of the next iPhone started coming out, we dropped GS2 from the consideration and went for an iPhone 4S instead. We do not regret that decision one single bit, for it is an amazing phone PLUS why would should we pay the same 199 subsidized price (in US) for a 6 month old GS2 (in October / Nov), when the just out iPhone 4S goes for same.

    This year, we are again looking to get a new phone for the other line and we woud love to get a GS3. We think we will wait latest till July for GS3 in USA. If GS3 still does not arrive, it is a not a problem. iPhone 5 is just around the corner (may even be out in summer) and it will get our business. If it happens, maybe Samsung can try again next year, but we don’t we plan to wait indefinitely for GS3 to arrive in the US.

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      Anthonymarkerson says:

      God Bless America! 😉
      Id be peed off too if i was’nt getting the phone as the way it was intended to.

      I remember America getting computer games before the uk. That enoyed me.

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      The Dave says:

      The GS2 would have been a wiser choice, you paid $299 for a phone you basically already had.  Do yourself and the world a favor and try out the GS3 no matter what this year, that way apple wont get every ones money without anything stopping to think about it.

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        The Dave says:

        I do understand the iP5 is supposed to be something special, but in reality as all other iP’s have come out, they will probably just add 4G, which is a year behind, tweak the camera, maybe make a larger screen to 4in.  Notice the trend, everything is going to standard of the year before.

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    MrRees says:

    A lide at the unpack clearly said “USA in June” You can rewatch the video or do a Google image search to see it for yourselves.

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    Nak says:

    Why is this Quad Core and Dual Core differences based on Country you live in? Does the support for Apple in US blocking people in US to gain hands on new/better technology? Its time to retrospect!

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      Zed_khan says:

       Please understand that Apple sales are stagnant in US but they are on the rise in China and South Asia. One day Apple will also unveil its hi technology outside USA first. The sales are growing where growth is. There is less growth in USA so we are left with lower end products. As for S3, there are Olympics in London this summer and millions will visit London. So naturally if they choose to buy S3, London is the place.

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    malcontent says:

    Yes I am disappointed. I would never buy an iPhone however, as the restrictions on my ability to
    use the device I pay for is outrageous. I will likely get a sgs II t989, as being a long time luser, I
    am at home with android and the linux kernel, enabling me to do just about anything I want with
    what is essentially a computer in my pocket, just the way it should be

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    Drtwei says:

    The reason that GS2 and GS3 came out late to US is because the phone subsidy from US is less than that Apple can get from its phone.  Samsung can get the higher price from the rest of world first.  After a few months the price of the Galaxy phone drops, Samsung would bring it to the us to take the lower subsidy that the US carrier offers.  In contrast, IPhone can sell for a higher price oversea. 

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      Anonymous says:

      That is 100% not true on any level. The US has always been the last to get new phones, way before the iPhone existed.  The primary reason is because our networks are not compatible with the rest of the world.

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      Zed_khan says:

       I Phone 5 will be released later than S3 and will be a lower spec phone. If you want to throw away money, do it.

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      Lcslattery says:

      You don’t always get things last. That’s such a typical Us attitude. Try living in Australia and then talk to me about always getting things last.

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          gs3 says:

          no, the question is, who cares about the us, apart from those who are there….u r the minority now, how does that feel!?

          1. Jordan Herrera says:

            No body likes the US, not the place, the people! Im sure there are sum normal people BUT most, MOST! are just sooo annoying!!! Its like you live in such a bubble of  naivety ( that why the rest of the world so frustrating) ((THAT’S WHY WE ALL FIND YOU REALLY, 
            REALLY , 
            ANNOYING ! It’s like your from a different planet!!!! it blows my mind how that act!

          2. Average Joe says:

            You need to watch less “reality” television and read less tabloids. Most normal Americans aren’t anything like what you perceive at all.

          3. LOL… I had a bad perception of England until I went there. It’s brilliant, both people and place. Come to California… it’s quite lovely. The majority of us are folks you’d love to hang with. Don’t define us by the San Francisco cretins or Hollywood whack-jobs. The crazies are easy to ignore, and they are the vocal few. The beautiful weather, the top notch wine, the resplendent redwood forests, the awe-inspiring coastline, the snow-capped Sierra mountains… THOSE things are impossible to ignore.

    2. Reply
      Zed_khan says:

       the network in US is different from rest of the world. You do things differently hence you get things last.

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    Zacd24 says:

    I’ll get the htc one x or the iPhone 5 this waiting game with Samsung is getting old they will be loseing sales by the day in the US.

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    Maybreak says:

    No biggie. I was waiting for a date (thinking it would be soon) to upgrade from my Droid original. I’m no phone junkie, just a regular user. Now, I’m headed out to  buy an Iphone this weekend instead.

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    Simon Shaw40 says:

    America is usually the first to recieve new technology. The second thats not the case, the toys are out the pram. Like a spoilt child really, get over it!

    1. Reply
      Jordan Herrera says:

      We generally have to wait for everything b4 american too i.e. movies etc… So i like that they have to wait!

      1. Reply
        Theinvid says:

        more and more HOLLYWOOD movies are being released overseas BEFORE being released in the country they were made in!  (case in point: The Avengers)

  9. If it was releasing in the US at the end of May like the UK I would be buying it as soon as it comes out. Now that it looks like it will be the end of summer or fall, I’ll probably wait to see what the iphone 5 is like and choose.

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    Sirjohnj47 says:

    My wife has the iPhone 4 and I have the Razr Maxx on Verizon.  I was truly hoping to upgrade to the S3 instead of the iPhone 5 and after reading that the US verison will be limited to dual-core.  I may just wait and see what the iPhone 5 has to offer.  I am not a iPhone fan like my wife but I like to have a phone that wil counter the iPhone 5 and now it seems that the S3 will not be up to doing this.  I truly fell disappointed after believing that the S3 was going to give the iPhone the challege it needs.

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    rick james says:

    it is a shame that the biggest manufacturer in the world cant come up with global launch…and then we would be getting the sIII light?…ill wait and see what the htc zeta looks like soon…or i would consider to take a look at apple…not a good buziness move from shamesung.

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    Pg8 says:

    Well if you think it’s tough for people living in the US, why not try to live in our ‘little’ country, Australia?  Bigger than much of Europe, bigger than even the US in SIZE, our small population of 22 million often / always makes us the last to get most innovations.  Then again, we ARE closer to Korea.  And we do have a booming economy.  So COME ON SAMSUNG, send your Galaxy S3 to us in Aussieland asap 🙂

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    Tomtorre says:

    I’m in the US on AT&T and currently have a International unlocked Galaxy S2. I preordered the S3 from the UK as I wanted the latest Galaxy ASAP, I don’t care about LTE right now as it is not widely available in my part of the country. I’m usually on WiFi and 3G speeds are fast enough for me. And if the S3 is a disappointment then I’ll just try to sell it on ebay and get something better.

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    Anonymous says:

    Three months after the release of a dual core S3 in the US Samsung will announce the release of the new and improved S3 B quad core into America. Its only business people. I can hear the laughter from the Apple fanboys already.

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    Skuzy4545 says:

    I don’t mind waiting personally.  My greatest concern, is why are we only getting a dual core and the rest of the friggin world is getting a quad core???  

    1. Reply
      Ronf57 says:

       I agree whole heartedly.
      To wait is an insult to US markets.
      To wait and thn get a crippled device is unthinkable like we are the red-haired step child.
      (Apologies to all actual red-haired step children.)
      Doesn’t Samsung value US customers?
      What the heck is wrong that a dual core processor works with LTE (crippled 4g btw) and by adding cores to quad core it becomes incompatible with LTE?…simple software solution…shut down 2 cores when connected or sending data via LTE. then the device can process the heck out of stuff not internet connection related…like games, spreadsheets, apps.
      I think Samsung doesn’t think the US market is worth the trouble to service, sure they will take our money for olde tech but new stuff is for te REAL customers.
      yeah, I’m pissed!

      1. Reply
        Undertheundertow says:

        It isn’t that simple. Samsung’s quad core chip (system on a chip as they are caller) has the video card, processor, 3g etc all built in. Samsung did not incorporate LTE into the chipset, so to add it now would require a seperate chip for lte not integrated, which adds to the size and reduces battery life over integrated lte chipsets (this is why wimax and early lte phones eat battery). The only company that offers LTE integraded system on a chips is qualcom with their dual core S4 processor, which is what the one x got and most likely the galaxs s 3 will get. Its comparable to a tegra 3, but sucks vs the exynos.

  16. Reply
    Matt. says:

    Well if the USA was still part of the British Empire you would have a free universal health system, a lot less gun crime and early access to the Galaxy S3!  You colonials only have yourselves to blame!  Still it could be worse I suppose, German was nearly your official language!

    1. Reply
      John4all says:

      *sigh*  You can keep your batty old queen and Muslim invasion force.  We’ll keep our guns so we can actually protect ourselves from inevitable government corruption…which, by the way, is why we broke away from your silly empire in the first place!  Oh, and we’ll also pay less than $8 per gallon of gas.  Regarding the “free” universal health system:  What is your effective tax rate again?  40%?!?!  How “free” is your health system now?  And we’re not even touching the quality of care vs. what is available in the US.  Finally, last time I checked it was the UK that nearly took on German as their official language!  Try winning the next world war on your own, lad.

      1. Reply
        Matt. says:

        OK some interesting, and totally inaccurate points by the way, you have made there, so let’s address them shall we. You broke away from our Empire because you didn’t want to pay for the French Wars. That’s what the whole Boston tea party was about, you wanted the British to foot the Bill to keep you safe from those pesky French. (By the way I am a history teacher of 14 years) Yes purely down to money, most Americans were completely indifferent to the revolution anyway and changed allegiance at will. Our health system is of course not free, but it is universal. Yes we actually allow poor people in our country access to medical care! How barbaric is that!!!!! We fought the Germans on our own for 2 years, correct me if I’m wrong but they weren’t marching down Whitehall were they without the help of you Americans. Besides the Russians beat the Germans really. America in fairness was the arsenal of the allies though. Muslim invasion force? 2.88 million muslims in Britain, 6.58 million in the USA. Batty old Queen? You Americans love our Royal family! After all we wouldn’t want Sarah Fergusson back I can assure you! You do have a point about bloody expensive petrol though…….

        1. Reply
          Russellsposito says:

          No taxation without representation!! Sorry guy above me but the winner of the war gets to decide what it was about.

  17. Reply
    Lhill8181 says:

    I am still happy as can be with my epic 4 g touch. The S2 version from sprint. I get 15 bpms on sptins 4g wmax system with is faster then my friends are getting on att and versions 4g LTE network. Just gives me more time to enjoy what I have before I spend more money. The S2 is a hell of a phone.

  18. Reply
    VZE2C558 says:


  19. Only Samsung… See this is why im just going to buy an HTC One X.. My freaken Atrix 4G is freaken ridiculous slow and s*****y….

    Was hoping to wait for the S3…but guess the OneX will have to due.. If i wait, might aswell wait for the iPhone and pray it’s what i need.. but by that time Apple may as well beat the snot out of the S3’s spec’s and design…..

  20. Reply
    Txun says:

    I’ve seen girl scouts operating a lemonade stand who had more marketing ability that those guys at Samsung.  Are they stupid or just inept?

  21. Reply
    Ewisnewski says:

    Well they lost me as customer had S II just got new HTC OneX from AT&T not going to wait months for SIII

  22. Reply
    Vafa says:

    I was waiting or a galaxy phone in May. I sold my old phone in anticipation and am without a smart phone. I won’t wait for samsung to delay a us release past june. If they want my business they better release a quad core phone soon or Iphone 5 here I come. I am with tmobile and will change carrier for I phone 5.

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    SonIamDisappoint says:

    Ive been waiting since March, when my contract ended, to upgrade. If I have to wait 4 months to replace my over two year old phone, what’s stopping me from waiting just a little longer for the next iPhone? Samsung dropped the ball on this one, especially since they didn’t give an actual release date for the U.S.

  24. Reply
    Mr. O says:

    Considering they have to redesign the phone entirely before mass production, that means 4G LTE capability, the change in processors, an overall design shift on phone features like how certain apps open or different icons as well as the phones general appearance such as capacitive buttons instead of the physical home button etc.

    Long story short, the phone’s going to be completely re-designed when it hits the US market so I can understand why the phone would be a little late to the party, however the gap is quite the stretch what with the iPhone 5’s expected release in October and a whole lineup of competitors being released for the holiday season. I feel like Samsung could’ve planned this out much better, unless they plan on releasing it with the next version of Android Software which is also rumored to be released around the same time the iPhone hits stores.

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    RonMcCurdy says:

    I’m a US customer that has an old G1 that is having problems. I would have like to get the S3, but if it is going to take a while to get here, I may not be able to wait for it and take one of the other phones that are already available (and also cheaper).

  26. Reply
    Warmglassofstfu says:

    End of May would of been the perfect time to release this phone.  Far away enough from the iphone5 and other winter phones.  But new enough for everyone to want one since the next closest competition be the 1s which is less appealing without a replaceable battery etc.

    Instead they completely blew it and lost thousands of US sales because now people are going to either go to the 1s in frustration or hold out til newer stuff comes out like the iphone 5.  Anywhere pass june 15th US release and they competely blew it imo.  And even thats pushing it.

  27. Reply
    Robholly says:

    if this phone is to do all it is said to be able to do then it really needs the quad core processor not some second classed dual core processor and if I have to hear my wife complain about her phone being slow I may buy the HTC One X because I am sure that will come out when it says.  Has far as verizon goes if they drop the ball on them i will probably drop them all together because that would be two galaxy s phones they messed up on

    1. Reply
      The Dave says:

      Its not a second class dual core, its a snapdraon S4 and that is said to out perform the Tegra 3 quad in the HTC One X.

  28. I don’t understand why there has to be a different phone for the US.  If apple can build one phreaking phone and sell millions and millions all over the world, why does everybody else need a thousand different variants for the same phone!!!  That’s one thing they should copy apple on, it would make all our lives easier.  As a current Galaxy owner, it upsets me to no avail to have all these nuances to deal with, I may just buy something else instead of waiting for yet ANOTHER watered down phone for the US market, are we really that special???
    SAMSUNG, if you’re reading this, make ONE Galaxy phone for the whole world, support it with current releases of Andoid, and make the interface Android centric, we don’t need all the bloatware on the world on it, it makes it slow and unstable, thanx.

  29. Reply
    Me says:

    I’ve been checking every other night to see what the current news is on a USA release date.  I was willing to wait til the begining of June at the latest, but if they can’t even hit that goal…the Razon Maxx will look better and better.

  30. Reply
    The Dave says:

    I bought a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket last week to hold me over on the new S3.  I have 3 more weeks of waiting until I cant return it.  Either way it goes I think I am going to return it on day 30 and disconnect and just go back the next day and start again.

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    Fawaz_z_melaji says:

    i cant connect galaxy s3 to my phone i cant i cant why why ahhhhhhhhhhhh i spent 2 days reading on the internet in vain i watched videos on youtube nothing useful i can get so what can i do why its very complicated to connect aphone to a computer ????????/

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