AT&T’s HTC One X in unlockable bootloader shock

We have some news today for HTC One X on AT&T customers, especially if you’re one of the many people who enjoy customizing your device. The HTC One X has had pretty rave reviews so far and the AT&T variant has just been released. However contrary to what was believed by many, the HTC One X on this carrier does not feature an unlockable bootloader.

Some who have already got their hands on AT&T’s HTC One X are rather dismayed that when they tried to unlock the bootloaders they have been met with a constant error and it is has now been confirmed that sadly the One X on AT&T will not be unlockable with HTC’s bootloader unlock tool. This will be a shock for many, particularly given HTC’s recent stance towards providing many customers with what they really want, unlockable bootloaders.

Previously HTC has stated its commitment to providing unlockable bootloaders on its phones so plenty of consumers who have been impressed with what the HTC One X has to offer could well have been persuaded to purchase it bearing this in mind. Indeed it is possible to unlock the bootloader of the international version (quad-core) that was released before the US variant (dual-core and LTE) and that has already been rooted. It seems it’s only the AT&T variant that differs and Engadget contacted HTC to find out more about this.

In response, HTC sent a statement saying that while the company was committed to listening to the customer and providing customer satisfaction in the way of unlockable bootloaders on devices, that in this case “restrictions” prevented them from doing so. HTC also pointed to the fact that over 45 of their devices have been released in the past six months that can be unlocked with its bootloader unlocking program. The statement ended with HTC saying that “rest assured” they were still planning to assist developers with unlocking bootloaders for future devices.

It certainly looks as though the “restrictions” that HTC talk about must be connected with AT&T but we’re sure than many people will be really disappointed that they won’t be able to unlock their HTC One X bootloader, at least officially. Of course it seems likely that the hacking community may well come up with an unofficial way to unlock the bootloader.

Droid-Life also talks about this and notes that when HTC’s CEO Peter Chou announced last year that HTC would no longer be locking bootloaders there was no mention made of ‘restrictions’ such as “where carriers permit,” or anything else along those lines so there’s no doubt that many AT&T customers of the HTC One X will feel let down by this news.

We’d like to hear from readers about this issue. Have you already rushed to get your hands on the AT&T HTC One X and been dismayed to find out the bootloader cannot be unlocked? Maybe you were intending to make AT&T’s HTC One X your next smartphone purchase but may now consider another handset? Let us know with your comments.


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    Phoneking says:

    I will not buy this phone just because of the locked bootloader.  I want to be able to add and remove programs as I see fit.  System apps or bloatware.  I would never buy a computer that would not let me add or remove programs and thats pretty much what these phones have become.  I guess I will wait till SGS3.

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      PAUL DESCHAMPS says:

      I think the SGS3 is actually the better phone of the 2 so you probably just saved yourself a bunch of cash not getting the One X & then putting your hands on the SGS3 & decicing its a piece you just have to own. The SGS3 is a slick ass device to look at & with all the added bells & whistles it will be a fun device to learn just how to fit all those features into your everyday life. Cant wait for it to become available. -KID ANDROID

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