iPhone 5 to blast disappointing Samsung Galaxy S3

One of the most hotly talked about phones at the moment has to be Samsung’s Galaxy S3 (S III), which was finally officially announced in a blaze of publicity last week. Although initial impressions were promising it now seems that many potential customers feel a bit let down and this has made us question whether the iPhone 5 will blast the disappointing Galaxy S3?

When we first published details of the official specs of the Galaxy S3 we felt it could be real competition for Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 5. Many of the features and specs that had been widely rumored and leaked turned up on the finished article, such as a quad-core processor, larger display, NFC, S Voice (voice recognition) and LTE connectivity (for the US where it is likely to have a dual-core processor instead). However it seems that many of you had been expecting more and particularly felt disappointed with the design of the new Galaxy S handset.

We’ve been taking a look at the many comments to some of our recent Galaxy S3 posts and overwhelmingly there seems to be a feeling of disenchantment about the new smartphone and many seem to feel it is nothing more than an incremental upgrade. This prompted us to ask readers if they were happy or disappointed with the Galaxy S3 and again there were plenty of people who felt let down. Some of the sticking points regard the specs and features.

For example, there were concerns about the display quality as a Super AMOLED Plus HD display had been expected and it turned up as a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD sans Plus. Also 2GB of RAM had been anticipated (as in the upcoming LG Optimus LTE 2) but the Galaxy S3 has stuck with 1GB. The S Voice software feature seems to be felt by many to be a novelty factor to rival the iPhone’s SIRI and plenty of people were hoping for a step up to a 10 or 12-megapixel rear camera and the S3 appeared with an 8-megapixel camera.

Although the Exynos quad-core processor was popular with those who will receive the international variants, there was also some disappointment in the US as those variants look likely to be dual-core to accommodate the provision of LTE. Exactly the same thing happened on the HTC One X where the US variant has a Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor instead of the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core, although to be fair the S4 is nothing to sniff at.

As for the design this has come in for a lot of criticism with comments that there is no ‘wow’ factor and also to say that the plastic design looks cheap and is likely to feel cheap too. Although of course there were some positive comments about the new Galaxy S3 as well, we have to say that Samsung seems to have plenty to be concerned about as readers also commented that they don’t feel the upgrade is worth it. There has also been more reason for disappointment in the Galaxy S3, at least as far as consumers in the US are concerned.

Our article about how the US Galaxy S3 would be last to the party again really seemed to strike a chord with many of you. Although the S3 will be released in the UK and Europe at the end of May, Samsung was less definite about a release date for the US and instead said it was coming later in the summer. This seems to have sparked real outrage amongst many in the US, understandably of course as the same thing happened last year with the release of the Galaxy S2 when it didn’t arrive in the States until months later.

We received many comments from people who are so infuriated about this that they are turning their backs on the Galaxy S3 and say they will now purchase another current phone or wait until the iPhone 5. Many of the commenters seem to feel a real sense that Samsung is not bothered about customers in the US and that once again they have come second best. In fact we’d say that some people are downright angry about this move from Samsung, which surprised many as previously Samsung had seemed keen to avoid the same scenario as occurred with the S2.

Turning our attention to the iPhone 5 we feel that if Apple can come up with something really special it could blast the Samsung Galaxy S3 to smithereens. Although of course, nothing in the way of specs and features has yet been confirmed for the iPhone 5, some of the widely-reported inclusions are an improved A5X or A6 processor (possibly quad-core), a larger display with higher resolution than even the current Retina Display, improved camera, LTE connectivity and much more. If Apple could fulfill all of these on the iPhone 5 as well as give it a new really cutting-edge design it could succeed in making the Galaxy S3 seem like a toy.

Although some are hoping to see more on the iPhone 5 at Apple’s WWDC in June with a release soon afterwards, there are just as many industry insiders and tech experts who feel a fall release is more likely so it will be interesting to see just how many people that had planned to purchase the S3 before it was unveiled, hang on to see what the iPhone 5 has to offer.

This is a hugely interesting area of discussion and we’d like to hear all of your opinions about this. Do you feel the iPhone 5 will live up to its potential and smash the Galaxy S3? Were you disappointed, or not, in the Galaxy S3? This could well be the debate of the year so do let us have your comments so we can get a real idea of how readers feel.


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        Htcxone123 says:

        How can you comment on this mans intellect when you have never met him before and I see no reason why (I assume you think he is dressed well) means that he has money to blow?

        can someone not dress well even if they don’t have a huge bankroll.

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          Jonationtomer69 says:

          Wow the above poster is a moron the iphone has always been the most expensive device instead of android. Which shows this Isheep has money has to blow. Make sure you get a case otherwise your MONEY will shatter in pieces.

          1. Aerialdude34 says:

            are u kidding? iphone and android have very similar prices. the cheaper android phones are the ones that were released months before the current iphone was released

          2. Subie says:

            haha “isheep”. each to their own I guess. But it’s true that Apple products, including IPhones have always attracted non adventurous, insecure “sheep” type people, Bill Gates knew that very well, clever marketing

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    Human... says:

    Well… what were people waiting for? a 4mm phone? 8 cores?  Let’s remember that is a PHONE (I know, SMART, whatever…); I think it’s a great phone, but people are more interested in make the friends jealous…. just use it as a phone/smartphone functions, and you’ll see that it’s a great phone; I don’t want to smash iphone users, I just want to use my phone. Is this a war?!?!?!

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      Anonymous says:

      They expected it to have a build-in teleportation device, being able to transform into a beautiful lady and lastly (and most importantly) be able to make great eggs. Myself, I’m really impressed with the phone, and will get it as soon as it is released 🙂

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    Mickytricky1 says:

    This is by far the most pointless, biased fanboy rant(yes, this doesn’t even qualify to be called a blog, let alone article). The person(calling you author would be a disrespect to even the worst bloggers out there) who wrote this comes across as desperate to get some hits by going to unbelievable garbage just to get a flame war started. My suggestion, please dont post any comments after this one as a message to this waste of internet bandwidth.

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    Gabriel says:

    This article gives me no groundbreaking information. In fact, it it seems like it is a reports about comments on another article. Congratulations on journalistic excellence. 

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    Anonymous says:

    What a ridiculous, asinine, baseless article, full of contradictions. You assert that there is massive and universal disappointment at the galaxy S3; then, conversely you assert that there is massive outrage over the late release of the galaxy S3 in the US. ***scratches head***

    Just LOVING your editorial prowess. What are you, 8?

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      Debbie says:

      Just to respond briefly. As the author of this article I would like to point out that I never wrote that there was “massive and universal disappointment” and also never wrote that there was “massive outrage” over the late release of the Galaxy S3 in the US as you assert. I said “some people” referred to the fact that they were “our readers” and from “comments” to our posts. I also stated that not all of the comments were negative. While you may not agree with the article I would like to stress this. We value comments from our readers and feel that all responses are valid as they are personal opinions and like to reflect this in our articles sometimes. Thanks for reading.

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      Anonymous says:

      he is saying that the universal outrage with the S3 includes but is not exclusive to the delay in America. The fact the specs are not what the fans were expecting adds fuel to the fire.

      are YOU 8?

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          Anonymous says:

          no, just educating the simple minded who can’t seem to read. By the way, the comment you made about me liking 8 year olds…seems to be something that an 8 year old would say in retaliation. Congratulations, you are stupid on both levels.

          1. Anonymous says:

            Hmm, that’s funny.  I’ve read your post and every one before that…seems I can read just fine.  I remain convinced that you like 8-year-olds, and you should get that looked at before you wind up in prison.

          2. Anonymous says:

            i think you have something on your mind that i really dont want to be party to. you seem to be obsessed with 8 year olds and…well you should know i reported you to the authorities.

          3. Anonymous says:

            …you really need to learn to read between the lines when a joke is being presented. but I suppose I can’t expect miracles.

          4. Anonymous says:

            Lol – Nice job, Captain Obvious. Why do you think I responded as I did in jest? *Shakes head* Some people are unteachable I guess. I’ll pray for you.

          5. Anonymous says:

            oh my. you don’t see the irony within the irony within the sarcasm. thank for the prayers btw

          6. Anonymous says:

            Wow. If you’re putting irony WITHIN irony WITHIN sarcasm, then my prayers for you will never cease.

          7. Anonymous says:

            no you don’t understand. a man/woman called ringsgeek who is passionate about 8 year olds is chasing me and sending his devils inside me.

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    Pasdequebecois says:

    I have a Galaxy S2 and, although its very pretty to look at and has some cool functionality….that functionality ends when it needs to be a phone.  R.andomly, usually when I am attempting to answer an incoming call, it goes into flight mode and I can’t answer the call and turning off flight mode usually doesnt do it.  I have to restart the phone.  This is just one of many issues and glitches that happen with the S2.  With my data package, getting the internet on my phone is also nearly impossible.  My friend with an iphone has the exact same data package and his internet/web access is instant.  I still won’t buy an iPhone…..I have Apple allergies. 

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      Mujahid says:

      this seem to be a software problem, i was also S2 user and i never face problems like these. I sold out my S2 to purchase S3.

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    Yluz3 says:

    It is too obvious that this article is bias, one sided story.Perhaps paid blogger. 

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    x iphone user says:

    if you wait for iphone 5 then you will wait forever. because by the time iphone5 comes out.. samsung or htc will have next greatest phone on the market.. this cycle will never end…This battle will continue every 6 months or so..To me. now its between what os you want to use.. apple- simple and easy to use, but lack of many features that you can get from andriod. andriod give you the freedom and options.. apple lock you into there apple world….
    I owned iphone 2g 3g iphone 4 and iphone 4s.. now I am using samsung note i717.. I believe the samsung notes is the best phone on the market right now.. at least until s3 come out…by the way, I think apple will call the iphone 5.. the new iphone just like they did with the new ipad…

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    Garyjohnreid says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. The iPhone is held together with chewing gum and sticky tape. The glass screen and rear glass back break with the smallest of knocks. How anyone can use the iPhone as a comparison especially when quoting build quality is beyond belief!

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      Chrisw491 says:

      I agree with this. I wouldn’t dare to go outside without a case on my iPhone 4s. But at the same time I believe that an 800 dollar smartphone should have the feel of an expensive smartphone. To be truthful Samsung galaxy phones have the cheapest feel of all other high end smart phones I come in contact with. They can use much better material because others, such as htc, has done it without sacrificing the thinness or capability of the phone.

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    Dej573 says:

    I have the galaxy s1 and s2 and was waiting for the official specs of the s3. To say I’m disappointed would be putting it mildly. Don’t get me wrong the specs are great but plastic again?? I wish they’d have concentrated more on the camera than increasing screen size. 4.8″ is getting a little ridiculous. For the record I loathe apple, always have, but I’m definitely going to wait to see what the iphone 5 has.

    1. Reply
      Chrisw491 says:

      The screen is 4.8 but they decreased the size of the bezel. So the galaxy s3 is barely bigger than the s2. Which is an amazing achievement.

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    Skyearthwow says:

    i think the Samsung galaxy s3 is Great  and i will be fine with it when i bought it Remember its the  android 4.0 ice cream sandwich that remains rocks all the way 🙂

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    MTheOverlord says:

    I actually quite agree with this article (and am not sure I understand the vehement objection in many of the comments).  After following the SG3 rumours for months, I found its specs quite disappointing upon release.  While it’s rather hard to say if this was a case of unrealistic expectation, consequent to the uncontrolled rumour mill, I really don’t feel that the SG3’s specs put it squarely ahead of the pack–something I’d expected.  Likewise, I’m not convinced that the SG3 is enough of a step forward to warrant upgrading.  Personally, I’ll likely wait a year and see what 2013’s technologies offer.

    My main sources of disappointment are largely highlighted in the article. 

    #1: the absence of 2gb ram.  I’m eagerly anticipating Ubuntu’s mobile-platform OS release, and I’m not sure that 1gb will offer the memory necessary to fully take advantage of this. 

    #2: the form factor and build.  Why should it look/feel like cheap plastic?  While I’m not a fan of the iphone design at all, I can credit it with feeling and looking like a “high-end” product, something Samsung seems to be missing.  Call me shallow, but I’m going to spend a ton of money on a smartphone, I want it to look and feel like the expensive item it is.

    #3: the absence of waterproofing.  I realize this isn’t a main talking-point for smartphones yet.  But the technology is, apparently, there (i.e. HZO).  Having previously lost MULTIPLE phones to water damage (I know, call me careless), I’d very much like to see this tech implemented soon.

    #4: the camera.  I’m not one to use my phone as a camera.  But that’s mostly because smartphone cameras, IMO, seem to suck.  This one isn’t a deal-breaker for me.  But if the technology is there, why not include it?

    #5: 1.4ghz instead of 1.8ghz.  It’s greedy, for sure.  And I realize we have to wait for benchmarks before we can reasonably pass judgment.  But I felt quite confident that the SG3’s processing juice would lead the pack, which–relative to the HTC One X–it may not. 

    #6: The invariability of touchwiz.  Yep.  It’s a pet peeve of mine.  I realize that all manufacturers feel the need to put a proprietary interface on top of stock Android.  But WHY can’t I opt out without rooting and flashing?  Personally, I’d prefer to have the unadulterated ICS experience.

    Admittedly, that’s just one crazy guy talking.  But, these are the reasons I’m going to save my hard-earned dollar-e-doos and skip SG3.

    So, flame away.  But recall, only flamers flame. 


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      Amak2013 says:

       I TELLL U

      I totally disagree with this article, u r comparing a present with future

      none of us knows any thing about iphone5, before the release of iphone4S, all were very much excited, but when iphone4S was launched the same critics were done

      guys we are going on these articles who always compare present with unrealistic future

      enjoy what we have right now and when iphone5 gets launched shift to that –but dont loose these days of having a cool S3 in hands

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      Alejandrodiheder says:

      I’ll be waiting for the iPhone 5 because it’s the best smartphone in the world just see Samsung copy Siri and made a ugly smartphone that will never been compare with and iPhone

      1. Reply
        Bahhhahhhah says:

         Voice recognition (Vlingo) is already existed in S2 by double tabbing the home button before iPhone 4S. You have a weak mind and been brain washed by Apple.

      2. Reply
        Sandeep says:

        Actually its like Siri is copied from Android…Android has voice recognition before 4S ( I used it 2 years ago with my HTC aria)…and also Galaxy is much lighter than 4S in weight and thickness..Thumbs up for galaxy

    3. Reply
      Gabba says:

      SGS3 has already been benchmarked on AnTuTu; it blows everything out of the water, from the Tegra 3 to the S4.  The benchmarks are incredibly high for this phone; go see them for yourself.

      That said, I don’t think the author knows much about tech – the reason the US doesn’t get quad core SoC’s is because they don’t play nice with LTE, so the only way the iPhone 5 will get LTE is if it has a dual core; and if it has a quad core, it’ll just be 3G again.

    4. Reply
      Anon says:

       Are you serious? U think 2gb of ram will make a difference? Linux is made to run on less hardware not more. Linux can run excellent on 8mb 16mb recommended of ram so 1gb is more than enough. Case in point when I was running fiesty fawn my laptop had a single core 1.2ghz processor and 512 ram and Ubuntu ran much faster then Windows. 

      Samsung got where they are by producing plastic phones. The Galaxy s was plastic, the Galaxy S Infuse is plastic, The Galaxy S 2 is plastic and the GS2 is the phone to have at the moment. Matter of fact HTC has jumped on the plastic bandwagon.

      Evo 4G at the time was considered the must have phone. It was made out of plastic. It had a metal cage on the inside to help ad weight, but anything that was touch buy the hand was plastic. When you remove the battery cover it was plastic. Majority of phones today are plastic.

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    dthsweepr says:

    This guy has never held the phone, it just a bit of copy and paste from other reviews, i dont care for which phone it better as long as the OS and the programs are done without lag. And this guy giving apple a high 5 when there is no specs released, whats to blast when their is nothing to blast. Another sophomoric and fatuous person trying to get some hits. 

    1. Reply
      Jimjam says:

      its already kicking the One X in most benchmark tests…im not a samsung fan and have the One X but the SIII is a faster phone for sure…

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    jckncoke says:

    So people complain about the phone being plastic but from what I remember, no one complained about the iphone 3g & gs having a plastic back.  Sure it may have felt more solid because it was heavier but it didnt come with a replaceable battery so they sealed the phone up..  Heck why didnt they make the whole phone out of a solid piece of gorrilla glass? For me, I’d take a phone that allows me to swap a battery over one that feels more solid because the battery is sealed.  I’m sure if Samsung sealed their phone so you couldn’t change the battery we’d have people complaining.

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    TheDK10 says:

    I work at a verizon store and been messing with phones ever since the first droid (still have it to). Apple dictates everything and i hate apple ill admit but they do have nice features like retina display which in my opinion is it. Siri is a joke and now everyone will try to follow. SG3 i feel could of been the best phone but they tried to rush it i feel. i was waiting for it and was gonna use my upgrade but only dual core prob. here in the USA. They cut corners and i hate to say it but samsung is gonna lose money off it. I can wait till summers end and by then they should have quad core in USA. Samsung you disappoint me like really still using pentile!? even LG beats you on that! ill see what droid razr hd has to offer

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    Ace says:

    How very disappointing….. the Article; not the phone.
    For those who want an expensive premium look, I really think you guys should hold the phone and make your judgement call as the pictures dont really do justice.
    As for iphone 5, I am sure it will be a thing of beauty… but will it carry the same personality that S2 carried?
    For those crying about TouchWiz, why not wait for next Nexus  if you dont like TouchWiz? Its not like Samsung has ever offered Pure ICS experience with any of the Galaxy S Series?

    I do have to admit that I was expecting more from the design but I am pretty happy with this and have pre-ordered the Marble White one….. let the wait begin.

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    Johnac 86 says:

    This reviewer is 100% an apple FANBOY.. this review is highly biased. he cannot tolerate the fact that the s3 is an awesome devise that he is trying his best to tarnish it’s reputations… Poor fellow doesn’t understand that the people are not dumb enough to believe him blindly.   

    1. Reply
      Anonymous says:

      he isnt really commenting his own views. as he KEEPS writing, it is the actual android people that slate the phone itself and he is saying that if the iphone hits it right then it will blow the s3 out of the water. You guys really need to read things and understand them before you get all sensitive about iphone vs android

  17. Reply
    Annoyed says:

    Erm, this article is a TOTAL JOKE itself. Who asked you to believe those rumours out there, to the point that you actually thought that it’ll actually materialise? Get this straight, Samsung promised nothing at all in the first place. It is fools like you who chose to expect and got nothing you wished for.

    And iPhone 5 isn’t even out yet. Why are you
    already counting the chicks even before they’re hatched? How are you so sure that it’ll “blow us

  18. Reply
    MM65 says:

    “Turning our attention to the iPhone 5 we feel that if Apple can come up
    with something really special it could blast the Samsung Galaxy S3 to
    FEEL, IF, BLAST. Sorry sir but shouldn’t a review have some facts..

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    Buhbaydus says:

    It is amazing how people ranting and raving over a phone, and this goes on every time a new phone comes out…which is better and which isn’t. Just agree to disagree, we all have our preferences and expectations… At the end of it all, it’s just a phone with features to make our lives a little easier in one way or the other…

  20. Reply
    Matt Miller says:

    The iPhone 4S was viewed a a disappointing launch as well because of all the rumors and hype it received pre-lauch but still sold a ton of devices. The S3 will do the same since it’s a highly anticipated device. But I’m not so sure that it’s a disappointment. People lie and say a phone will have certain specs that they have no idea about and then call it a rumor and then that rumor is released upon the masses. Anyone with any common sense at all knows to take all these rumors with a grain of salt and then when the device comes out with half of the specs that these rumor mills said it would somehow the phone is a disappointment when in reality the phone is leaps and bounds better than its predecessor. The S3 has a number of new features that it’s predecessor didn’t have. I believe the main thing that people are in arguments about is the fact that it’s still made of plastic, which does suck but hey, plastic is cheap. Wait until the iPhone 5 is actually announced to make absurd comparisons to other phones.

  21. Reply
    Reece Isles says:

    Funny how people complain about it being made of plastic and feeling ‘cheap’ because of it, Plastic is very durable and for NFC to work properly a non metallic, casing is needed. Metal interferes with antenna hence why it probably isn’t used, not to mention a lot of other materials are considerably heavier than plastic.

    People always complain about how heavy or light a phone is when it doesn’t really make any difference but if people want a lighter phone then you’re going to use a light material. Plastic is a good material which is why it is used WORLDWIDE from cups, to laptops, to headphones to bags. 

    As for the camera, retards don’t understand that megapixels DO NOT make a camera ANY BETTER. the actual LENS is the important part, why do you think professional camera’s don’t state the megapixels and offer different lenses to buy instead?????? THEY’RE A GIMMICK, megapixels determine how large you can blow a picture up before it begins to look pixelated. 8mp is more than enough for what people are going to do aka facebook, twitter, instagram. If you want to take proper photos for professional use then buy a real camera.

    1. Reply
      Replysam says:

      One of the major important pointers that everyone misses is you can replace the battery by yourself. Unlike new HTC One’s and Iphone or nokia you can not

      1. Reply
        Anonymous says:

        you could just have a good battery that doesnt run out of juice in minutes. i had an iphone 3gs that lasted me two years and i never had a complaint about it. my iphone 4s is also very very good in terms of managing battery life. considering i update a phone every couple of years…i dont find a removable battery a problem

    2. Reply
      Mark Joniak says:

      Just goes to show you people are never happy anymore with simple upgrades…Phones these days must be able to stop time or create a wormhole to be interesting. If anyone has dropped an Iphone you will see how their materials hold up…not so good….plastic might be cheap but it holds up much better

    3. Reply
      Anonymous says:

      plastic is used everywhere not because it is a particularly good material but because it is cheap to make and easy to mould. if i am shelling out £400 (about $700) for a phone i expect it to have premium materials ala iphone. something that feels good in your hand. considering thats where it is going to be most of the time i would have thought it important. weight only becomes an issue when it starts to seriously pull on your trouser/jacket/jeans pocket. i think the issue is more about the bulkiness and less about weight now. we have reached a time when 0.1 of a gram less makes very little difference. 

      my issue with the S3 is the size of the thing. its huge. i dont want a phone that big let otherwise id just get a galaxy note. i am looking for an android based phone to make me cross over but so far the iphone just keeps edging it. even my iphone 4s which is last years phone can compete competently with this toy. It does everything i need to it do, it is made out of nice materials which feel good in my hand, i dont drop my phone (touch wood) so dont need to worry about it being made of glass, its lightning fast, camera is superb (i have never taken more pictures than i have with this phone) and best of all it doesnt neglect what it is made for originally – a communication device.

  22. Reply
    Necip says:

    I’ve been waiting months I was convinced thinking the S3 will be a turning point for Samsungs love affair with cheap plastic. I guess I was wrong there just is no class to the phone from the hands on reviews brushed plastic on a £500 phone you got to be joking! I guess I will have to wait a little longer for the iph5

  23. Reply
    Blursquirrel says:

    If the S3 was a disappointment, the 4S shouldn’t even have been released..  

    1. Reply
      Congressalpha says:

      4S was a good enough jump. S2 and S3 in us will have dual core; ip4 and ip4S jumps from single to dual. Siri is added, 3G to hspa+, 5mp to 8mp, unlike galaxy’s cheap 8mp to cheap 8mp sensor. And NO PLASTIC!!!!

      1. Reply
        Anonymous says:

        You’re funny. The Galaxy s2’s camera is better than the one in the iPhone 4s. Also blame carriers for adding the as of yet unconfirmed processor.

        1. Reply
          Anonymous says:

          debatable, from sites that i read on people are saying different things about the iphone 4s to the samsung s2 cameras. incidently, is the lens any better in S3 or is it the same as the s2?

          1. Anonymous says:

            From what I’ve read. Some sites say that the GS2’s camera sensor is better while other says the iPhone’s is better. But all sites say that the GS2’s video recording is better. Also anything is debatable.

          2. Anonymous says:

            some more than others. I dont know if you are the right person to ask or if you know but is the lens in S3 better than S2?

  24. Reply
    AppleFanBoy64559 says:

    iPhone 5 will have holographic display, will be made entirely of carbon fiber, will have a 3000 mAh removable battery with a 0.2 mm thickness. EAT THAT SAMSUNG !

      1. Reply
        Maissam84 says:

        wow!!!! speechless, are you from the future man?? like the year 2500?? cause if so please check the Samsung product!!!!! cann’t you see the Apple co. is falling behind and it is relying on outer shell material instead of the actual technology and specifications!!!! and what is the 8 core??? you mean quad-dual core tech or dual-quad core or an actual octa core processor??? 

        1. Reply
          Hfvkgh says:

          Apple are by far the best phone manufacture, yes the specs have been slightly behind, however it is much more user friendly than any other phone and the design is so much more profeessional. It is only a matter of time before Apple improve their specifications so they are better than any other phone, and the design will also remain at a higher quality, the Iphone 5 will prove that Apple are streets ahead of anyone else!!!

    1. Reply
      MonkeyDLuffy says:

      Dear Apple cultist’s, it doesn’t matter if the iPhone 5 was hand crafted from Chuck Noris’s rib bones, doubled as a light saber and a Swiss Army Knife…. you will still be tied to iTunes. Never being able to plug your overpriced device into anyone else’s machine to swap and share media. It will never have expandable memory or any other sort of freedom. All Apple people will have the same phone like little communist robots never seeing the bigger and broader world. Funny that your leader is actually the proud owner of an Android device. I’m not sure whats worse, the company or the minions that keep them going?

      1. Reply
        ponglong says:

        iTunes keeps the music industry going. You poor people need Android to “swap and share media”, which is actually stealing and is illegal buddy.

  25. Reply
    Mu says:

    samsung had the chance to conquer the world and they blew it. it looks like galaxy note will save the galaxy range and apple will still rub people in daylight. i was waiting nearly a year for this device and i am very very disappointed.

  26. Reply
    Pmduffy73 says:

    How can aphone which is not even available yet be a “disappointment”?

    And how do you know that a phone which has not yet even been invented will be better?

    Apple fan-boys are tragic.

  27. Reply
    Manobahar says:

    lo i just dont like i-phones policys. controling where you go and what you can do and so…
    no matter what they come with i stick woth android!!!!
    and i-phones has actually allways been behind hardware wise, and that wont change any time soon, as long as they are dependant of samsung to build their mobiles.(they dont wont it to change either, why spend more money when fools will buy the mobile with even a year older hardware!!! i-phone 5 will be dual core with quad core gpu. 1gb ram. 8 camera. hd res screen.
    4″ screen. they will add some more software add ons…. 
    and 24month 45£ contract! 
    Lg is coming with an 2gb ram , looks exciting.

  28. Reply
    Manobahar says:

    just to add the writer of this article seem pretty much like an fool who dosent know much about mobiles. 🙂

  29. Reply
    Leighknight1 says:

    I think we all need to take a step back and realise who created the catergory that the GS3 is in, of course apple will bring an amazing phone out in October and of course it will lead the way again for the forthcoming season of smartphones, I actually written on my blog that the s3 would be a failure due to the fact it didn’t have apple to copy thanks to the 4s being a minor upgrade. Ask the question why the s2 was a successful phone, the same reason they have been in court a million times copyright infringement (iPhone 4) c’mon guys 

    1. Reply
      Richard says:

      well they supply apple with most of their parts, so it wouldn’t have been a difficult task for them to copy the iphone 5 before its release. I personally will be picking up a gs3 (the white one) 😉

  30. Reply
    Guest says:

    Why are you crying about CPU being only 1.4GHz instead of 1.8GHz? Really, what’s the difference? I say minimal, or none. It only matters when you run some poorly written CPU-bound applications. For anything else there’s plenty of processing power in this device. For games & other graphics intesnive content SG3 has a GPU with no match in the current market.

  31. Reply
    Fred says:

    what a big let down,,will be sticking to my sgs2,, then iphone5 i think will be my next phone

  32. Reply
    AndroidFTW says:

    I refuse to lock myself in the iPhone prison and I wouldn’t even consider wallowing in the Windows phone muck – only Android will do.  But I was disappointed in the S3 specs and features and as a result I decided to upgrade my tablet.  Amusingly the upgrade is to the Galaxy 10.1 tablet – yes, I know I’m probably missing out on better tablets, even including a new Galaxy tab, that will come later this year.  I just couldn’t wait to upgrade *something*.

  33. Reply
    Sandeep says:

    As far, I think the author is much more biased over apple products. Galaxy s3 is much more advanced and is good design than iPhone which is lot heavier. I really donot see difference between IPhone 4 and 4S. Even the Siri is not much of a feature where android has it long time ago but not much advertised..I agree with one of the comment…iPhone 4S should not be released at all, if it is throwing 5 in october

  34. Reply
    Adrianvert says:

    Fact is, 1.4Ghz quad-core in a phone helped along by 1gb ram? BLAZING fast for a phone… Bright as the sun 4.8″ screen? Perfect i think… Voice software that is seemingly flawless? Waited for for decades… (Siri is sh*te lets be honest) and i think the iPhone fad is coming to an end. I’m an iPhone user myself and after 4 years, i’m moving on, as the Galaxy S3 has everything EXACTLY as i need it, so the overpriced iPhone won’t be anything more that i need, even if it is ‘better’.

    1. Wow, do you hear yourself? I’ll assume you’re not in the U.S., as you seem pumped for the Quad-Core Exynos, if you’re not, and you live here in the States, then you are misinformed. You can take your “bright as the sun” 4.8-inch display, with its shitty PenTile layout. If you want a great display, check out the One X’s SLCD 4.8-inch display, one of the best I’ve ever seen (aside from the Retina Display). S-Voice is nothing more than a novelty compared to Siri, it doesn’t talk back or interact to the same level, it’s merely an enhanced voice recognition software, period.

      But quite possibly your biggest blunder is your claim that the iPhone “fad” is fading?!? Are joking? Apple had another record quarter selling iPhones. They sold 35 million of them in first quarter, just 3 million less than their 2011 fourth quarter, which was a freaking holiday. The fact that Apple sold 35 million iPhone in one quarter not only disproves your theory, it grabs it out of the air, throws it to the ground and steps on it with a cleats.

      If you plan to leave the iPhone for the SGS3, by all means, but I hope you enjoy a device that’s half backed, with a cumbersome UI, made of cheap plastics and a camera that was used in their hardware from last year.

      Also, please explain to me how the iPhone is overpriced? If you purchase it on contract, it remains $199, yet almost every new Android device (with LTE) starts at $299…so please, again, tell me how the iPhone is ove priced, when its pretty much the only device with “premium” parts (i.e. glass and real metal) and yet remains cheaper than a Samsung made of plastic…do tell.

      1. Reply
        Adrianvert says:

        Ppi = higher on iPhone, iPad is and tablet, and therefore cannot be compared. brightness is lower, as well as colours i believe personally is better on the AMOLED, (have both the Note and iPhone 4s in the room with me).

        Siri doesn’t support location services, and requires specific commands, who cares if it can talk back? I want info, not a chat. Easier to instruct, and more extensive os integration for the S3.

        The Quad-core processor has been benchmarked to be faster than the HTC’s processor, research it, and i am guessing that the next iPhone won’t be as fast, as Apple has never been about that particularly.

        And no, in the UK, cheaper than the iPhone, with more generous mins/texts etc. Almost all S3 contracts are free, with cheaper per month tariffs on average. And Glass, and metal are heavier, so i prefer plastic, as that can also be replaced cheaper, as apposed to glass on the iPhone, which is prone to cracking.

        As for the fad comment, i am aware of the iPhone’s success, the whole world is, i however believe that within the next two years, the iPhone will need to change drastically, or it will fade away.

  35. I am an iPhone 4 owner, and I have been looking at the Galaxy S phones very closely.  I am very disappointed to hear that the newest model will be constructed of the same material as the past phones.  I had a Samsung phone before my iPhone, and the quality of the hardware is why I switched.  I will wait until there is a an S 3 in my local store and see for myself, but if the quality is not there, then I am staying put with Apple, especially now that we are not getting the quad-core here in the US.

  36. No quad-core for the US market.  If you are in a market outside the States, I am understandably jealous.  For us in America, Samsung and HTC are going to have to break down and offer something better than dual core to get me to switch, as the iPhone 5 will most likely sport a new A6 processor.

  37. Reply
    Dave says:

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 design is awful, it looks like a plastic toy in comparison with the iphone 4s, and although it has a large screen, with better specs, Android just don’t get what consumers want with the software integrated within the Samsung Galaxy. They seriously need to re-consider the design of the phone, and the user interface of the software, not functionality, but what it looks like! it looks like it is built for a robot. This is where Apple dominates the market because everyone is happy with the lush finishes and how user friendly the software is, regardless of the specifications. It is clear to see Apple have a clear understanding of how to optimise the software functionality combined with the slick, professional design of the phone… SAMSUNG, PREPARE TO GET BLOWN AWAY WITH THE NEW IPHONE 5! 

    1. Reply
      Guest says:

      IT IS PLASTIC, just polished it to fool people that it is ceramic like the HTC One X. Unfortunately, stupid South Koreans (Samsung) are nowhere like HTC & Apple when it comes to designing products.

      1. Reply
        Dave says:

        YES!!  exactly, it looks awful for a phone that is posed to be up there with the best, it lets it down

  38. Reply
    Lillifter35 says:

    Yes I’m extremely disappointed with Samsung.  American versions seem watered down compared to the international variants. Only a slight step from the S2.  I never thought I would say this but I may wait for the Iphone 5. Always loved android. Probably won’t do the S3 maybe another high end phone will pop up for sprint.

  39. Reply
    Poop says:

    The US always gets the bonk version of phones from android. I wrote on youtube months ago if there’s a quad core the US won’t get it. Apple is the online that gives dates prices and regular updates. There’s still only 1 phone that runs ICS that’s just freaking sad. Android is a joke.

  40. Once again what’s wrong with whoever running the Samsung Mobile division; Keep releasing too many phone devices Samsung s2, s3…100….

    1. Retina Display ?????? where is that …
    2. Still stuck with the cheap plastic material. Samsung …looks at the iPhone …
    3. Battery is still suck …

    Apple once again will be dominate the Mobile market share with the next release of iPhone…

    1. Reply
      Chris Norton says:

      Not quite. Samsung recently overtook Nokia as the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer. Samsung make most of Apple’s devices for them including the iPhone. Retina display? The resolution on the Note and S3 is improved despite not coming close to the PPI of the iPad 3. This article and your comment are typical of an average American consumer who thinks that it is all about the US. North America is inconsequential for Samsung compared to major markets such as Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East. I curse the day Sony let Apple encroach on the portable music player market by dethroning the Sony Walkman with the iPod which prevented Apple from going under and turning them into the extremely rich business they are today. Stop being an iSheep and free your mind…

      1. Reply
        CantBeatTheFacts says:

        Your point about Samsung is flawed. Them making something for another company only means that they obviously financially rely on Apples business to keep themselves in business. “MANUFACTURER” is the key word there. So by being affiliated with Apple, they erase the chances of being beat by them. Every heard of the phrase “if you can’t beat them, join them”? Also, Sony? What the hell is a Sony? You mean the PS3?
        The fact is, Apple created the iPod, the rest is history. That’s all that will remain in history and that’s all people will remember and read about in history books. The only time they’ll be reminded about a walkman is in a museum.

        I’m sorry, but we’ve already progressed past the point of “fanboy”. Apple has obviously came out on top and new people are buying the iPhone everyday; old versions AND new versions of the iPhone. Do you see people going out buying old blackberries and considering them upgrades? No.

        Your comments are actually exactly like those of a typical “Trolling” American, so I hate to break it to you, Bud, but you’re exactly like us! Also, the fact that you are dissing the US means nothing to America or Americans, the end. Our world goes round while the other countries try to become more like us, simple as that. 
        If you don’t agree, try becoming a US citizen like everyone else. 

        1. Reply
          Blackboy3rdstr says:

          You also have to think back when Apple vs Samsung was occuring alot back then. Because samsung wasnt sharing potential technology with apple. It disappointed me when i did a project on A vs S in US History me thinking that the iOS would superb, it remarkably didnt as i assumed. The android is for more superior as apple just prey off its enemies into finding better ways too come up with a smoother phone. Its redicoulous hiw many times Apple has sued ither companies for being more advanced or beating them in so called races. As far Nokia was the best coming down the line Samsung. Also the screen for apple has not change as apple use glass because of its heat touch display. Android on the other hand uses touch but is cooler and more sensitive but stronger!

    2. Reply
      Anonymous says:

      1) Retina Display? Like screens > than 300ppi?…Like the S3 at 306ppi?
      2) Yep, same plastic, like the plastic case you put on your iPhone to protect it from shattering.
      3) Battery sucks? And you’ve used the S3 extensively to come to this conclusion?

  41. Reply
    Amrit says:

    Wow.  Apple Fanboy author. The S3 is a dissapointment…Yes to all those idiots who believe in rumours. And Plasstic, it doesn’t look cheap and is still really durable; and if you get a crack in the plastic cover, it is a lot easier to replace than a ceramic cover – which is also pretty easy to crack

    1. Reply
      Anonymous says:

      why would it be easier to replace a ceramic cover? if you have to send it to samsung to replace anyway (say its the part of the back that doesnt come off).

  42. Reply
    Lope says:

    folks, let’s buy innovators.. a world of innovative products, if you buy imitators you killed the pursuit of innovations.

  43. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    The iPhone5 is not likely to get a bigger screen, higher res screen (Seriously) or smash the GSIII. Its strengths lies in the smoothness of its software. I doubt the software will be innovative as well this time around. It was true that the older versions is android were laggy, but ICS is just too good a software to not be able to compete with iOS either. What’s bugging me is, ever since the iPhone 4, there have been these wild rumors of bigger screens and a phone that can build you your own satellite and take you to the moon. It’s not going to happen people. Face it. The 4S was a major disappointment, not only because it was just a small upgrade over the 4, but because people expected too much from it. Like, I heard rumors of Retina+ display, bigger screen and a camera that will put everything else to shame. Apart from camera, none held ground. And even the camera is sweet, but not the best and certainly not putting ‘every’ camera out there to shame.

    1. Reply
      Rahulsingh2311 says:

      i totally agree with your point of view but we should be aware of one thing ….i5 will be  the best

      1. Based on the specs of the iPhone 5 – as confirmed by Apple?

        Oh wait… There is NO confirmed information out on that phone yet. Is there?

        You’re a damn fool.

        Sit down and shut up.

  44. Reply
    Fomiko says:

    Expect a similar “not as good as I had hoped for” reaction to the iPhone 5.  The saying goes to journey in hope is better than to arrive 

    1. Reply
      ken says:

      I’m with you Fomiko, but it sure is fun to fantasize about what they may offer next. 
      Did you see the one about a holographic display and “8 core” processor? Now that’s having fun with it! ;-) 

    2. Reply
      InpraiseofHim says:

      A lot of these fantasy phone people made us too excited about the S3 so we were let down to some degree. I like some of the new updates but I don’t know if I want to pass my Galaxy Note on to me wife now. The Note is a great phone with a lot of nice features! I certainly would not want a small screen again! At least I can be comfortable waiting now. 🙂

      1. Reply
        Iawnaek says:

        Totally agree. Having used the Note for a few months now I cannot go back to smaller screens. Oh well, maybe a 4.8″ is not so bad. The S3 looks good to me.

  45. Reply
    Carrickdaniel says:

    Ok all. You were getting a little carried away with the “dual core” in us. Every carrier to date has changed the final design of the s3 in some cases making it better. Not always, but sometimes. My gs2 has 42 mbps hspa. Better than any on the market. Not all carriers have lte, let’s wait and see what the us gets. It is not Samsung modding the phones, that is our stupid networks. IPhone has given nothing but small incremental upgrades. Their software is for dummies so of course it is very successful. Anyone who knows nothing can use it, although the same can be said for Android now. My guarantee, us networks will get modded s3, they will sell a bunch but nowhere near the iPhone, and the iPhone 5 will be a much bigger disappointment that people will flock to purchase because it is trendy and because PC killed jobs. He will have the last laugh from his icloud though.

  46. This “article” sucks. Looks like it was written by a 15 year old, with all due respect.

    How spoiled are you people? Herp derp, it’s only a 720p screen, and it’s quad core, but but, only a gig of ram? HERP DERP.

    I thought only in America would we deal with such first world “problems”, but apparently the trend has reached world wide.

    I have an idea, go pick up your dumb phone from 2006, then compare it to the SGS3, and you tell me we haven’t come A LONG WAY in just 6 years.

    By the way, “blast”? Sounds like I’m reading something written for a middle school research paper.

    One more thing, the iPhone can’t expand to a higher resolution without completely alienating the devs and apps which are currently running on the 640×960 resolution 3.5 inch display. They can likely go up to 4 inches by stretching the aspect ratio, but ensuring the resolution won’t be touched, as “retina” made apps and games would come out on the wrong end of that spectrum unless they stick with their current formula. Fragmentation is the LAST THING Apple wants to deal with. So while I expect 3.7-4 inches, I don’t expect anything bigger. And besides, some people like big screens, some like smaller screens, all in a matter of taste.

    However, to denounce Samsung’s product as some sort of technical “disappointment” is itself a testament to how spoiled we’ve all become with our technology.

    1. Reply
      Anonymous says:

      Berj, I assume you are from the US. It shows. Your “usage” of herp derp is asinine and childish.

      The whole point is that the phone promised and was built up to be a considerable upgrade from the previous model; not the one 6 years ago. Yes, no one can argue that we haven’t come a long way in 6 years. However, with the tech available we expect better; especially as it is a competition.

      It will not be quad core everywhere else and that is a problem, perhaps not one of Samsung but the carriers, however a problem nonetheless.

      These are not first world problems, nor were they trying to be portrayed by the author; what they do is draw attention the phone from comments made by android fans who were looking forward to the S3.

      Will the iphone do better or worse? Well if the problem is design and fractured releases and specs then yes, it probably would. If the problem is much deeper than that then it is just due to taste.

      If you are American, you really do give them a bad name. However, I know a lot of good, smart and balanced American people so shall not be drawn into ignorance by your ignorant ravings

      1. As an American myself, I have mixed feelings about your seemingly judgmental commentary about us.

        Your last paragraph is non sequitur. (In reference to your first paragraph.) I appreciate that you gave the intelligent among us some credit, though. I guess I’ll have to assume that the more forgiving paragraph at the end vicariously gives implied respect in the first paragraph?

        I suppose that’s fine. 😛

        However… I agree with your assessment of his opinions regarding the phone specifically. His rhetoric was phrased in a most annoying, counter-intuitive manner. Wasn’t it?

        1. Reply
          Anonymous says:

          The reason why I guessed that he/she was from America is because of his usage of Herp Derp. I don’t know many people outside of US that use it.

          Americans who are cultured, intelligent and are competent of leading a good debate do exist and I meant no insult to them. Obviously, you do not belong to the clan with the likes of Berj.

          Incidentally, do you like the new S3?

  47. Reply
    Rahulsingh2311 says:

    never expect too much from anything they will fall down …its the greatest magic of the world….i agree to gadida

  48. Reply
    John says:

    Disappointed? Apple has bent over its customers and served them a 4S when it was supposed to be the 5. They’re late to the party by almost a year. When the 5 is finally released, Samsung will one-up it. Apple aren’t leading, they’re lagging..

  49. Reply
    King!! says:

     yeah I am kinda disappointed in the S3……….and the rumour mongerers have a lot to answer for.  However, I’m reserving my final call until I’ve seen the S3 go head to head with the s4 and other fones out there……….bring on the shootouts!

  50. Reply
    Mohan7474 says:

    This writter .. may be spotter of Apple .. hahaha u dnt get any $ okay funny
    mmm talking about iphone rly sucks. ..
    I dnt like iphone i used on dam iphone. 4after my s2 i hate iphone 4s
    it was to small .. but looks good only looks good metal display box …
    S2 is great in all way in india. an all country .. iphone only in USA ..
    An i phone mostly used by corpet gys business man not for student …
    I recomond galaxy s3 is now look good to. . an student can by that an also all
    i like it
    thx samsung

    1. Reply
      Iphone Hater says:

      Great said dude i am with uuuuuuuuu                 

  51. Reply
    Crgstffrd says:

    Simple facts!  If your a geek you will have an Android device of some descript, but if your cool and want girls to like you (like I do!) then its Apple all the way!

    1. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . ,.-‘”. . . . . . . . . .“~.,
      . . . . . . . .. . . . . .,.-”. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .“-.,
      . . . . .. . . . . . ..,/. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”:,
      . . . . . . . .. .,?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .,
      . . . . . . . . . /. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,}
      . . . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`^`.}
      . . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:”. . . ./
      . . . . . . .?. . . __. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :`. . . ./
      . . . . . . . /__.(. . .“~-,_. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`. . . .. ./
      . . . . . . /(_. . ”~,_. . . ..“~,_. . . . . . . . . .,:`. . . . _/
      . . . .. .{.._$;_. . .”=,_. . . .“-,_. . . ,.-~-,}, .~”; /. .. .}
      . . .. . .((. . .*~_. . . .”=-._. . .“;,,./`. . /” . . . ./. .. ../
      . . . .. . .`~,. . ..“~.,. . . . . . . . . ..`. . .}. . . . . . ../
      . . . . . .(. ..`=-,,. . . .`. . . . . . . . . . . ..(. . . ;_,,-”
      . . . . . ../.`~,. . ..`-.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . … . /
      . . . . . . `~.*-,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..|,./…..,__
      ,,_. . . . . }.>-._. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|. . . . . . ..`=~-,
      . .. `=~-,__. . . `,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      . . . . . . . . . .`=~-,,.,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . `:,, . . . . . . . . . . . . . `. . . . . . ..__
      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .`=-,. . . . . . . . . .,%`>–==“
      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _. . . . . ._,-%. . . ..` 

    2. Reply
      David Carew says:

      OMG!!! I assume you then woke up from your dream a little while later in your jail cell!!! 

  52. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    Because the iPhone 4s was such a big improvement on the 4, a year after, when it comes to disappointment ask fanboys. Wasn’t the iPhone 5 due out last year?…..

  53. Reply
    Guest 101 says:

    If the US VErsion of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Does Have a Dual Core then Its Just another SmartPhone With yet another Dual Core Processor. I am however pleased about hearing rumors about it haveing Gorilla Glass but as far as everything else. its  a Huge dissapointment.
    If it dosnt have a Qaud Core.

    Does Samsung Have something against giving the US the Qaud Core Version?

      1. The Exynos 4 chip simply does not support LTE.

        It’s not just a request. It’s a necessity.

        The plus side is that a quad-core chip really isn’t that big of a deal. Most software doesn’t support TWO cores let alone FOUR.

        The most likely replacement is the Snapdragon S4. This is actually a GOOD thing. It has been known as one of the best-operating 4G LTE chips and with only two cores in operation there will be a reduction in battery drain.

        I personally don’t give a rat’s ass about four cores. It’s just not important since it’s really not even used by most software out there.

        1. Reply
          canadian guest says:

           The issue now is, why doesn’t it support the LTE and why is LTE such a good thing. Granted LTE is fast but now people are eating threw their data so much faster. I would rather have a super fast phone and a fast internet (21 mbs rather than the 60 mbs of LTE) over a fast phone and SUPER fast internet. LTE is faster than most peoples home internet. Unless you are on high end cable or live in canada chances are you don’t get the option to go that fast at home.

          The US carriers need to get their stuff together. This is pretty stupid. And the apple won’t make a change for the carriers. If they produce a quad core phone that isn’t compatible with the LTE the phone won’t have LTE. Then the carriers will revamp the LTE network to get the next Iphone and samsung and htc and everyone else who thought they were being good to their customers in working with the US carriers will take the hit.

          1. person says:

            I agree with Cory. I dont see this as a problem for US customers. In fact, getting the dual core S4 is actually an upgrade from the Exynos quad core. Quite an upgrade, in fact.

  54. Reply
    Japerez79 says:

    Really disappointed with the plastic casing. Having two gb Rom would made it easier for me to want to keep the for two years. 8Mp camera is not up to flagship phone standards. I’ll wait with my original epic and see what else turns up. I guess you can say disappointed.

    1. Casing to me a a non issue. I don’t buy a phone because the case looks nice. Do you buy a painting for the frame? The 2gb would have been nice but oh well as for the camera. Why not have 8 mp on a flagship I’d have thought by now people would know MP don’t matter it’s the sensor that matters. I have yet to hear about the CMOS sensor and the aperture on the S3.

      1. Reply
        Japerez79 says:

        All they point out is new camera features. I know mp don’t matter, but they aren’t stating any changes to it other than software. And for the price, I’m not buying a beautiful painting in a crappy looking frame. The point is, if you want premium money, I expect premium product. I’m not throwing my money to samsung just because I’ve been waiting for this phone. I’ll pay the money but I want the product to match, understand? I’ll wait and see what else comes out, like lg optimas 2; with android, something new is always around the corner.

      2. Reply
        Ricciardi Ettore says:

        Aesthetics always play their part – and for good reason – in premium handsets. The whole point for the companies is to design something that has the latest technology inside combined with cutting-edge design on the outsideat, irrespective of price (within accepted limits not Vertu-crazy). -  Hence the ‘premium’ tag. People buying in to this market segment expect to have both and rightly. Compromising is what you do lower down in the product line.

      3. Reply
        David Carew says:

        Spot on Kilroy, couldn’t have said it better myself!! How many people will actually ever need to use 8 mp to be honest!!! And as for the casing, indeed I do not buy a phone because it looks nice, I do however buy it for what it can do!! Currently have an s2 which has just been replaced as I accidentally dropped it from 8 stories up. The screen cracked but it still worked!! Plastic = lightweight = durability. How many other smartphone owners can recount a similar story? As for the other whingers both here and on other forums, get a life guys, if you want to be professional photographers the choice is simple; GET A CAMERA, THE PRIMARY FUNCTION OF A MOBILE PHONE IS COMMUNICATION!!!!!!!

  55. Reply
    Sepa says:

    Makes a change for the UK to get anything before the yanks,will buy a Samsung S3 just for this reason and they can keep their over rated over priced apples.Well done Samsung splendid company.

  56. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    The 8MP is ok.
    A processor (1.4GHz Exynos) that is already available on another device (Meizu MX) is not.
    Neither is the fact that the S3 uses Super Amoled (used in original Galaxy S) instead of the Super Amoled Plus (used in the S2 Galaxy).
    If this were any other phone it would be ok but for the Galaxy S line this is inexcusable. If the iphone 5 tuns out to be a more powerful phone then they will have won over another convert to the iphone line.  

      1. Reply
        Anonymous says:

        HD defines the resolution it runs on Not the type of technology it uses. 
        Anyway It’s a mute point now. With the LG LS970 and other super phones coming out very soon the S3 Galaxy looks to be DOA.  

  57. Reply
    sarfraz says:

    well,i am using galaxy s2 since last year and i believe that is the best phone in the market ,great size ,v light weight ,powerful,and beautiful ,the only thing which i didn,t like about that phone was plastic back but it was still better than iphone,s  glass back which broken easily when i dropped it the street and it cost me 100 pounds at the time to have new one.now we talk about galaxy s3 ,i feel let down as i wasn,t expecting something bigger in size than galaxy s2 ,i wanted it same size as galaxy s2 but little bigger screen atleast 4.5 inches ,better camera,better processor,slimmer ,quality meterial not plastic back . instead of all the wonderful features it has i am not going for it for two reasons big size and ugly look and plastic body.

  58. Reply
    Billybob says:

    I got the Samsung Galaxy S3 over the weekend and only this morning picked up an Apple iPhone 5. They are both great phones, but the S3 does feel cheap next to the iPhone 5. I prefer the screen on the S3, its bigger, clearer and crisper. They always seem to put a huge boarder on iPhones, which for me intrudes on screen size and astetics. More news to follow as i play with both. tbc…

      1. Reply
        SeriousReviewer says:

        For your information the iPhone 5 is readily available on the black market. In fact, I have one right here. It’s remarkable at best, but I don’t really like the new 3D camera and Siri hasn’t improved much either. The screen is slightly larger at 4 inches and the retina display is much the same. I can see why Apple hesitated to increase the screen size – The layout seems a little tacky. Of course, it is at quite an early stage so there isn’t too much development. In comparison to the Galaxy S4 which is also readily available on the black market, it doesn’t measure up at all, let alone blow its predecessor out of the water. But the best of all is the iPhone 6. The lock key can be changed to read your fingerprint. Privacy is guaranteed with this latest development. Can’t wait to get my hands on the iPhone 7 next week.

        1. Reply
          Woop! MyNameIs... says:

          Hah, yeah I think you’ll really like the iPhone 7, I work at Apple development so I’ll send it to you, so you don’t have to wait till next week. But the real king is the iPhone 8, I’ve go it in my hands right now. We’ve been working on this thing for the better part of a year and it’s really amazing! It’s got a SuperHyperUppercut-AMOLED-Plus 3D display and it’s only 3mm thick. It weighs 2 ounces and hovers when you smile at it. It also uses proprietary eyeball tracking and blink recognition so you don’t need to touch it anymore and if you get really excited, it detects your elevated heart-rate and calls an ambulance. It’s still in early stages of development, because we’re having trouble getting more than 1 bar of reception and the battery life lasts for only 16 seconds, but I don’t think customers will mind. It’s a truly revolutionary phone!

  59. Reply
    Supermare says:

    If the iphone 5 is anything like the non event of the iphone 4s, you can expect a massive disapointment.  The iphone screen will also only be 4 inch maximum.

  60. Reply
    Waytoofarr says:

    if you want a better phone mostly better than s3 u might go get some date with
    Steve Jobs in the heavens he might impresses u i am sure indeed 🙂 !!

  61. Reply
    vin says:

    Wow! Seriously a lot of you are griping about he casing? Every phone I buy I put an otterbox or similiar case around it to protect my investment so you never see what the actual phone looks like! The screen is what matters and the s3 will have a great one. The icraps are always too small for me to type on. Icraps are great for kids but when you grow up your supposed to put your toys away lol

  62. Reply
    unlockme says:

    Why even talk about IP5, it doesn’t exist. Anyone can talk about what they want in a years time. Samsung have made their play now and well done to them. If the US want better phones as consumers you need to make your stand. I’ve had to deal with AT&T recently, and being from the UK, its surprising how bad the signal and customer service is.

  63. Reply
    Dave says:

    I don’t have a problem with Samsung, the specifications for the Samsung Galaxy S3 are good enough, the phone has good specifications, however it is Android I have a problem with which lets the phone down, the software has a good intentions, the fact you can customise and change layouts is great, but the design of the software looks awful and lets it down, the user interface looks like it has been created for a robot, not a human being. If Android could improve the graphics within the software for example the icons and widgets, the software would satisfy a lot more people, so i would suggest they work on the visual side of the software, rather than functionality, if they can improve this they could potentially compete with ios, as it has better functionality but worse graphics which lets it down. As for apple, if the iPhone 5 has just as good specifications, with ios 6 being much more customisable, and a great hardware design, it will prove to be the best phone on the market in a league of its own…. the cost may put people off though!!

    1. Surely the UI that is used is down to Samsung!  My GF has a Samsung and I have HTC, both running ICS, but both completely different feel to the UI because the individual manufacturers have chosen to do things differently!

      1. Reply
        Dave says:

        Fair comment, i just don’t think its very user friendly to be honest in comparison with Apple

  64. Reply
    Noel says:

    For me this is iphone propaganda poorly disguised as an
    artical. The Samsung has yet to even hit the shops. All phones have strengths
    and weaknesses but quit clearly Samsung is apples biggest competitor and must
    be really nervous that they at present have nothing to come back at them. So
    hence an article making a comparisons between a real phone which you can order
    and just hot air for many many months to come.

  65. Reply
    Mwkee says:

    I have a sinking feeling in my stomach that Apple is gonna disapooint a LOT of people again with the new iPhone or iPhone 5 later this year. The new iPad was a letdown so the new iPhone might follow the same vein. Potential letdowns include a small screen (maybe 4inch max?), maynot get Quad-core processor and still no Flash support (of cos !). The UI is also getting a little long in the tooth. I wonder if iOS 6 might introduce a different UI (not getting my hopes up high though). Already used to being disapoointed by Apple.
    Still holding out. Not sure whether to get the HTC One X, Galaxy S III or iPhone 5 (aka new iPhone). Of cos, I am in Asia so all these will be Quad-core (hopefully iPhone too). One serious gripe I have is phones that use physical home buttons (including my iPhone 4). The Galaxy S III’s physical home button was another disappontment for me. Hope new iPhone will use all touch-sensitive buttons like HTC One X and Sony Xperia S…..pleaseeeee fingers crossed. My iPhone 4’s physical home button is causing me grief just 1.5 years on. Sigh….

    1. Reply
      JETJET1UK says:


  66. Reply
    Talalshafi says:

    Galaxy S2 had a plastic type of design and it still came out on top, I like the S3 I think its got a nice and simple design and in my view simplicity is best  

  67. Reply
    JETJET1UK says:

    I wish they would not give you any information about any new phone until about a month before it comes out, As you keep getting it’s got this and it’s got that, Thaen you look forward to the release and are very upset when you have read up on the phone you want only to be upset yet again, they should wait until the phone is about to be released then you have a few days to decide. At least then you will know what it has to offer and be sure you are getting what you want from that phone… really upset about samsung galaxy s3 so i got a HTC ONE X  and now waiting to see what the new iphone 5 has to offer…

  68. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    Pre ordered my SGS3 as I, for one, do no expect Apple to make something worth waiting for. If in (the highly unlikely) case I´m wrong I will sell my SGS3 and buy an iPhone5. 

  69. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    I have a feeling that iPhone is going to disappoint
    alot of ppl to I don’t think its going to b as good as the gs3

  70. Reply
    Danielh79 says:

    To say the iphone might blow the galaxy s3 out of the water is stupid. And samsung did better than iphone usually do. Apple slightly upgrade the software and do very little to upgrade the hardware then push it out for £500-£600. Atleast samsung have done quite alot to improve it. —and before someone says im a fanboy im not. I think apple and samsung are both brilliant phones . But to be honest they cant really be compared on the same level seeing as there different systems

  71. Reply
    Bob says:

    LOL. I am dying reading this. You see what happened with 4 and 4s.  Same trash will happen with iphone 5 or whatever they call it.  Apple preys on stupidity and hope.  Thats how they sell and people buy into it.  So sad

  72. Reply
    Ricardo says:

    The only disappointing aspect of the Galaxy S3 that I can understand people are apprehensive of is the build quality.  Initial impressions on the web, seem to show an uninspiring design.  

    However, people who are complaining about the screen, the RAM, and the camera, are silly.  Pumping up the specs of a phone just so it looks good on paper is a mugs game.  It’s important to deliver an overall experience, which people will enjoy, whilst providing the hardware which should be future-proof… to an extent.  I think that by concentrating on new features, and developing partnerships with external companies (e.g. Dropbox), Samsung is taking a step in the right direction.

    1. Reply
      Peter says:

       What are you looking for a phone in the shape of a bunny rabbit. A phone needs to be practical.

    2. Dude, I never get people like you. 

      “The only disappointing aspect of the Galaxy S3 that I
      can understand people are apprehensive of is the build quality.
       Initial impressions on the web, seem to show an uninspiring design.”

      Seriously..?  Uninspiring?  It’s a PHONE.  A phone is supposed to be practical.  We aren’t talking about a desktop computer which can be made to look anyway you like.  All cellphones have the same practical rectangle shape.  I’m glad people like you aren’t the ones designing phones.

  73. Reply
    7oooony says:

    No idea what the iphone 5 is going to be like but i have to say i am really disappointed by the look and size of the Samsung S3. I have a Galaxy S2 at the moment and thats as big as i would go with a phone. The one thing i don’t like about the S2 is that it just dosn’t look that great and it feels a bit cheap. It appears the S3 has the same issue. I was hoping for an edge to edge screen at S2 dimensions on the S3 which would have given it a bigger screen but kept it at acceptable dimensions. I was also hoping for a higher grade quality casing like Ceramic?. Unless Samsung redesign the S3 i won’t be buying it. I know some like these big phones but its not for me no matter how good  the specs are.

  74. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t the article title have a question mark at the end??  I love how confident the Apple sheep are that the next iPhone, which no one knows anything about, will “blast” all other competitors.  The only thing that is known, for certain, about the iPhone 5 is that Apple will make billions because of all the sheeple that buy everything they put out.  It is undeniable, with all the Android competition, there are going to be worthy competitors and likely those that are much better than Apple.  Hands down, Android software kills OS.  All other things aside, Android keeps it simple with files that can easily be copied and pasted…kindergarten easy.  I recently saw an iTunes class being taught at an Apple store and I had to laugh out loud. 

  75. Reply
    Poop says:

    This article is extremely biased. Not that I am absolutely thrilled with the galaxy.

    Also, you can’t just say “there were plenty of people who felt let down”, you need hard evidence and number, this isn’t FOX.

  76. Reply
    Droid Hippy says:

    Clearly an article written by the Apple iPhone croanies…  What a waste of reading space!

  77. Reply
    Wcsants says:

    Iphone 4s does not compete. with sgs3, Samsung made the right decision. regarding launch in UK/ Europe first. After all we are a little less sheep like over here. lol.
    Any one that knows anything about smart phones knows what a great job Samsung have done, if it wasn’t for rumors and a wish list then everyone would be blown away.
    Can not wait to get mine and if you are reading this them.like me will always be looking forward to the s4
    Your ex iphone now sg2 soon to be sg3 user.

  78. Reply
    tech junkie says:

    I am a fan of technology. Especially cell phone technology. Whenever I hear about a new phone, from whatever company, I get excited. In the spirit of competition, the consumer wins by having a variety of great phones to choose from. I wish for continued success for all cell phone companies. Whoever wrote this article clearly wants Apple to monopolize the cell phone industry. In fact, I’m surprised that the author even mentioned the Samsung Galaxy S3 considering they got Apple’s penis shoved down their throat, and they’re choking on it. If future articles are biased like this, the owner should change their web address to iphonefanboy instead of phonereviews.

  79. Reply
    Avisin says:

    I for one look forward for the next iPhone, I have an iPhone 3GS it’s time for an upgrade.  I’m very happy with the iphone and will not change it for the competitor.  I could care less if samsung come’s up with a better phone or not, or if iPhone meets expectations or not; if anything it will be a very good upgrade from my current iPhone.  All you people that keeps putting down apples fans should just cool it.  I’m a fan and I don’t go running out to buy the latest thing or revamped apple product that comes out.  Come think of it, my apple desk top is over 10 years old! time to upgrade that as well.  How many of you can say they kept the same desk top running flawlessly without issues…….

    1. Reply
      Ghhgg says:

      This isn’t a dig, but you can tell you are an iPhone user; u don’t have a massive interest in technology. I’m the opposite I have to have cutting edge tech (PC & phone). iPhone don’t feel cutting edge tech. There a nice pretty place to be, but wen u have an interest in tech, the iPhone just feel frustrating, conservative. If that makes sense? :p

    2. Reply
      David Carew says:

      Well they do say that ignorance is bliss!!!!  I think your post says it all. Most people want the best performance for their money BTW!

  80. Steve Jobs comments before he passed away was that he wanted Andriod banned completly from the world leaving us with nothing but crappy Symbian and awful windows mobile to contend with. Google in making a system compatible with all mobile phones opned up the market to massive competitiion giving consumers more chouce and a system to compete with apples mobile ios. Andriod is brilliant , way above the clunkly interfaces that Nokia , Motorola , Samsung and Sony Ericcson gave us. Andriod was a linux based operating system that was designed for touch screens . Lets face it I purchased Nokias first touch screen in 2009 , clunky is being nice.Andriod lets debvelopers and manufacturers do what ever they like in it. Apples ios is restrictive and apple only lets you do what it wants you to do. There is no moble ios competition ,no alternative apple system providers. Its a monopoly. I wont buy into that. It stifiles competition. I’ll buy the S3 not becausae of looks but what can DO. I bet it will do nore than the iphone 5 when it comes out. Each release of the iphone has been conservative in the specs. Looks good but conservative specs. Therefore I belive you are not getting he real deal.

  81. Apple can never claim that their mobile ios was copied by Google. Andriod Inc developed Andriod years before apple announced the iphone., Google aquired Andriod Inc and started developing it further. So apple is just sour grapes.

    1. Reply
      Brandon Johnson says:

      Did you see any of the pictures of android before they kadd it touch friendly? It looked mode like windows mobile and blackberry.

      1. so what , your talking about the T-Mobile HTC that came out in 2008 ? I think , so what ,all operating systems evolve while keeping the core the same. Apples just pissed that a rival came out quickly after.

        1. Reply
          Brandon Johnson says:

          You sound like one of those people who just hated apple just to hate them, android isn’t being sued by just apple. The lawsuit thing started around the time google added the pinch to zoom thing in and samsung designed touchwiz to look like ios. I really don’t care whether you like apple or not, I just don’t see the point in hating on a tech company.

        2. Reply
          G2m4 says:

          i simply think your a poverty stricken person….whose ultimate aim is to buy a apple iphone but simply cant afford it…. its like being happy purchasing duplicate Chinese products which look same as the originals….
          And you do not need a 2 gb or for that matter even 1gb ram to smoothly run a smartphone or games involved….it has become only about number than the ultimate performance…the moment android and samsung came together….
          finally u r buying a phone which should work smootly…and have the right quality and reliable os and a good design….
          ask ya android friends about the call quality on the samsung phones…coz PHONES ARE USED TO MAKE A CALL….

          1. JC says:

            I’ve owned Sprint’s SII since the day it came out, it’s been the best call quality I’ve ever experienced on a mobile phone.  Were  you trying to make a point?

    2. Reply
      fuzzy says:

      yes sour grapes, thing is android is based on linux so really its been around longer than ios or osX

  82. Reply
    Brandon Johnson says:

    I really don’t see how this phone can be disappointing. I’ve always been impressed with the galaxy s (I just really didn’t like android that much [I had a Nexus One]) and with 4.0 I’m a lot more interested in the phone than I had been the previous 2 models.

    1. Reply
      Alon Humphrey says:

       Yea i admit once I updated my S2 with ICS i love it even more and yes i’m going to get the S3 hands down i’m stationed in Europe so upgrade here i come.

  83. Reply
    Clrkrms says:

    I believe the biggest let down is that the US was treated as a step child and not included in the release of the phone.  We will be the fourth country/ region to get it.  Not cool. 

    1. Reply
      MichlMason says:

      And in Europe we get iPhones and movies and PCs and cars and… months down the line. If you don’t want to be treated like child, probably best not to sulk.

    2. Reply
      Russell-c says:

      Yeah exactly! Europe gets more or less everything way after Japan and the USA. Even games like Mass Effect 3 where the Yanks had it 3 days before Europe and they had to go online and blab away the entire game.

      Let alone the price differences. The S3 is a lot cheaper than the top end iphone 4s models. Americans pay less for everything than us Brits do.

  84. Reply
    BP says:

    I would buy S3 in few days. iPhone has not lived up to its standards anyways so it will be wishful thinking for Apple to pull some magic. Anything else will be a marketing gimmick from Apple.

    1. Agree , Iphone focuses on aethestics rather than performance. The will make it look sweet then focus on what they can fit into it. I like what phones can do rather than what they look like.

      1. Reply
        Bertmiri says:

        The 4s triumphs samsungs 1.4ghz processor in the note and s2 with only a meagre 800mhz. See the benchmark tests and the Egypt test. Samsung still sucks

        1. Reply
          fuzzy says:

          thats gpu benchmarks, the exnos cpu is much faster than the apple a5 cpu also the new exynos has a quad core mali400 gpu.

        2. Reply
          David Carew says:

          “Samsung still sucks”? Is this the caliber of clientele that Apple hope to  retain? Really Bertmiri how old are you? Present a plausible and adult like argument will you, just like the author of this trashy article you hide behind an alter ego while writing potentially libelous articles and comments with no merit whatsoever spouting whatever drivel that fills your tiny little minds!. I truly thought that keyboard terrorism was dead but see that it is alive and well within this article. At the end of the day most of us want the best product on offer, not the best looking one that just looks good. IF the iOS is superior to others then that would be down to the fact that operating systems software has been their forte for years so it would be reasonable to make. However the gap is closing. I really think the next thing you need to buy is a thesaurus then you can post probably worth reading. Till then please go back to the playground with the rest of the lambs!!! 

  85. Reply
    Kenm30 says:

    The new Galaxy S3 has solid hardware…this we don’t know about the iPhone 5. What we do know about the iPhone’s history is that it’s Samsung inside. 

  86. Reply
    Stealthscrape says:

    I’m sure they are delaying the launch of the S3 stateside just to line up with the new iPhone launch. I’m sure try will shoot for a week or so earlier to try to pull people from the new iPhone.

  87. Reply
    Drtwei says:

    The lower subsidy US carrier offers prevents Galaxy S3 to be launched in the US until months later. The slightly dated phone would cost less and hence would justify the lower subsidy price.
    I don’t think Iphone can only match Galaxy S3’s spec at best.  Apple’s advantage resides in service (Icloud, Apps store, SIRI). However, Samsung is catching up on that front.  At this rate, Samsung will be pulling ahead of Iphone 5 with the Galaxy Note 2, just like Galaxy Note is ahead is ahead of Iphone 4S.

  88. Reply
    Terryjambo says:

    Although I personally hope the iPhone 5 trounces the S3 this article is garbage. The author presents supposed consumer frustration of an unreleased product as absolute fact. This is ludicrous, in reality unless he/she creates an article based upon actual statistical and consumer evidence anything a reviewer writes is subjective conjecture. Here is an example this biased fool of a “reviewer” if they even qualify for the word should follow seeing as the Samsung Galaxy S3 is unreleased: In MY opinion I want the IPhone 5 to have 1.5-2g Ram, a 4.0 inch screen with 330 ppi, 4g LTE and iOS 6.0 which fixes MY iPhone’s horrible battery life (7 hours max). Bias is acceptable within reason but overhyping an unreleased product (iPhone 5) and trashing another (SG S3) simply because you can is reprehensible.

  89. Reply
    fuzzy says:

    How did tegra 3 get into this article, the galaxy note non-us version has a dual core exynos at 1.4 ghz is the author getting confused with the htc one x at&at and international version?

    1. Reply
      Debbie says:

      Thanks for pointing this out. This was a mistake on m part as I certainly did mean the HTC One X. I have corrected the article. Thanks for reading.

  90. Reply
    alan says:

    excuuuuuuse me, but we in the uk have to wait longer for the apple iphone, so what if US have to wait for samsung s3 – what goes around comes around folks!

  91. Reply
    Claudio says:

    Still better than iPhone 4s which has the same frikin’ design as iPhone 4.
    At least Samsung is CHANGING something!

    Kudos to Apple fan boys! 🙂

  92. Reply
    Beartodd says:

    I work at a airport and laugh every time a iPhone with a cracked screen come threw the screening point and geez I laugh a lot. Every1 has a iPhone cause they are sheep and go with flow. The only thing that would impress me would be if the next iPhone had a screen that didn’t break after a 2 foot drop, had flash , oh yeh and let you do something with it that didn’t have apple’s greedy fingers in it…..freedom ? Looks like I’ll go with sg3

  93. Reply
    Guest says:

    Well people….. I’ve got myself an iphone 9000……. Yes, I time travelled into the future and bought one. It’s very small…. In fact it’s so small they implant it into the brain. Trouble is I can’t get a signal… something to do with incompatible technologies. Ho Hum.

    1. Reply
      Gollapudi Praveen says:

      Please confirm whether Apple acquired samsung or  Acquired by samsung ?
      At the time of iPhone 9000

    2. Reply
      lonewolf911 says:

      people here’s a very important issue!

      comparing smartphone techs & specs are naturally important before reaching a final decision on what to buy.. With that said, unfortunately many people tend to oversee the importance of the Specific
      Absorption Rate (SAR) rate/vale. If you care about the health of your children, wife, husband, house pet then when you finally choose which smartphone suits your needs please allow the SAR factor to play a crucial role!
      As far as i know from what i’ve read…
      Samsung Galaxy SIII emits approx. 0.3.. compared to…
      HTC ONE X which emits approx. 0.9..
      IPhone 4S at 0.988 W/Kg
      As you can see Samsung took this issue into serious consideration and designed their smartphones with health in mind., So I agree with their moto “designed for humans”
      and NO I don’t own a samsung nor have I ever..Would like to though…and the SAR factor is one of my major considerations before making my final decison..

  94. Reply
    Gollapudi Praveen says:

    LTE and Quad code can only deliver in Q4 2012, so we can expect iPhone5 at that time only, but chances are there to announce in June.
    iPhone5 screen size will approx same as S2 screen size only(Can expect almost same design), dont expect sleeker/lighter device then S2.

    Coming to S3 design is Ok, hope you may feel comfort and stylish in your hand and pocket.But disappointed with the S voice and other features quality. lack of Perfection in the improvements, there is hell of chances to improve user experience with eye track sensor. all this may consumes some time and Q4 2012, So lets hope samsung deliver updates to this feature and LTE enabled Quad code mobile.

     Q4 2012, ofcourse samsung will definately ahead of iPhone as always( a Hope ).  

  95. Reply
    Andrew says:

    I have been an iPhone users from day one but have recently purchased a Galaxy SII, have managed to replicate most of the apps that I use and at this stage will not be going back to the iPhone, I find the Android OS more flexible, contracts are cheaper

  96.  i reckon its very unlikely that iphone 5 will be quad core. i can imagine it being the sort of thing that apple will say “theres no need for that” about.

    1. yeah apple deciding what consumers need , not what consumers want. No need for a screen bigger than 4inches   , no need for a quad core  , no widgits , no live wallpapers , no multicodec support . Apple : “There’s no need for that” but look how prety it is. Apple deciding everything is “groudbreaking” like Siri , andriod had voice commands long before siri

  97. Reply
    Duckett says:

    who wrote this? a 12 year old apple fanboy? should people really take this opinion piece by someone who doesn’t even show there name as any sort of fact? “many customers felt left down..” like who? 

  98. Reply
    Pelk522 says:

    I am so tired of reading articles regarding which phone is “Best”, It appears most are so biased based towards Apple they are not worth reading, as is this article, drawing false and general conclusions on a phone that has not even reached the market? Yet the author incorrectly presumes disappointment with everyone and as is the case with so many jumps to “Apple” as our tech savior. I am a current I Phone user and “will” but the new Galaxy, I am tired of the control apple has over its customers, They are marketing genius’s and will keep their sheep in line because of it, One last thing how many people who buy a smart phone actually “Really” care about the processor? They want features, bigger screens, and ease of use…..the phone 4s was a disappointment, I don’t feel Apple will blow the SIII away rather they will hope to keep up with it!

  99. Reply
    Wong says:

    Who says the Galaxy S3 is disappointing? Those who are disappointed are disappointed about the fact that their iPhone 4S has be beaten. Yes I think all of us would expect iPhone 5 to outshine the S3 in certain aspects, because by now Apple already knows what the S3 has to offer. It would be embarrassing if iPhone 5 fail to beat the S3 when they know the specs of the S3. The pressure is on Apple now.

    1. Reply
      Fukyu says:

      I’ll never buy a cheaply made phone again. The S3 is cheaply made. No iPhone has ever been cheaply made. The end.

      1. Reply
        JC says:

        That’s just an idiotic statement, the S3 was cheaply made?  I’m sure they spent millions, no iPhone has ever been cheaply made?  What about antennagate?  Crawl back into your fanboy cave.

        1. Reply
          Fulaman says:

          I highly doubt they spent millions, they should have used the Exynos 5250 instead of this crap processor.

          1. fuzzy says:

            i dont think the Exynos 5250 is ready yet it projected for the second quarter and might take longer as its cortex a15 based with a mali 6 serie gpu which is a big step.

        1. Reply
          Trunkz Jr says:

           When i was at the gym, I dropped my Ipod Touch in the toilet (don’t ask.. clean water tho) and everything from touching the screen, sound, wireless all came back on it, I don’t know how but that makes me think they build quality stuff in terms of durability (i’ve dropped it 1000x, no case either).

          I’ve never owned a Cell phone before, I’ve held off this long and I’m seriously considering either this S3 or the Iphone5. I will wait to see what the Iphone5 offers but I really don’t like them as a company and Itunes is a pain with the vsync and other problems I get with it at times. So some people say the S3 is just an upgrade but for someone like myself its seems pretty sweet to me. I’m leaning towards the S3 so far tho.

      2. Reply
        Unistarent says:

        do you like korea product or  do you prefer china made product any of them. but don’t forget iphone 4s is made in china

      3. Reply
        Julessandra says:

        I dont believe your still going on about the iphone! how much do you think apple pay for parts and labour to put there products together? next to nothing thats why there put together at foxconn in Taiwan, cheap parts cheap labour = massive profit!!

      4. Reply
        Cepatsedar says:

        Definitely true! Firstly, Samsung made parts for iphones and saw apple made money selling them. So greedy Samsung Koreans copied and modified this apple iphone idea and make their own phones with cheap materials to maximize profits! Just like korean Hyundai COPIED Japanese Honda (see the almost similar names) in automobile industry. They just copy the Honda car designs and everything and made a few changes a little bit here and there then slapped the Hyundai brand on it.. lol Greedy Koreans wanna make tons of money on borrowed ideas! 🙂

      1. Reply
        fuzzy says:

         yes have done since the first iphone, samsung have a silicon fabrication plant and apple dont. It was really samsung and a company intrinsity who worked on the first apple cpu/gpu then samsung hired them to work on the galaxy s1 cpu/gpu then apple got upset over the competition and bought intrinsity in 2010

  100. Reply
    fuzzy says:

    until apple start making phones with user replaceable batteries i wont consider having one again, at least with my old sgs1 i can pull the battery and put a extended one in if needed which could be a life saver.

    1. Reply
      Bartmcsimpson says:

       replacing the battery in the iphone is dead easy, if you can wire a plug, you can replace an iphone battery

      1. Reply
        fuzzy says:

        thats rubbish, ive done it before and its not easy the batterys right at the back you have to take the screen and motherboard out before you can get to it.

  101. Reply
    ihate apple says:

    i dont care about iphone. there is no comparison with anything android. the s3 looks bad ass to me. i hate apple, mac, i(stupid). altho i did hear that apple was coming out with an ipod for kids… its called “itouch kids” sounds about right for them. right along with the game baby shaker. give me android!

  102. Reply
    Luis Gabriel Gerena says:

    What a masterfully BS article.

    Just mentioning the camera as a disappointment clearly shows he has no idea what he is talking about.Educate yourself about cameras and sensor sizes before making such stupid comments. Small sensors, the more megapixels you cram in , the worst the low light performance is. The Big numbers are only good for marketing.
    Total nonsense from an iphone lover.

  103. Reply
    Stephen Paige says:

    You mean people realise NO Sammuck load of crap will be as good as an iPhone? SHOCK! HORROR! LMAO! OF COURSE they’re not as good! As if they EVER will be! LOL!

      1. Reply
        george says:

         It makes me wonder why iphones have such good resale value if you are using the original battery that is half life after 18 months.

  104. Reply
    fuzzy says:

    “Many of the commenters seem to feel a real sense that Samsung is not bothered about customers in the US” its a bit of BS article, its not really samsungs fault the data LTE network in America is different from the rest of the world. Im in the uk and the ipad 3 4g wont work on our data networks either. but apple are still selling it as such over here at least samsungs making a effort but using LTE compatable cpu/gpus across the pond.

  105. Reply
    Csobansk says:

    F YOU Samsung, you have just officially lost another customer, with no date for release in the U.S. You don’t care about me so I won’t give shits about you. Once again FUQ YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Reply
    Sachie Mabuchi says:

    The beauty of Android is that it’s all about choice. You don’t like the S3, no problems, there is dozen of other high end models like the excellent HTC One X, LG optimus X4, Moto Razer MaXX or the Galaxy Note to choose from.

    With Apple, you end up with one choice. Fit in or F out

  107. Reply
    george says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember a quote from a samsung exec in response to the razr maxx, that their company needed to do better on battery performance and that they planned on future phones having “all day performance”. I doubt this battery qualifies as all day, with the huge screen on this phone. If you can say one thing good, at least it is user replaceable, unlike the One X. I’m still waiting for them to make good on that promise.
    As to the durability issues, don’t most people get a case for their phones? Why worry about the plastic case, when you’re putting a gel or hard case on it? As long as it is thin, then when you get the case on it, it isn’t huge. 

  108. OK people , iphones for people that just want a phone to work and to look nce. Andriod for people that are into cutting edge tech. I would never get my mother the S3 but I would get her the iphone because its easier to use and I was considering that.

  109. Reply
    Julessandra says:

    Why oh why do people keep comparing samsung/htc etc to the iphone? there two completely  different phones running 2 completely different softwares! Surely you should be comparing samsung’s new flagship with the previous model and iphones  newer models with previous ones? I’ve had both android and iOS and they both do a fantastic job so stop bickering and fighting amongst each other like children 😉

  110. Reply
    Bbcccchan says:

    Samsung’s lost me as a customer with it’s sub par “upgrade”.
    I used to be an iphone hater and still am. But this BS samsung has pulled has lost me as a customer.
    I’m also really annoyed with it’s sub par unveiling. That Korean guy could barely present or speak English properly. It’s an international game, NOT a pro self centred publicity stunt.
    btw, I’m Korean also and listening to him speak was painful!!!

  111. Reply
    Bbccchan says:

    Also to add:
    The ONLY thing worthy of the S3 is the replaceable batteries.
    If only HTC’s One X had replaceable batteries, I’d be getting one online RIGHT NOW!!!
    Disappointment Samsung…

  112. Reply
    Kunal says:

    firstly it seems this article is written by an apple fan whose not had a good look at the SIII
    I am an iphone user having used all iphone versions since the 1st one in 2007 to iphone 4 currently. I must say the SIII is the best phone right now beating the iphone4 by a distance. Apple will have to beat SIII with the iphone 5 coming this fall otherwise it will be an embarassment for Apple not that the 4s was any less embarassing. I am holding till iphone5 is released and will buy it if better than SIII else will buy samsung for the 1st time. the ball is in apples court now.

  113. Reply
    Dwall85 says:

    It seems we can’t get away from this idiotic battle of android vs apple people here already said it that they are completely different os ideas well kinda lol but lets look apple aims to a certain user base not so much the end users ie moders and tech junkies but n respects to apple there two or there device launches a year is on par to the 30+ from Android in sales .
    The hardware Samsung has packed alot of cool features in the s3 iPhone 5/6 will as well reminder to who makes lots of the internal parts of the iPhone so weather Samsung will allow apple to out power them is always a money thing but the gs2 in my eyes smokes the iPhone 4 s all day not every aspect but most . But friendly rivalries is good they will both be great powerful phones that millions will enjoy who’s is more powerful remains o be seen ..

    Also design of s3 maybe because apples lawsuits against Sammy in the passed so why deal with more sales loss and physical changes due to lawsuit

    1. Reply
      Andy84 says:

      Does make me laugh how its all about this HUGE rivalry. I have a 4s, my brother has the S2. The things I like about my iPhone, he doesn’t care about, and the things he loves about his S2 I don’t care about. What is this debate all about? Really? Are people really buying a phone to fill a massive void in their lives? At the end of the day, it’s a bloody phone.

      Also, good point on the new shape being influenced by Apple. That’s a good shout.

  114. Nothing about the S3 disappoints me. The camera can do more than many so called “larger” cameras as pixel numbers does not necessarily mean better quality. From what I’ve seen of the screen it’s ideal for me and with the quad core processor being a lot faster and less power hungry than the alternatives the larger screen still results in a battery life greater than the S2, and of course they both come with replaceable batteries.  I’ve always used a protective case on whatever mobile I use as I’m more interested in protection than posing, and with up to 64gb expandable by another 64gb via micro SD this brilliant piece of kit is small enough for me to use for its primary purpose, a phone, and has a large enough screen for me to use as a tablet. Well done Samsung you have my vote. OK Mr Chubb? Did you get that?  😉

  115. Reply
    Ahepburn62 says:

    I’m surprised the S3 has not lived up to the hype. After all Samsung phones are really just copies of Apple innovation. It must lie in the quality of their manufacturing.

    1. Reply
      really??? says:

      How are they copies to be hoist they are the best android phones on the market. And can i just say that Samsung made phones before apple. So how could they even copy? :L

    2. Reply
      Kovaleski says:

      For work I use an iPhone 4s and the S2 as my personal phone and love both, so no real bias here. These phones are not even close to being the same, and once you have one rooted and the other jailbroken you see the full range of different unique things that each phone can do. Unfortunately though, most recent smartphones feel very similar when you are on stock firmware/kernals. Apple made the wheel, but each tire handles the terrain differently.

    3. Reply
      Somebody says:

      To be perfectly honest Kovaleski though a lot of people love iPhone it is a fact that a lot of the Hardware “innovation” is made by Samsung. Even the new iPad screen is made by Samsung. Samsung also displayed a 2500×1600 resolution tablet over a year ago and many people were impressed with it’s “innovation” . Again it’s all about a gradual release, from iPad 1 to iPad 2 – to the new iPad. Same goes for Samsung, each model must slow progress in order to keep sales going. Samsung could have released that resolution tablet before Apple. iPad 1 did not have a camera simply because Apple was aware that iPad 2 could have it and it would be a selling point. If you love IOS so much as many people do the hardware that runs it comes mostly from Samsung and LG made screens for a long time for Apple. LG make’s Retina.  Even IOS “barrow’s” things from different sources. Samsung does not make Android OS, but it DOES makes all of it’s own hardware. We have yet to see the power of Samsung. Android is much younger than Apple, and like it or not it has come leap’s and bounds in a short time. Samsung sold more Phone’s than Apple. At this point is is a reality and always boils down to personal choice. 

    4. Reply
      BG1 says:

      They manufacture most iphone parts… and 9 million+ preorders kind of says its living up to the hype and then some

  116. Reply
    samsung vs apple says:

    they iphone 5 will not beat samsung inthouse features: samsung s3 has quo core in it which apple iphone 5 will not have do to the fact that the ipad 3 has A5x which is dule core not quod core, secound iphone 5 screen is not going to be bigger than the samsung galaxy s 3 for sure couse steve job said before he died that apple dosent see the need for such big screen.

      1. Reply
        jayroe95 says:

        No not really. And even if they did who
        gives a crap. It doesn’t matter who copies who what matters is
        whoever makes the better version and knowing apple the iPhone 5 will
        not be better than the galaxy S3.

      2. Reply
        BG1 says:

        Not at all.. Android may have initially built on a lot of its features from iPhone but if you do your homework you will see that the tables have turned when it comes to a lot of the features that you find now on iOS. I have never seen a car that didnt have 4 wheels and a gas pedal.. Its what’s under the hood that really counts.   

      3. Reply
        Ace says:

        Lol mate…. Go research where the first iPhone ideas came from. Stop being a typical fanboy and keep your panties on!!!!!

        1. Reply
          Syed says:

          Also note that most of the components of iPhone are sourced from Samsung, Yes Samsung is the OEM vendor for Apple, HP and Dell

  117. Reply
    somebody says:

    The main thing to look at here is rumors. The galaxy s3 seems to be a great phone, no it did not 
    Surface with a ceramic case (for NFC to work it needs to be plastic) it did not have 2GB of ram
     as we “were told” but the thing to remember is NO ONE from Samsung confirmed this. Rumors need to be taken with a grain of salt. To firmly believe that the new iPhone WILL have liquid metal, external storage, a removable battery, OLED. a larger screen is just speculation. I’m sure people will love or hate the new iPhone  .… But it maybe a disappointment as well if you’re expecting rumors to be true. For instance there are several articles from the makers of liquid metal that have stated it has only been used to make a sim card tool, and that it will not be ready nor tested for the full iPhone case and it would be very expensive. Furthermore they also stated they would not be able to meet the demand. So we could look at previous trends with Apple (though its possible they could change) but really NO apple device to date has a removable battery, SD support,OLED. As already mentioned the new iPad has the A5X processor.… It would seem unlikely (though possible) the new iPhone will have a better processor than the apple iPad. Also what we may think of as a “slight upgrade” in a device is largely our doing on expecting leaps and bounds from new devices. Phones now are at quad core.… The leap happened very fast, we went from 1GHZ single core to dual core and now quad core in the run of a few years. At this point we have hit a wall in some hardware departments as the next-gen phones really can’t offer much more than a quad core phone in the near future .… What would Apple or Samsung have to offer say a year from now if they pulled all of there rabbits out of there hats at once ? We have to remember if we get it ALL NOW .…(pen-tile screen as opposed to RGB) what could they possibly give us in a years time. The iPhone 4s in some ways was a “slight ” upgrade review’s were mixed but plenty bought it. I feel the S 3 is a great phone – Samsung could have given it all to us at once .… RIGHT NOW .… So could Apple but It just can’t work that way. Phones are meant to be beaten .… Even by their own makers we would not buy them if they were not. We may never own the BEST Samsung or iPhone as the next model is simply made to be better than the last. 

  118. Reply
    Matthew Murawski says:

    The specs are all there. But Samsung ruined the UI and the design looks horrible. It’s a cheap plastic and it’s rounded corners and half a home button are not attractive. They should’ve stuck with a more boxy display (like with the Epic 4G Touch), and put Touchwiz 5.3 on there. I love the Galaxy Note, and even though it lacks some features this has, I think that the Note is a much better phone.

    1. Reply
      BG1 says:

      If you are worried about Touchwiz you definitely aren’t taking advantage of all that Android has to offer. I mean if you change the launcher it really only comes down to hardware when comparing Android phones. The outside design looks pretty slick.. I don’t understand what people don’t like about it.  

    2. Reply
      Ahsan10 says:

      I have used the phone and the plastic is not a cheap feel on this phone…. Stop making assumptions because you read a few bad reviews….. The phone is awesome!!!!

  119. Reply
    Davecrystalmagik says:

    Was this article written by an iphone fan? It’s going to be the S3 for me, I prefer the larger screens which Apple tend not to use, also I would much rather use and Android phone. 
    How can anyone say the S3 isn’t as good as expected, I was going to buy a Galaxy Note till I saw what the scecs were for the S3, now I can’t wait to get my hands on this great new phone. I have been using a Dell Streak for 2 years and was worried that I may not be able to get another phone with a decent sized screen, then the day was saved by Samsung with these offerings. Well done Sammy.

  120. Reply
    Rrc001 says:

    Your clearly an Apple Fanboy!! Samsung Galxy SIII is incredible and I can’t wait to get my hands on one not to mention 10+ million others who have placed on pre-order!

  121. Reply
    Steve23468 says:

    what and the iphone 5 with a half an inch better screen and a couple new features is not going to be a diapiontment to millions i think it will be ans s3 will blow it away

  122. I have a Lumia 800. My third SmartPhone. Glad I dont need a Screen Protector anymore. The rubber protection for a phone normally looks bad. But the engineers of Nokia let it make part of the Phone. So what can I say. Yes I am a tech-boy. But also a great Nokia fan. The phone quality is super. So this phone will last some time, unless the N8 camera is build in a Nokia. I make pictures now 🙂 want better quality, so let Windows 8 come 🙂

    1. Reply
      Gaddiel_me says:

       hey i say love your nokia phones alright but dont you talk about functionality when it comes to the s3. lemme just ask you which nokia phone currently can you compare to the s3 now in the area of functionality? i own the nokia N9 and have also toyed around with the lumia 800, though both of them are capable phones i know that even you wont brand them the most functional phones you can get. all im saying is that the fact that you are a nokia fun doesnt mean nokia phones are more functional than the samsung galaxy series.

    2. Reply
      Lionel says:

      “same lack of functionality”
      I’m sorry, but people who say that about android, don’t know a lot about tech and therefore can’t comment how functional a product it. I’ve own lumia, symbian and also android devices and i can say that android is far superior in terms of functionality. In fact  the other companies should learn from android (apple).

  123. Reply
    Frankdelara says:

    it is nothing more than an incremental upgrade??????? I own a Iphone 4S right now and could not be more disappointed!!. What do call the upgrade from iphone 4 to 4S then????????

  124. Reply
    Gnasher1001 says:

    I’m upgrading from an iPhone 4 to the S3 and although the design is not revolutionary, it looks nice. The specs have been proved to be the fastest phone out there for a heavy user like me with various benchmarks posted elsewhere showing it is a beast of a phone. As for the iPhone (wouldn’t the next one be #6, not #5?), unless they do something that literally changes the way people use mobiles, like the project glass of google’s, then it will be simply a faster processor, slightly better screen and a design change…whoop dee do. If anyone bases their phone purchase on the design of the phone, then yes, go for iPhone, but the S3 IS a great phone. The S3 has it’s niche, it just so happens to be the biggest niche out there. I say all this as someone who likes apple products.

  125. Reply
    Bill says:

    The iPhone5 is a rumour, as it was last October. That time, what any Android fan would consider a mere software upgrade was repackaged by Apple as a “new” phone. To add insult to injury, it wasn’t even called the iPhone 5 even though, as now, all the iSheep had been brainwashed into thinking it so. Neither was the latest iPad called the iPad 3. So, even though Apple openly laughs at its retarded users they still buy anything they put out with an “i” in front of its name. Well, enjoy your iPhone4T, just smile and grit your teeth pretending not tobe disappointed like the time you first saw the iPhone4S, you can bet your masters in Cupertino are certainly enjoying pulling your strings.

    1. Reply
      Adrean says:

      i’m a happy android user. I also happily use apple products. They both have strengths and weaknesses. You need to get a life and stop defining your personal identity through the electronic toys you use. iSheep? Grow up….

  126. Reply
    Poop says:

    I switched to android last year with the Gnexus and I love it more than any iPhone I’ve had. The only way I’m not getting the s3 is if the US version gets the 4 buttons on the bottom. I love the fact of no iTunes. Also I need to be able to root the s3

  127. Reply
    Banks says:

     I have been trying to wait patiently for the S3. I have had my Samsung SEEK for two years now. About a month ago someone told me the S3 would be available June 1st and that I should wait until then but from the way things are going that looks a bit farfetched now. I’m not a phone tech or anything. I just really wanted a new phone. I’m also under sprint. My Seek has already started to fade on me. I cant text on the phone anymore or answer the phone because the touch screen calibration is shot. I need a new phone quick. I was thinking of getting the galaxy Nexus because I like the design and I have read what the phone has to offer and it seems like a great phone. I really want the S3 but I dont think my Seek will last until the release. I keep hearing June 20th but that would be way too late. Do you guys think I should hold out with my seek until the release date of the S3 whenever that is or just get the G Nexus now?

  128. Reply
    Albert_Store says:

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  129. Reply
    Email says:

    This article is BS, The S3 is by far the best phone available on the market, to compare it to a phone which is rumoured to be released is just silly.  Get a grip.

  130. Reply
    Ahmed Ahmed says:

    Oh how funny and sad these phone wars have been at times. It reminds me of religious groupies who fight about which religion is best. We live in a capitalist world with many choices of products. Choose the one that suits YOU. Don’t try to force your opinion down the throats of others. Why does it anger some people that consumers follow an “iProduct”? Does it effect you if you are an Android user? If you truly love your Android device, just stick with your phone and stop worrying about what others buy. The same goes for Apple fanboys.

  131. Reply
    Malachi9 says:

    phones can only be different for so long. eventually everything is going to end up being the same. 

    So to everyone out there that fights and argues over whats better, JUST CHOOSE WHATS RIGHT FOR YOU. 

    1. Reply
      charlie says:

      Agree. it all boils down to what you need or plan to do with your phone. if u use it to read ebooks with pictures, a bigger screen would be warranted. if you use it for facebook and want to be able to view flash-based videos in facebook, then you will not be happy with apple as the iphone cannot play flash based videos or flash-based games. if you want sturdier build, i believe iphone is a bit sturdier. with the 4.0.4 update, the s3 is as fluid as iphone. Lastly, if you r into medical apps, iphone has more of them than android market.

  132. Reply
    Pinetart says:

    Agreed. I have had both the Galaxy S & Galaxy S2, and I have to say that I was prepared to move onto the S3 until I saw the design. The finish on the S2 that I have right now was a much better design than this S3.  If it had even maintained the same design of the slightly ergonomic matt backing, I would have gone for the new upgrade, but it seems to me it has taken a step behind.  The glossy back is cheap and redundant from a practical point of view.  I am shopping around other brands for the first time in years….

    1. Reply
      What do you know? says:

      cheap? It not cheap, and made to be strong. Iphone sucks , a friend had it for years but if you let it drop its broken. Samsung s3 is the best smartphone on the market , also qua performance and speed.

      1. Reply
        Jbyersak1015 says:

        This is really a matter of opinion. I have always had iPhones since the first one. I have dropped it and it did not break. I am a huge supporter of apple products. But I do agree that as of right now the S3 is the best phone out. However that is subject to change depending on the iPhone 5, or even whatever the next Android is. The fact of the matter is that no matter what phone you get, it is outdated in a MAXIMUM of 6 months. If you like Android, you like Android. If you like iPhone, you like iPhone. It is to the point that no phone, to quote you, “sucks”. It’s just a matter of what phone fits you and your lifestyle better. The new Android phones are amazing. I am still toying with the idea of getting one. But that will only be in Apple does not deliver on the next iPhone, which with such stiff competition as the HTC on X and the Galaxy S3, there is no reason they will not make the imporvements needed to, in fact, blow away the S3.

        1. Reply
          andy b says:

          All of these phones are prone to break…let’s be honest. There’s a reason why everyone buys cases for these things, and the insurance deals have gotten so bad.

          If you want a tough phone, get a Razr or Razr Maxx. They have kevlar backings. But even their screens will break.

    2. Reply
      andy b says:

      My wife has an S2. I have an S3. And the differences are minimal beyond the finish. Some like matte…some think matte looks more plastic-y. My wife likes my S3 better.

      Regardless, once you have a case for it, you’ll never see the finish anyway.

  133. Reading this article makes me laugh.
    I have the SGS3 in my hands, and I can tell you it is by far the best phone I have ever held in my hands.
    I gave 3 people who have been using iPhones all their lives, and they were shocked at the speed, the screen, and the weight of the phone.

    So yeah of course, if you want to follow the crowd as usual, go get yourself another iFail5.
    If you want something that is literally the best phone in the market, get the S3.
    Oh and I almost forgot, do i rate a phone based on S-voice, or on its capabilities of an overall phone?

    If all Apple has got is “siri” which by the way doesn’t work so miraculously (see youtube videos), then I’m fine with me having the better phone minus the gimmick of a software they call “siri” and/or “S-voice” – so much so that I have actually un-installed S-voice from system/app on the S3 -> yeah it is THAT USELESS to have me talking to a phone when I can open a browser and do it myself – it is a QUAD CORE for a reason -> USE IT.

    And for you USA users:I have a S3, and I feel bad for you son, I have a quad core and a S3 in one.

    1. Reply
      Hristo Gochkov says:

      Samsung sucks at developing software TD 😉 most of the code that they put to replace AOSP functionality (SMS/MMS, Phone, Contacts, Mail … etc) sucks! It’s slow, it’s ugly and it does not work right 😉 You should know better as you have been around the Android ROM dev community for a while 😉 There is nothing to fix in those CRITICAL apps in iOS! phone works, contacts work, so on works… all of that fast and clean… there is always something that needs fixing on the Samsung side (even on the AOSP side)
      not to even mention the ugly icons that they use in S3…. UGLY
      S3 battery life = mediocre!

      1. Hey man!

        Well – the battery does not suck IMO, see Dejan even has 3d battery life 😉 – well at least vs the S1 and iPhone 4/4s, the S3, being a quad core actually beats them both – which surprises me.
        In terms of software implementation – I can see where you are coming from, but wouldn’t you agree that the S3 is the best (software wise only) samsung phone  that has been released to date – I mean compare it to the laggy S1 out-the-box software.

        Of course the iOS systems will be “rock solid” but that said, how many devices is iOS made for, and how many devices is android or even ICS made for?
        There lies your answer. That’s why on an android phone, one will never get a PERFECT combo. There will always be a little hiccup somewhere, but that said, for me, even on STOCK ROM, I haven’t felt the need to flash a custom rom -> I did however go ahead and flash Omega ROM, and have realised, that the battery & tweaks have affected (for better) my S3. Yet again, I feel happy having a custom rom on an android device.

        So, out-the-box the S3 is much better device than any android phone I’ve heard of or had, but with some additional tweaks it becomes unbeatable, at least for the time being. 
        What makes me laugh in this article Hristo, is the fact that the “reviewer” or the “blogger” has no idea what is in the iPhone5, and even if he or she did, hasn’t even had the chance to yet compare the two together. In other words, take what this person says with a grain of salt 😉

        That said neither have I, been able to compare the two, but my perspective comes to several things:-Removable Battery
        -Screen size 4,8″
        -EXT SD

        I can almost guarantee you that Apple won’t address those 4 points above, let alone others.

        1. Reply
          onlyiknow says:

          I think you both are overlooking the HTC one x which I believe to be the best phone on the market right now! It feels much nicer then the S3 and both the s3 and the one x have t nice large screens unlike the iphone.

          1. onlyiknow says:

            Also I forgot to mention how much slicker sense 4.0 is then touchwiz and the one x  is packing the best cpu out of them all.

          2. well The HTC one X has a beautiful screen, and by the “looks” of it, it is undoubtedly the best SCREEN in the market.

            But then take into consideration EXT SD, battery, battery LIFE (Which MANY have moved from OneX to S3 have noted, substantial differences) – I feel the overall better phone is the S3 over the One X – that said, each to their own.

            I agree on Sense being more intuitive, but I’ve grown accustom to TW.

          3. andy b says:

            I’m NOT a fan of the One X design. Looks too industrial IMO.

            BTW, TotallydubbedHD, you mention the quad core vs. the dual core S3. They really aren’t far off in terms of performance or battery life. What’s strange is that one US carrier, T-Mobile, COULD have used the quad core, since they do not use LTE…but they don’t.

  134. Reply
    The Void says:

    “However it seems that
    many of you had been expecting more and particularly felt disappointed with the design of the new Galaxy S handset.”


    More? What “more” were
    people expecting? Care to share this information with us? No didn’t think! Let
    me guess… people were expecting some million core monster phone right? Get a
    grip on reality would you… your lack of knowledge and substance disappoints me!!!


    Agreed, the design of the
    Galaxy S3 could have been a million times better (and no I don’t like it to be
    perfectly truthful). Having said that though I don’t like the design of the
    iPhone either, because it feels cheap to hold… people who own an iPhone 4
    (unless a fanboy or someone missing the nerve endings in their fingers) will
    know what I’m talking about. The build quality of my old Google Nexus One kicks
    the living crap out of ALL phones currently made by any company around the
    world. Anyone want to TRY and prove me wrong? Google it if I’ve hurt your
    feelings 😉


    Also, this review is
    trying to compare a current smartphone to one that hasn’t even made it to the prototype
    stage. So this review in any context is completely invalid!!! Also, I’m sure
    Apple wouldn’t be too happy about a reviewer from some random website trying to
    let people guess that the iPhone 5 will be better than the SGS3. I can tell you
    now, Apple will be most disgusted if people expected more from a product then technology
    as an industry is actually able to provide.


    Why don’t you try writing
    this again when  1) The iPhone 5 is
    actually released  2) After you’ve don’t a
    survey to see if people are “disappointed” with the “design” or anything else
    of the new flagship iPhone.


    Its reviews like this that
    provides people with inaccurate knowledge!!! Please reframe from writing any further
    reviews, and let someone who is capable of providing a level headed opinion
    write them for you. The only person, who should be allowed write reviews like
    this, is someone who hates both the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy series.


    Anyway, I’m sure there are
    million people about to queue up to put their opinions forward about what I’ve
    just written… *cough* iPhone rats *cough* awwwww look that one really got to
    them… bless…

  135. Reply
    ringsgeek says:

    I tried the Samsung galaxy S3, and was pretty adamant that it was going to be the king, and completely blow the iPhone out of the water. Boy was I wrong. It’s got a sleek look and huge screen and some great features, but that’s about it. So I’m turning around and selling it on eBay. There is absolutely NOTHING that comes close to the fluidity, ease-of-use, and incredibly reliable functionality of the iPhone. Back to my 4S and can’t wait for the 5!

    1. lol isheep trying to act like you owned both phones and have rights to judge. let me tell you what, i owned both 4s and s3 too , i woulnt even want to look at that tiny 3.5 and gave it to my wife

      1. Reply
        ringsgeek says:

        Nice insinuation that I’m lying.  Your sense of self-worth, based on your phone, is pathetic.  Grow up.  I obviously had an S3 and liked it, but in my OWN opinion, it just doesn’t compare to the fluidity of the phone.  Your overdefensiveness of a piece of technology is pretty pathetic.  Period.  End of discussion.  Reply to this if you’re a moron.

          1. ringsgeek says:

            Haha, I knew you’d respond!  Moron!  Nice try posting in a “guest” account.  :-)  Reply to this if you’re a moron.

          2. Emily Zheng0 says:

            well at least GUEST is better than rignsgeek, from taht name i can tell, even though there’s a GEEK in the anme, u know NOTHING about tecnology. think ur the only one that can do reply is ur a moron thing? well ur wrong. reply to this if u r a super big blee blob.

    2. Reply
      andy b says:

      Wow…your BS is more transparent than thin air.

      First of all, you say the S3 is sleek, has a great screen, and great features…but you don’t like it?

      The iPhone is more “fluid”? What? This right here is how I know you haven’t used both. Both the dual-processor US version of the S3, and the the quad-core the rest of the world got, have a smoother UI than the iPhone 4S.

      Take your stupid astroturf elsewhere. Is Apple PAYING you drones to spread this nonsense?

      The S3 is the BEST phone on the market right now. Hands down. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Period. End of discussion.

      Will the iPhone 5 be better? I freaking would HOPE so, given how much later it will be coming out. That takes nothing away from the S3.

      You Apple fanboys are just trying to make yourselves feel better.

      1. Reply
        ringsgeek says:

        And your sense of self-worth, based on your phone, is pathetic.  Grow up.  I obviously had an S3 and liked it, but in my OWN opinion, it just doesn’t compare to the fluidity of the phone.  Your overdefensiveness of a piece of technology is pretty pathetic.  Period.  End of discussion.  Reply to this if you’re a moron.

        1. Reply
          Emily Zheng0 says:

          I personally resepct both ur opinions but i agree with andy b, u offended s3 lovers and s3 does have a bigger screen and IS better than iphone 4s. and yes, i replied to this but the only moron i c here is the person who said”reply to this if ur a moron”, think people won’t reply just beacause u said that? well if that’s the case i’m the “moron” ur talking about.

    3. Reply
      Lor says:

       huh.  no lte.  twice as expensive over the lifetime of the mobile phone and it breaks very easily.  why an iphone.

  136. Reply
    Mrizzo1965 says:

    I cannot believe Samsung doing what it did, i have a samsung  sII and i was so excited about getting the S3,I GOT IT IT SUCKS…………………………………..

  137. Reply
    Millersnmeva says:

    I just got my S3 switched from a iphone 4S and I love it… it’s a way better phone then the 4S hands down.  If Apple wants to ever get me  back they will need alot bigger then a 4″ screen. 

  138. Reply
    Decryptedflow says:

    hey guess what all the iphone’s have been? the same damn phone with a few minor tweaks in them. the galaxy s3 will be better than the iphone 5 hands down, iphone 5 will only have the newest feature of a slightly bigger screen.

  139. I recently switched from 5 years with iPhone to my Galaxy S3 – with a few hours of tweaks I was up and running (iTunes music and all). Best features: large screen, LTE network.

    A little disappointed at the lack of apps – AppStore is still better. But if given a new 4S or the GS3, I’d take the GS3 in a heart beat.

    Pros: Great camera, FAST!, animated backgrounds, Google Navigation

    iOS6 made me do it. Losing Google Maps was a big one for me, also the fact that the interface is not getting an update. I REALLY believe Apple is now BEHIND the marketplace in terms of their product offering. iPhone 5 is the biggest deal for their company since the original – they need a game changer.

  140. Reply
    charlie says:

     i like both phones iphone 4s and GS3. Really guys, it depends on how you are going to use your phone: Iphone 4s if you want stable software with less compatibility and sync problems, if you are in the medical profession using medical ebooks (android just does not have more med books than apple store, if you want a phone with metal components for its body. Go S3 if you read ebooks with pics due to bigger screen, if you are fond of viewing flash-based videos on facebook, if you want to be able to blutooth transfer files from any smartphone, if you want to be able to replace or buy new battery anytime your old one conks out, if you watch a lot of movies stored on different microsd cards.

  141. Reply
    Spycepenny says:

    WOW. I currently own the iPhone 4S and have been eagerly awaiting the next “new” iPhone. Then wait, wait, wait, wait…..So finally out comes the Galaxy S3 and I’m thinking “yea” maybe I’ll give this a try. Been reading lots of reviews online and this is the latest review I’ve read, and honestly I think this will be the last. Hasn’t been looking good for Galaxy the more I read, after your review I am going to wait it out for the newer iPhone; IF it is 4G. Honestly, if Apple does not come out with a lot of the “hype” being speculated about the “new” iPhone 5 I will not be upgrading to that either. I would be disappointed if they don’t come out with a bigger screen, but if there is NO 4G on the newest iPhone I’m not buying one! It’s promises, promises for ALL the smartphone makers and a lot of what is promised never sees the light of day on their “newest version”. I eagerly awaited the Droid Bionic and all it’s hype, finally got my hands on one and was sadly disappointed, it didn’t have a lot of things they had promised.

    Cellphone Companies:  Start giving us what you promised, not what you think we will settle for!

    1. Reply
      commonsense :) says:

      you do realize that this was written around 2 months ago when the samsung galaxy s3 wasn’t even out. they didn’t know more than half of the specs and features on the phone. obviously you have been reading all the wrong articles because the majority of the ones i have read have said positive things about the galaxy s3 and how it’s going to be hard for apple to beat them. yes, there have been several articles that have bashed the galaxy s3 but still said it is the best phone on the market currently. it is a good idea to wait for the iphone 5, i’m going to do the same, but that doesnt mean the galaxy s3 isnt a worthy competitor! chances are it is still going to be better than the iphone 5 even though it came out in late june whereas the iphone 5 is most likely coming out late september-early october which is around 4 months!

  142. Reply
    Lawful123 says:

    The galaxy s3 has this new feature. You can actually put an SD card in it. That is right, you can upgrade how much capacity the thing has.  Being an iphone user all my life I did not know that other phones existed that could do that. I’m sure apple will include this in their new phone and market the feature as if they invented the feature. I sure it will also include widgets. And I’m sure itunes will let you download a song that does not have restricting DRM attached to it (amazon does not do this).

    1. Reply
      Gary says:

      Lol im not sure if this is sarcasm, we could put SD cards into phones even before the first iphone was created. Apple are just so closed minded and ensure they make as much money as possible by keeping everything apple branded (for example not using universal charger like everybody else.)

  143. Reply
    Guest says:

    I always though the iPhone was the best, but after the disappointment of the 4S I started researching Android phones. Now I’m starting to second guess always blindly following Apple. It’s amazing how limited you are with an iPhone. I understand that’s OK with some people, but not me. Even worse is how much it costs to replace the battery; and every extra 16gb costs $100? How do they get away with that when a 32gb MicroSD card costs like $14? I’m still an iPhone user, but unless the iPhone 5 really does “shame the Galaxy S3,” I’ll probably be moving to Android…

    1. Reply
      Sidd says:

      Oh, it got cracked just like that, huh? My 5 year old kid could probably make it sound more convincing.

  144. Reply
    Daver69 says:

    had the s2 for 12 months. Now just upgraded to S3. It is a much nicer experience. Love it. I hope the iPhone5 is better. Consumers will win 🙂

  145. Reply
    TerryD says:

    I must admit to being disappointed with the new S3, not because its not a good phone maybe the best on the market right now but because I don’t think it that much better than the S2, I had the iPhone 4 before this phone and was happy with that but when the 4S came out and the upgrade cost of £100 there was no way I was going to pay that for a phone that looked almost identical to what I had, so I switched over to the S2 and it is a very good phone most of the time, the kies however is not good at all backups and sync don’t work very well and you have to wait ages for updates, that said the S2 and S3 are very fast phones and I can see the speed difference compared to my old iPhone 4 and the S3 is even faster but speed alone is not the b and end all, what I want is a phone that works reliabley both the handset and the sync software I don’t use may apps so being wall gardened on the iPhone dosnt bother me, I will be looking at the iPhone 5 to see what it has to offer when it comes out then make a judgment about if I should switch again, what I do know is that I won’t be loyal to either companies both have good and bad points.

  146. What the!!??  Damn if I didn’t know any better I would of sworn that Steve Jobs wrote this article himself!  I felt like I was reading an ad from a car salesman trying to tell me why his version is better than the other.  I have own the S3 for two weeks and it is easily the BEST phone I have owned (US version)  The iphone have never been much different from the prior versions but i don’t recall you guys really pointing that out.  Wow..just wow.  Anyone interested in this phone, please head over to the XDA forums, or read non-bias reviews for better info.

  147. Reply
    IRIE4IPIER says:

    Is this person serious? We already know what the new iphone is gonna be, look at iOS6 beta, its the same. Nothing changed. The phone may have a bigger screen but that’s it. And after steve jobs said Apple will never release a big screened iphone. With that in mind, how can you compare iOS6 to Android 4.1.1 Jellybean? It ain’t even close. Especially on the Galaxy S3. I’ve had this phone for 4 days and haven’t put it down. IT’S UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME. If you are on the fence as to buy the Galaxy S3, GET IT!! This is the first Android phone you do not need to Root/Jailbreak, Samsung got it right with this one. Ignore this writer. He’s obviously a bias apple user and Android/Google hater.

  148. Reply
    ExcludedYeti says:

    Idiotic Apple fanboy writing a thick-headed, god-awful review. Journalism at its very worst. Welcome to the internet.

  149. Reply
    Sidd says:

    I had booked the S3 before it was launched and have been using it for a little over a month and I must say, I am pretty damn impressed. It’s a wonderful phone and the iSheep would as usual would blindly follow where no brains have ever been. This is a stupid, ignorant article written by a bad loser (read ‘Apple fanboy’). 

    Before I bought it, I was worried about the ‘flimsy plasticky feel’ of the S3 that everyone had been harping about (even b4 the S3 was in the stores). But, I still went ahead and ordered it, because I was overwhelmed with the features advertised. Once I received my S3, I must say it doesn’t have any of that plasticky feel at all. It really looked good and had a premium feel about it. You need to have a look at it to really feel its good looks.

  150. Reply
    Anand Prakash says:

    I have used iphone 4, NOKIA E series and now bought a Samsung GALAXY S-III. Galaxy S-III is far far superior to all others. A very fast, responsive and feature rich smart phone with a large screen hardly needs any more praises for itself.

  151. Reply
    XzVs says:

    The writer of this article ate his words because the Galaxy S3 ended up delivering above and beyond, I love reading and laughing at old news tech articles lol

  152. Reply
    Deepak Bhandari says:

    Don’t use Samsung phones. I purchased Samsung galaxy s2. Now its Stuck at flight mode and after showing at service center they are charging from me 9000 more to solve this problem big thing is my phone still in under warranty and they want to charge from me.

    Deepak Bhandari

  153. Reply
    TheAndroidFan says:

    This guy is an idiot! What a piece of trash article! All BS! The Galaxy S3 has been a major success you jerk…it is currently the most powerful smartphone on the planet.

    The iPhone 5 will be the biggest let down in the companies history. Since Steve Jobs passed, Apple has failed to innovate anymore and just repeats and recycles old ideas.And as for the “features” of the iPhone 5:

    iPhone: 4 Inch screen …. S3: trumps it with a 4.9 inch HD screen.
    iPhone: NFC …. S3: Already has it.iPhone: Better Camera …. S3: Megapixels are irrelevant in mobile devices. 8 megapixel camera can be blow up a HD image the size of a car…overkill.iPhone: LTE …. S3: US version has it already.iPhone: ‘New’ Design…looks the same as 4S … which looks the same as the iPhone 4…iPhone: 4 Inch screen …. S3: trumps it with a 4.9 inch HD screen.
    And now lets see what the S3 does, and iPhone cannot…
    + Removable battery that can be interchanged+ Upgradable memory with micro SD up to 64GB+ HD screen resolution+ Apps are free+ Fully customisable live papers, home screen widgets, ringtones, etc+ Quad Core processors+ 1-2GB of RAM
    and the list goes on.
    Don’t be sheep ilke this d**khead writer who laps up whatever turd apple pushes out and slaps a logo on.
    I bought a S3 two days ago and i LOVE it, i forgot how much i missed out on and how many features are missing from iPhone, now that i have switched to the dark side haha 🙂 But honestly, go into a store, pick one up and play with it. The speed alone will make your jaw drop
    I hope your reading this Mark Chubb you dropkick… get a life, get the facts, and stop trolling and writing absolute dribble for us to read.
    Good day.

  154. Reply
    ddeath says:

    Yeah, definitely eating his words now. I’m surrounded by so many S3 in Singapore and I can only say wow. At least I see less of people squinting at the 3.5″ screens on their iphones.

  155. Reply
    mike says:

    This article is truly pathetic, I dont even own an android nor have i ever. Ive been a die hard iphone user. Ive used an SIII and it puts the iphone to shame and im sure it will still put the new iphone 5 to shame as well. Personally im buying the Note 2 when it comes available. Its a phenomenal device and is even better i think personally the SIII which is already and amazing device. Im getting rid of my boring iphone and the same UI that they have for years and getting a much more capable and interesting phone.

  156. Reply
    CONFUSED says:

    I am a non teck savy guy up for an upgrade. I have a Blackberry Torch at the moment. I have been told to wait for the IPhone 5 but can get the Samsung Galaxy s3 now. I am very kee to get the Samsung, but this and other similar articles are holding me back. Please give some real helpful advice those that know the answer. Thank You!

  157. Reply
    kahsimana says:

    Fanboy you have no idea.I love my 4s but I love my S3 even more. Don’t think 5 will make any different. Too bad after the one sided verdict I’m not buying Apple anymore.

  158. Reply
    safsdf@aol.com says:

    Go Samsung. Without Steve Jobs, Apple will go done. It was Steve Jobs who brought back Apple from the bring of disaster. After reading iPhone 5 specs, there is basically no difference between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s. If you are deciding between a Samsung or an Apple phone, pick Samsung. Android rocks.

  159. Reply
    Paul says:


  160. Reply
    jerry says:

    I have to say I have been a iPhone user for years I didn’t want to wait to order the iPhone5 so I decided to try the s3. I love the android operating system in my opinion it’s by far better than the same old iOS everything about android OS is better to me. That being said. Im returning to the iphone and going to get the iphone5. Why you may ask? Display. I can not stand the display of the s3.iphone display is smooth. On s3 i can see the pixel grids everywhere on the keyboard in icons and mainly in with backgrounds/lettering it reminds me of the old computer displays. Dont get me wrong its a clear display but cant stand the grids even if they are small (really shows in netflix and other tv apps) the sad thing is my Iphone4 display is clearer and smooth. It doesnt so those dang pixel grids. For now back to iphone. If the displays get to the clear smooth finish apple has i will be back android

  161. Reply
    Naveen500 says:

    AHAHAHAH This article is a joke now that the iPhone 5 has been released and it was a major dissappointment, and the Galaxy SIII is outselling it! HAHAHAHAAHH!!!!

  162. Reply
    JohnM says:

    My staff had a choice of phones to choose from when the contract was up for renewal. 6 went with iPhone 5 and 8 with Galaxy S3. 1 month later, only 1 iPhone user is left – the other 5 swapped over to the S3 upon comparing the two phones. I think that about says it all.

  163. Reply
    JohnDoeJersey says:

    6 months went by, the Galaxy SIII is out and so is the Iphone 5. The SIII is owning the poor Iphone 5 in every category. It’s cheaper, comes with a bigger screen and higher resolution, more inboard storage memory (and extendable). The Processor is way faster and has more cores. It features Flash compatibility and Word Warp for internet browsing. It has twice the battery life and better energy consumption. And is packing HDMI output and both DLNA and NFC. And it can withstand submersion in water and even washing machine cycle… enough said.

  164. Reply
    five1shorty says:

    I know this is a really old post but I have had both the samsung s3 and the iphone 5 and I have to say I like both phones but samsung s3 wins hands down. It has better features then the stupid iphone 5. I am actually taking my iphone 5 to get the s3 again. I mean the iphone 5 is good as well but i mainly got it for my itunes. Huge mistake. Its going back for either samsung s3 or s4

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