BlackBerry 10 Jam Road Show locations

Although both BlackBerry World 2012 and BlackBerry 10 Jam events are now over, if you are a BlackBerry developer that couldn’t make it to those events then perhaps you just might be able to make the BlackBerry 10 Jam tour, because Research In Motion has stated they will take BlackBerry 10 Jam on the road to reach more developers.

Thus for those that might be interested in checking out the BlackBerry 10 Jam tour, the guys over at Crackberry by way of the BlackBerry Developer Blog, have got hold of the locations for the road show, so we thought we’d pass them along to our readers just in case you are interested in attending.

So here are the BlackBerry 10 Jam road show locations…in North America in June…Austin Texas, New York City New York, Toronto Ontario, Montreal Quebec and Atlanta Georgia….in EMEA… in May…Barcelona in Spain, and Milan in Italy…in June…London UK, Paris France, Berlin Germany, and Moscow Russia…and in July, Warsaw Poland.

Then in Asia Pacific in July…Delhi and Bangalore India, Beijing in China, Jakarta in Indonesia, Singapore in Singapore, and Sydney in Australia.

As for Latin America the road show will take place in August in Mexico City Mexico and Buenos Aires in Argentina. However actual dates and locations will be confirmed by Research In Motion over the coming weeks along with the necessary registeration info.

The BlackBerry 10 Jam road show will deliver an insight into such things as new things you can do with the BlackBerry 10 development platform, one-on-one expert guidance so you can build better applications, and collaberate with the community, to learn, share and network with peers.

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