Color for Facebook new wave of streaming via apps

Color for Facebook hasn’t done all that well apparently; however the word is Color has struck a deal that just might increase the uptake of the Color for Facebook audio and video streaming apps on both iOS and Android, as apparently Color has now partnered with Verizon Wireless.

According to the guys over at Tech Crunch, Color and Verizon will enter a joint venture to bring the Color for Facebook live streaming application to all Verizon 4G LTE enabled smartphones including the iPhone and all compatible Android handsets.

Apparently the deal is for a tree-year period and audio streaming will be exclusive to the Big Red’s range of 4G LTE enabled handsets, whilst video frame rate has been doubled for better quality streams, and the majority of Verizon’s upcoming Android 4G handsets will have the Color for Facebook app pre-installed.

Word is that Color is also in negotiating with ShareWith911.com, with a view to integrate certain Color APIs to aid first responders.

Apparently Verizon iPhone users have the option to update or download the Colour app from iTunes as of right now, and the Android version of the application can be grabbed from Google Play of course.

The CEO and co-founder of Color, Bill Nyuyen has said that video will be live streamed in HD in the future, you wont have to record videos any more and their partnership with Verizon will help them get there faster.

So there you have it all Big Red 4G LTE enabled devices will soon have the Color app delivering live video and audio streaming, are you using the Color for Facebook app on your smartphone already?