i0n1c iOS 5.1.1 new iPad 3 jailbreak

There’s some interesting news today for those who like to customize and jailbreak their devices. Apple’s latest operating system update, 5.1.1, has only just become available but it seems that the New iPad (3) running iOS 5.1.1 has already been jailbroken by i0n1c. This is news that we think might surprise many of yo,u or maybe not considering the reputation of this notorious hacker.

Only earlier today we told how a jailbreak was already available for iOS devices with the A4 processor running iOS 5.1.1 but users with A5X devices were advised to steer clear. Prolific developer and hacker i0n1c, real name Stefan Esser, must have been working at the speed of light then. Already he has published a photo of his New iPad running iOS 5.1.1 and Cydia.

Although it seems unlikely that i0n1c will release the jailbreak to the public because of his general disapproval of jailbreaking it seems that his pride on achieving the jailbreak, where others haven’t managed so far, has got the better of him, hence the publishing of the photograph according to JBU.

Those of you who are interested in jailbreaking will have been following the exploits of pod2g and efforts to bring an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1 to fruition. We’ve been reporting on this for some time and now wonder if it might be time for the pod2g and i0n1c to collaborate, although that is probably not on the cards!

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this latest news regarding i0n1c’s jailbreak of the New iPad on iOS 5.1.1. Send us your comments to let us know what you think of the skills of hackers such as i0n1c?


32 thoughts on “i0n1c iOS 5.1.1 new iPad 3 jailbreak”

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    Dj_IsRaLiEn says:

    I believe that the hacker has all the rights to the hack. if he wants to release then go a head if not then keep it.  about the bragging well its kinda his right too.

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    felix says:

     i0n1c needs to release to the public asap….ok he came out on top but do u kno how many people have been waiting me personally am super excited

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    Burner0001 says:

    why  show people that its jailbroken when hes not wanting to release it.talk about rubbing it in your face. i0n1c well done mate but be nice to the rest of us who are waiting if you dont want to release thats ok but dont throw it in our faces. thats just being a bit petty and childish, i am just one of many who are and i openly admit it not clever enough to do what you can so i have to rely on others that can do the jailbreak.

      1. Reply
        Freebeer says:

        Totally agree,
        if he has the skill and know how to do this and is happy to use this for
        himself, but doesn’t agree with the morality behind it, he needs to take a long
        hard look at his moral compass.

        Before poking
        his tongue out at the less gifted among us!

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    Jzwhat says:

    Seems a little hypocritical to create and jailbreak his own device and then not release it based on the fact that you don’t “generally beleive in jailbreaking”. Just sayin.

  5. Its a little stupid to be very honest, you have a successful jailbreak of a device why not release it? I can understand if you don’t want to then why take pictures and advertise it? its a little silly to be very honest. He doesn’t agree of jailbreaks but does it as a time pass, thats all fine but then if thats the case why show people pictures of such things if you can not materialise the jailbreak? hmmmm 

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    Tommyaccleton says:

    This man is pathetic, just because you have something the rest of the world doesn’t have, does not give you the right to publicly taunt millions of people. It’s the power of having something other people don’t that has got to this little man

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    Anonymous says:

    So you’re against jailbreaking, but you sit and jailbreak your own iPad. Seems pretty hypocritical, eh? 

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      Kaede Kunikida says:

      Not really, he’s probably against jailbreaking due to the people that do misuse it on a regular basis, such as downloading cracked apps etc. yeah not all of us do that but maybe he’s just trying to prove it can be done but doesn’t want to be responsible for putting it in the hands of those like I just mentioned.

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    Mcampbell213 says:

    All of yall dont have the right to be mad at this guy he can do whatever he wanted to do its his own hard work so shut up and just wait im sure theres a jb coming out and its just a matter of time.

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    Amy ~MerzyMoon~ says:

    He has the right to be proud in himself and in his work and who is to say that he DIDN’t UN-DO the jailbreak already on his own iPad?  I am assuming he jailbroke it…took pictures for evidence…and if he truly does not believe in jailbreaking then I would assume he got rid of the jailbreak right away.  We can all pretty much count on the fact that now that is has been successfully done….that a jailbreak release will be soon to follow by someone else!  He is doing nothing wrong by letting the world that it can be done and has been achieved.

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    Anonymous says:

    You can’t fault him for not releasing it. The more frequently the jailbreaks are released, the fewer tricks the hackers will have up their sleeves. In the end Apple will win the cat and mouse game, and there will be no jailbreaks, period. We can hate it all we want, but that’s what signed up for by buying an Apple product.

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    Nashakeem29 says:

    Apple will never get rid of the ability to jailbreak.  Its apart of how they market their product.  There will always be some loop hole in their system; they will just make it increasingly difficult to do so. 

  12. I am 100% for jailbreaking and the courts have ruled it is legal.  Why should some one not be able to do what they want with property they purchased and legally own.  I find it hard to get excited right now though as people posted video of their ipad 3s on release day and yet we still don’t have a method available to us norms to this day…..

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    Donald-duckerdie says:

    maybe he is just good at faking videos and pictures? no release = no proof of jailbreak.

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    Free says:

    Realistically, the man is a great hacker. Very advanced, quick and up to par. However, I begin to think. 5.1.1 was just released. Myself has a hacker would would look very careful at the root of the phone and see any of the specifics that have been changed within the root. Unless, nothing has really changed from 5.1 to 5.1.1. I believe both options. This can be a fake or the man is trying to prove something. If so, ask for you want or just release the tool for this jailbreak to the impatient public. Another thing that makes me think. You’ve spent so much time hacking these firmwares but haven’t worked on a tool? 5.1 should have had a tool by now if 5.1.1 was actually hacked this quickly. You’re making people wonder. Hope the pictures aren’t photoshopped.

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    Free says:

    Oh and another thing… On the bottom of the picture it says iPad 3. Apple doesn’t even call the iPad “iPad 3” they call it “The New iPad” guess you got caught photoshopping lol. Sad, how a man wants so mich publicity but yet isn’t what he claims. I guess we’ll see when the jailbreak is released. Lol

    1. Reply
      Djdjfj says:

      You’re an idiot. Cydia can call the iPad whatever they want. Apple doesn’t pick the label in Cydia.

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    Tu. says:

    German people don’t like to share. They prefer to show off and be like “Hünde ich es haben!” xD oh well. Hopefully they release it already…I’m getting bored of my iPad not being jailbroken :/

    1. Reply
      A.Dubois says:

      “Learn write english must you.” make a sentence, I can’t understand you. I guess you aren’t english according to your name.

  17. Reply
    KM says:

    I wonder why he will not release it if it is already jailbroken ?
    Could the picture just be a camera trick ?

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    Pnforpk says:

    Those experts like i0n1c or pod2g are an institution in themselves. Every programmer or software engineer knows what it means to find exploits in a VERY well reputed OS like iOS. I salute both these experts and request them to continue to bewilder the intellect of everyone in software industry.
    God speed!

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    Jonskeet says:

    I bet is he’s on Apple’s payroll as an external contractor. Apple pay him a sum of cash if he’s able to jb the OS and feedback the knowledge. Obviously the terms of employment is that he avoids releasing the hack to the public. I say give it to one of your jb buddies and let him release it to the public!!

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