MLG Xperia Mobile Gaming Arena engages competitive play

If you are a smartphone gamer and like entering gaming competitions, you might like to know that Major League Gaming along with Sony Mobile and Gameloft have now unveiled MLG’s first competitive smartphone gaming platform called Xperia Mobile Gaming Arena, which offers gamers the opportunity to win over $10,000 in prizes regardless of what mobile platform you use.

According to the guys over at Engadget, by way of Major League Gaming, the Xperia Mobile Gaming Arena will launch with Gameloft’s Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, and the arena enables smartphone gamers to compete via all mobile platforms including iOS and Android.

Although the Xperia Mobile Gaming Arena currently only supports Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, Major League Gaming hopes to pull in more competitive game titles over the coming months. The current competition will award $1,000 to first place, $500 to second place and $150 to third place, with the top Xperia user receiving an additional 100-bucks.

The CEO of MLG, Sundance DiGiovanni, says that with their new mobile platform, they are enabling smartphone gamers to engage in competitive play no matter where they are and taking mobile gaming to a new level.

The head of marketing for North America for Sony Mobile, Peter Farmer has said that the Xperia Mobile Gaming Arena is the first of its kind competitive platform for mobile gamers, which is sure to deliver a new level of mobile gaming for competitors.

For those mobile gamers that would like to take part in the Xperia Mobile Gaming Arena, you can register by hitting up majorleaguegaming.com/mobile where all competition details, ranking, and scores are accessible, and of course you’ll need to download the Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation app, which you can grab from both iTunes and Google Play.

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