Flipboard for android escapes Samsung exclusivity

When Samsung revealed their new Galaxy smartphone to the world last week the company also announced some of the new software features the device would be bringing with it, and today we have news that the Flipboard for Android app escapes from the Samsung exclusivity.

It was announced at the time that the Flipboard application would be offered exclusively with the Galaxy S3 for a limited time, and the app allows users to turn their social networks into a digital magazine, but according to Electric Pig the application has been leaked online.

For the time being Flipboard will only be officially available if you decide to purchase the upcoming Galaxy S3 later this month, and there is currently no word on how long before it will be launched on Google Play for users to enjoy, but one Android hacker has made the application available already.

A user from the XDA forums has posted the APK online and said that they “had a Galaxy S3 lying around and I extracted the .apk using AirDroid. So, there you go”, and to install it yourself just use this link and download the APK file, but it has to be remembered only do it at your own risk.

To get the application you will need Astro installed or something similar that will allow you to open the file from where it has been saved, and you will also need to set your handset to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources via the settings options.

The application provides links from users Facebook and Twitter feeds in a magazine view, as well as filtered content from around the web that is based on your chosen interests. The first impression of it running on Android was good, and offers you a nice alternative from searching through your Twitter feed.

There is the added support for read later services and it was found that the images fitted well with no skewing or stretching found. Again it has to be remembered this is not an official build of the app and download it at your own risk, but so far it seems to be running well.

Will you download the Flipboard app for your Android device?


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