iPhone 4S GSM iOS 5.1.1 compatible with Gevey Ultra S

Apple recently released the iOS 5.1.1 update and some of the jailbreaking community warned users against upgrading to the new operating system if they wanted to use the untethered iOS 5.1 jailbreak once it was released. Today though we have news that the iPhone 4S GSM with iOS 5.1.1 is compatible with the GEVEY Ultra S SIM.

For those of you that are planning on using or are already using the GEVEY Ultra S product to unlock their handset, according to a report over at iDownloadBlog it is compatible with the new iOS 5.1.1 update that has just been pushed out by Apple.

The iOS update was rolled out by Apple that fixed a number of bugs along with some enhancements, and while jailbreakers are still unsure whether it is wise to upgrade, it seems those that like to unlock have nothing to worry about.

Online retailer Apple n Berry took to its official Twitter page to announce the news to customers of its products saying “Good news! If you are currently using GEVEY Ultra S GSM to unlock your GSM iPhone 4S on iOS 5.1, you CAN upgrade to iOS 5.1.1″.

It has to be remembered though that this news only applies to the GSM version of the iPhone 4S, and going on the site’s description of the CDMA model, your iPhone 4S would have to be jailbroken, which unfortunately isn’t available yet.

You also have to remember that using a SIM interposer requires the user to dial 112 every time the handset is rebooted, which is illegal in a number of countries, but the GEVEY Ultra S still looks a worthy option for those of you with a GSM iPhone 4S and want to unlock their handset, and it is available here for $39.99.

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11 thoughts on “iPhone 4S GSM iOS 5.1.1 compatible with Gevey Ultra S”

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    Gordon_emil says:

    I just tested it from AT&T viPhone 4S version 5.1 using Simple mobile the call, text works! but the internet is not working 🙁 We need support for internet for Tmobile or simple mobile is not working on version 5.1

  2. Reply
    Amboy Manalo says:

    I have a 4s gsm running on 5.1 with t-mobile.  The gevey works automatically though the wait time can be as long as 5 minutes.  Everything works except for picture message.   

  3. Reply
    kammy says:

    what are the baseband supported by this gevey ultra S?  i have iphone 4s 5.1.1  with baseband  2.0.12

  4. Reply
    Oneloveonestation says:

    I used the gevey ultra s for my iPhone 4s on iOS 5.1.1 for t-mobile but I cannot sen text messages… Any help ? Thanks

  5. Reply
    Nirvana_rock12 says:

    i got iphone 4s ios 5.1 and i allready change the vesion to 5.1.1so do i need the GEVEY sim unlocker is this work please help

  6. Reply
    nik says:

    I bought this and did everything it told me to do. My phone says it needs to be activated and that my sim is not valid even though it says it is successfully unlocked. Help?

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