O2 TU Me free talk and text iPhone app launched

Well now, for the iPhone user on the O2 network hear in the United Kingdom, it appears that O2 UK doesn’t want their iPhone users using such messaging apps as Skype and as such has launched their own rival app for the iPhone, an app known as TU Me.

According to the guys over at Gizmodo, the TU Me app offers O2 iPhone customers a free way to make texts and voice calls, although the user will need a data connection or be near a WiFi hotspot in order to make use of the new app for their iOS smartphone.

According to The Telegraph, O2 has said that TU Me is the only app that enables the user to make calls, send voice messages, photos, location, and instant messages from one control within one screen without the need to switch tabs or apps.

The chief communications officer for Telefonica Digital, Stephen Shurrock has said that TU Me places all your communication needs in one place, and for free, and is a great way for users to stay in touch with the people close to them.

Apparently the TU Me app is currently only available for iPhone customers, although the TU Me website does have a place where you can sign up so they can keep you in the loop about the app becoming available to other devices other than the iPhone, which would suggest other platforms just might get the TU Me app at some stage in the game.

For those that would like to download the TU Me app for the iPhone you can do so by hitting up the TU Me website, and if you do, feel free to let us know how you get on with the TU Me app.


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