Bluetooth headset controls HTC One X camera

It appears that the HTC One X has a little hidden feature lurking in HTC Sense 4.0, as apparently certain paired Bluetooth headsets can control the HTC One X camera shutter mechanism, and we have a little video proof of that Bluetooth camera control for your viewing consideration below.

The Bluetooth earphones as remote shutter for the HTC One X video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Android Community and by way of Chinese website ePrice, and shows a Bluetooth headset controlling the HTC One X camera shutter remotely by pressing button combinations of the headset.

According to the guys, they haven’t seen anything about this in the HTC documentation, but it is possible albeit not confirmed as to whether this would also work with other HTC One smartphones as well.

Apparently to accomplish the trick though it needs different button presses from different Bluetooth headsets, as apparently a double press of the volume up button on an iTech A2DP headset is required whilst a triple press of the dial button is needed with Jabra and Plantronic Bluetooth headsets.

The guys gave it a go using a Motorola Finiti headset and fails to get the camera shutter to work no matter what combination of button presses they tried, which would suggest this HTC One X camera trick may not work with all Bluetooth headsets.

Anyway with that said, I’ll let you head on down to mash that play button so you can check out the footage for yourself, and of course if you happen to own a HTC One X handset and give it a go yourself, feel free to let us know whether you are successful.

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