HiveDock for iPhone magnifies for viewing pleasure

As well as smartphone news we enjoy bringing readers information about phone accessories and gadgets and today we want to tell you about the HiveDock for iPhone. This is a neat little dock that not only amplifies the sound from your iPhone but also magnifies the screen for your viewing pleasure.

Cleverly no additional power or electronics are necessary and the HiveDock for iPhone is compatible for both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The iPhone can be docked vertically or horizontally and for audio the onboard sound chamber projects and amplifies the sound output towards the ears. For 2x magnification of the Retina Display of the iPhone a Fresnel lens is used that is placed in a groove in front of the phone offering a more comfortable of viewing movies or video.

Usefully it is still easy to access the iPhone’s touch screen, headphone jack, volume controls, charging port, power button and home button while the iPhone is docked in the HiveDock. A Bluetooth keyboard with the iPhone can also give you a semi-laptop experience when used with the HiveDock so this dock has a range of uses and can really optimize your iPhone use. You can order the HiveDock here.

Dimensions of the HiveDock are 7” x 6” x2” (LWH) so it’s easily transportable and it comes in a black and silver two-tone effect. Given all of the uses that the HiveDock we think the price of $34.99 sounds pretty reasonable and it can be shipped across the world.

Does the HiveDock sound like the type of accessory that you could make good use of? Maybe you already have this gadget and could tell our readers what you think of it? Let us have your comments on the HiveDock.

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