NUU ClickMate case series for iPhone 4 & 4S

If you’re after a new case for your Apple iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S then you may be interested in news today about an iPhone case range called the ClickMate Series from NUU. This features clever innovations and add-ons that can offer additional battery power or a wallet card holder to be attached to the iPhone, perfect for those constantly on the move.

First we’ll tell you about the ClickMate Foundation case, both stylish and protective and designed for functional add-ons to your phone. This features a locking system for add-ons that still allows the case to maintain its sleekness. Add-ons can be changed and so the user can switch function without needing to take off the protective case. The ClickMate Foundation case is available in translucent black, translucent white, metallic silver and metallic graphite.

There’s also PowerPlus for the ClickMate Foundation Case and this is a slimline battery with 1600mAh battery capacity giving the iPhone a boost worth an additional 5 hours on 3G or 8 hours Internet use on WiFi. The cleverly designed locking system enables the user to detach and attach the battery pack easily. The user can enable and disable iPhone charging and display the battery status once the PowerPlus add-on is attached, through the use of one-touch controls. A four-part LED display shows the capacity and charging state of the PowerPlus. The PowerPlus is available in either black or white.

Finally the ClickMate Wallet can attach to the ClickMate Foundation case for convenient storage of credit cards or cash. It features dual openings that allow up to three card-sized items to be conveniently inserted and removed. With everything you need stored in one handy place this is a great idea, especially for those who often find themselves rummaging in their pockets. The ClickMate Wallet is also available in black or white.

For pricing and availability of the ClickMate series check out gonuu.com here where you can also see more. Are you tempted to try out the ClickMate iPhone case and add-ons?

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