Android comes in mirror form: video

It appears the the Android platform is getting in just about everywhere these days with smartphone and tablets, but how about a mirror so that when you wash, brush your teeth and such you can check out such stuff as the weather, your weight, or perhaps the news?

Well according to the guys over at Ubergizmo by way of The Verge, Japanese firm Seraku has come up with an Android powered mirror that uses RF tech to detect where the user’s hands are so it can display such things as the weather and even has a scale so you can weigh yourself and see the weight appear on the mirror.

We have a hands on video of the Android mirror in action for your viewing pleasure below which was shown off at the Smartphone and Mobile Expo, so don’t forget to hit that play button below and check out the Android mirror doing its stuff.

The Android mirror is actually a display, which is accomplished by using an LCD monitor that has been overlaid with a sheet of semitransparent reflective glass, and apparently the functions and apps that are shown on the mirror are mirrored from an Android tablet behind the scenes.

However, apparently Seraku doesn’t have a commercial version ready at the moment, but when they do they say the Android mirror would likely find a home in pubs and salons and the like where user’s could fill out questionnaires.

Not exactly mobile, but yet another use Android has been put to, so would you like to have an Android mirror doing its stuff in your bathroom?


2 thoughts on “Android comes in mirror form: video”

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    Akpokpokpo says:

    So before we get the Google Augmented Reality Glasses we shall use the mirror. Can wee call it the iSee? Or has Apple patented that too?

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    Omelette says:

    Whatever next?
    Cool gadget, but I don’t think its going to be financially within the grasp of most people as a household gadget, except the rich & well to do upper classes, as yet, as I would imagine it to be extremely expensive, no doubt?
    Nevertheless, I like it. :0))

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