Release of iOS 6 beta version is imminent

We know that many of our readers have been following all the news about Apple’s next major mobile operating system, iOS 6. Apple has already pointed to its WWDC next month as a focus for iOS and Mac OS X and plenty of us have been hoping for news on iOS 6 at the event. News today now suggests that the release of the iOS 6 beta version may well be imminent.

It appears that an iCloud beta has been unearthed by iOS developers in recent days and the really interesting news is that the beta version of this iCloud web browser portal contains code references to iOS 6. The code specifically contains these words, “To use beta.icloud.com, first sign in to iCloud with the iOS 6 Beta.”

It certainly seems then that Apple plans to unveil a new iCloud beta version at WWDC and that the iOS 6 beta will also need to be ready to run it. Although we may have anticipated news on iOS 6 at the event this seems pretty much to confirm it and will be music to the ears of those who were hoping to see iOS 6 in action. 9to5Mac tells how visiting beta.icloud.com reveals a look at the beta iCloud.com website although an update says that this is appearing sporadically.

Apparently there is also a developer.icloud.com page. Also unearthed was that the beta portal includes references and images of Apple Notes and also Reminders set for iOS and so it seems we’ll be seeing further Cloud expansion of services. As well as this it’s likely that the new Maps application as part of iOS 6 that we spoke about yesterday will appear.

What are your thoughts that the iOS 6 beta version looks to be looming? What else are you hoping to from iOS 6? Send your comments to let us know.

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