Galaxy S3 in-depth video preview

As most are aware the latest Android Ice Cream sandwich smartphone from the Samsung camp, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is due release quite soon, and although most will have probably made up their mind to purchase the new Galaxy S3 by now, if you are still sitting on the fence, perhaps a nice in-depth preview video of the handset will help you make up your mind one way or the other.

So, with that in mind, what we have for your viewing consideration below is a nice lengthy look at the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the form of a preview video that comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Phone Arena, who have done an in-depth written article over on their website, but if you don’t have time for the written preview then you can head on down and mash that play button to check out the footage.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 preview video delivers just over 26-minutes of getting up close with the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone, and covers such things as the design of the SGS3, which has apparently been inspired by pebbles, and feels nice in the hand, but on the bulky side.

The Galaxy S3 preview footage also covers the 4.8-inch HS Super AMOLED display, the interface, TouchWiz Nature UX, the S-Voice feature, SmartStay feature that stops your Galaxy S3 from going to sleep whilst you are looking at the screen, messaging, web browser, camera and more.

So, enough from me babbling on, I’ll leave it right there and simply let you head on down to check out the Samsung Galaxy S3 preview footage if you haven’t already done so…enjoy.


15 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 in-depth video preview”

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    Tomtorre says:

    FINALLY, an Honest / No Holes Barred Preview of the Galaxy S3 – don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to buy one as an upgrade to my S2 but I appreciate the pros & cons presented in this video – Nice Job 

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    Ajjkj says:

    having seen this review I dont really want the s3 cos I dont see it as a significant improvement from the s2. Thanks for the unbiased review. I think ill just get the cheaper, but almost equally impressive, htc one x.

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      Reg says:

      If you dont see any significant improvement from the s2 then you dunno crap about smartphones hardware and software.

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    Amrit says:

    A great preview and well balanced. I think the Samsung Galaxy S3 is an amazing phone and a worthy successor to the S2. I don’t mind the plastic because it was perfectly fine on the S2 and cheaper to replace than a ceramic case.

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    Ibs says:

    Yes The design isn’t the best, but i think it is ok and would look better up close in real life. Despite the design it seems to be a really good phone, the user interface seems really nice and the specs are great. Overall i think it is better than HTC ONE X (apart from the design side) so I will be upgrading from my galaxy S2 to get this phone. The official samsung case goes well with the phone because you get a seperate back cover with the case so you can keep your orignal back cover pristine and intact 🙂

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    PhInIaZ says:

    Great review. Really appriciated the unbiased remarks and opinions. I enjoy modifying and tweaking any phone I have and buying the S3 will allow for this even more. It will get a Cyanogenmod ROM made for it as well as many other ROMs. Customizations and themes will abound because the world and the hackers and coders know they will be contributing to the BEST PHONE ON THE PLANET!!! Can’t wait for mine.

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    Anonymous says:

    Point blank this device is exceptional to say the least. Samsung has done well with this iteration of the Galaxy S3. Software is OFF THE CHAIN this device just pisses on all devices from a software front. I love the fact that Samsung has a headsup on Jellybean which will be announced at Google I/O soon. With the Galaxy S3, upcoming Galaxy Note2 as well as the next Galaxy Nexus come Oct/Nov Samsung is in a great place right now and so is android.

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    Daljitkapoor says:

    I am really in love with this kinky gadget. its amazing and full of functions and apps you name it, the navigation is so simple 

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    Skb_cool says:

    Nice to see Samsung going for complete redesign. I am sure people would love it more when they get their hands on it. Nobody likes hard edges like iPhone which is very inconvenient for long conversations. Soft pebble touch is sure to impress many.

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    Vahid says:

    I want one of these and this time I don’t think I’m going to replace the software with any custom unless it’s Touchwiz 4 based.

  10. Honest review (seems to be a very rare occurance on the net these days), but quite alot seemed to be personal oppinion, so it will be a case of each to their own with this handset. I actually quite like the design of the handset, and don’t mind the button and capacitive buttons position. The size shouldn’t bother people too much, It’s not as big or as square as the note and alot of note users have said they get used to the size very quickly. Alot of good and jonest information in here, thanks for the great review!!

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