Android 4.0 update for Xperia S late May early June

For those that own the Sony Xperia S smartphone and waiting on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update to hit their handset, there has been some rumours that the device would see the Android 4.0 update arrive in June/July, although that wasn’t confirmed, however we can now shed some light on when that ICS update can be expected.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, a support member of the Talk Sony Mobile Forums has come forth and stated that the Sony Xperia S is planned to receive the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update somewhere around late May or early June.

Apparently that is what has been said and Sony is sticking to that, and any other rumoured dates for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich roll out to the Sony Xperia S are just speculation, although apparently the roll out of the Android 4.0 update will be gradual, so not all Xperia S handset will get it at the same time.

So basically Sony Xperia S owners can expect to see the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update to begin rolling out later this month with some gaining it in May and others gaining the update by mid June.

So there you go, Sony Xperia S owners should keep their eyes open for the Android Ice Cream sandwich update to hit their handset a little later this month, which isn’t too long to wait to play with ICS is it.

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