More leaked components hint at iPhone 5 redesign

Many believe that the next version of the iPhone won’t be arriving until later this year in time for the busy holiday season, and around twelve months after the iPhone 4S was released. The speculation surrounding the handset is beginning to intensify and more leaked components again hint at an iPhone 5 redesign.

This is not the first time that we have seen components that are being claimed to be for the next generation of iPhone, and as AppleInsider are reporting some new parts have emerged via supplier SW-Box. These latest ones show a headphone jack, earpiece, and a Wi-Fi cable that are claimed to be from the iPhone 5.

If these parts are genuine it suggests that the handset will have a significantly different internal design, as the headphone jack is joined to the earpiece and Wi-Fi components. This differs from the current iPhone 4/4S models where the headphone jack is included on a component with the devices volume buttons and mute switch, which are all located in the top left corner of the handset.

The website is claiming the new part is only compatible with the new iPhone and can be purchased for $7.71, and earlier this month the same site showed off what was being claimed to be the SIM tray from the next iPhone, which only had slight differences to what is already found on the current model. While there has been many rumours suggesting the next iPhone will have a totally new form factor, recent speculation has hinted that Apple has yet to decide on its final design for the iPhone 5.

Many feel Apple needs to pull off something special this time round after last year’s model was just a minor upgrade, but as usual with the iPhone the device is likely to sell really well regardless of what the smartphone is like. Are you waiting for the iPhone 5 before deciding on your next handset?

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