DialMyCalls Android app broadcasts your voice

Today for Android fans we have the DialMyCalls application that allows users to send a message to a list of numbers that are stored in your device almost instantly, and will then broadcast your voice to whoever the message was sent to.

DialMyCalls for Android has recently been updated and by using your handset you can quickly record a message before selecting the group of numbers that you want it sent to. Then you have to pick a time and date for the message to be delivered, and the app will then instantly call everyone chosen and play the message to them. If the message goes through to the recipients voice mail the message will be left there for them to listen to it later.

The application is free to use and users can send out one message to 25 numbers per week, which makes it perfect for small organizations or groups, and if you want to make more messages or send them out to more numbers, call credits can be purchased for only a small charge. The DialMyCalls Android application also integrates with the official website of the same name, and user’s accounts can be easily accessed in both places.

Users of the website can easily import and organize their phone numbers in minutes, so when they are on the go and need to send a message they can do so via their mobile phone. There are already thousands of organizations in the US that are using the application, and all the information stored in the app or website is kept private.

To use the application you will have to first set up a DialMyCalls.com account, which can be done via the website or the app with no credit card or payment info needed, and to find out more or to download head over to Google Play.

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