Hands-on Review: Mobo Mini Stylus for iPhone & iPad

We here at phonesreview.co.uk review many products, and today we have been sent the Mobo Mini Stylus for iPhone & iPad and we will be giving it our very own hands-on review.

We will be covering many factors about the Mobo Mini Stylus; below will give you an idea if there is any need for this sort of product for touchscreen devices such as the Apple iPhone and iPad. We have personally never thought about using these, so now is the time to see if it stacks up the goody corner, or if will send straight to the rubbish bin.

We have taken many photos of this product that you will see throughout the review, you can scroll down to the bottom to see the Mobo Mini Stylus in action in our very own quick video that we uploaded to YouTube.

We would like to first say a big thank you to fancyGearBox for sending us the Mobo Mini Stylus, we would also like to mention that the logo quality on the product we have here is different from the retail version, this is because our one is a non-commercial sample. Even though the website and our title states that this is perfect for the iPhone and iPad, we must stress that this can be used for any touchscreen phones or tablet.

In the Box
Once you have ordered your product you will obviously receive the Mobo Mini Stylus, it comes attached with a handy strap that also can be plugged into the 3.5 mm headphone jack for easy storage.

First Impressions
These are good to be honest; we WILL always provide honesty with our reviews, if its good or bad we will reveal all. Looks a little small and we really thought this would better be suited for women, looks like a charm you hang off your phone, which in many cases men do not go for; this is not the case after testing this little cutie out.

The Design
We really like the design; it is small and very handy indeed to carry around. At first we thought that it would get misplaced easy, but thanks to the handy strap with a plastic 3.5mm add-on that fits directly into your headphone socket means you will never lose it.

We also like that you can extend the stylus for easier gripping, much more comfortable in the hand once extended, the metal casing gives that extra quality feel about it.

The Key Features
The key features have to be the size, which is small enough to carry around and big enough to use with comfort in mind. It is compatible with 3.5 mm headphone jack for easy storage, ideal for any touchscreen device (We tested on an iPhone and iPad), it is very accurate when touchscreen selecting. All of the above is good, but what we love the most is the reduced amount of fingerprints on an iOS device when using the Mobo Mini Stylus.

The Positives
Small, light, attaches to headphone socket so you do not lose, accurate on touchscreens and priced reasonably. It is the perfect size at only 4.5×0.8×0.8cm (length of strap: 4.5cm), and it only weighs 0.005kg.

The Negatives
To tell you the truth we cannot find any, all down to personal preference if you like something hanging off your touch device or prefer to stick in your pocket with the hope of not losing it. No negatives here to be honest.

Phones Review Overall Summary
We really like this product, personally at first we would not have had the Mobo Mini Stylus hanging of our products, but then we ended up using it that much more we decided to leave it plugged into the 3.5mm socket on our iPad. The reason for this is simple, playing Draw Something on the iPad was so much easier and drawings were so much better. We also like playing International Snooker 2012 and with the stylus it reduces the fingerprints leaving you with a better view of the game.

Would we buy one? No because we already have one now, but we would recommend to our readers.

Where to Buy and Price
Please visit fancyGearBox where you can purchase for $14.99 with Shipping (US / Canada) Expect 2-5 business days for delivery, if you live outside US / Canada the price is $15.99 (International) Expect 7-14 business days for delivery.

More Photos and a video

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