iHome iC3 speaker dock for Android not sound

As well as bringing you all the news about mobile devices we also like to give readers news about accessories and today we look at a review on the iHome iC3 Android Speaker Dock. Although this scored a rating of 3/5 it seems that this speaker dock for Android does not deliver as well as it could on sound.

Those of you with Apple iPhone’s will know that there are a plethora of accessories and speaker docks available for it but for some reason there have been far fewer Android speaker docks available. The price of the iHome iC3 Android speaker dock is reasonable at $39.99 and it’s a neat looking and stylish design. Most Android smartphones and tablets can be used with it thanks to a large lip at the bottom, which is a clever touch, so far so good.

Android devices connect to the dock via a micro-USB cord that can be adjusted to sit on either side or in the middle of the lip on the base to suit the device. The design is shaped like a sideways-on pyramid with speaker grills to either side and on the top. The USB port is on the left of the dock, enabling device charging with proprietary cables and another cable with a 3.5mm connector can be threaded through the base. The iC3 can only be used as a speaker through the audio cable as this dock isn’t wireless. Four AA batteries can be used for portability or it can be plugged in to an AC adaptor. There’s also a power button on the right that glows when the dock is switched on.

However when it comes to actually listening to music with the iC3 Android Speaker Dock the review from PC Mag tells how the bass response was “dismal,” with distortion on low-end notes. If you want to hear your music fill the room then, it seems the iC3 may not be the speaker dock for you, although the price suggested this would not be a premium accessory. Overall the positive points include the flexible design that enables it to be used with a variety of Android devices. On the minus side the cables can get tangled or caught up easily plus the sound quality is poor.

The iHome iC3 Android Speaker Dock is priced at $39.99 and available direct here. Could the price of this dock tempt you even though the sound isn’t all it could be? Let us know with your comments.

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