Songify for Android at last via Google Play

There’s good news for Android device owners today as one of the hottest iOS apps has now arrived on the Android platform. Songify is a hugely popular social music experience and has been launched today on Google Play.

Songify was developed by Smule, creators of other top apps such as Magic Piano and Glee Karaoke and this is the first time that Smule has created an app for Android. The iOS app has already been downloaded 9 million times and it has created 120 million songs and counting. Using sophisticated artificial intelligence it turns speech into music and the Android version of the app offers special features such as sharing songs via SMS or Google+ or creating ringtones. As far back as last July we discussed Songify as an iOS app and wondered when it would be available for the Android platform so this will be music to the ears (excuse the pun) for many people who had been waiting.

Songify for Androids is now available from Google Play here and it’s a free app compatible with devices running Android 2.2 or later. It’s simple to use, just speak into your device and amazingly your words are turned into song. Songify has been developed with the Gregory Brothers, creators of YouTube hits such as Bed Intruder, Can’t Hug Every Cat, Double Rainbow and more and this app has also been featured by top media outlets, The New York Times, USA Today, The Guardian, The Washington Post and others. The unique songification technology used was invented by Khush.

Take a look at the video below this story that we’ve embedded for your enjoyment where an eHarmony customer expresses her love of cats and you’ll get a feel of what Songify has to offer. We think it’s pretty likely that you’ll soon be songifying away! Let us know what you think of Songify and the fact that it is now available for Android.

Have you been waiting for Songify on Android? Once you’ve downloaded it tell us your initial thoughts by sending your comments.


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