Une Bobine aka a coil iPhone stand for charging

We get to see a number of innovative and clever ideas when it comes to smartphone accessories, and today is no different with the strangely named Une Bobine, which is an iPhone stand that can also be used for charging.

The Une Bobine is a patent pending flexible stand that also allows users of the iPhone to charge their device as well as syncing, and can be found on the Kickstarter project pages. It has been designed using a specific gooseneck material that is fully flexible, but has enough strength to support the weight of the iPhone. It can be positioned in a variety of shapes as well as wrapped around other objects.

Dozens of name ideas were given for the holder until the name of Une Bobine was decided on as it is French for ‘A Coil’, and one of the designers is called Bob. He didn’t like putting his iPhone on a table to charge or sync because of too many scratches and spilled drinks, and couldn’t find a dock for everywhere that he wanted to place his handset.

This led him to come up of the idea of having an iPhone cable accessory to charge and sync the handset, but was also strong and flexible enough to hold the handsets weight, and this is how Une Bobine was created. The Une Bobine will look good on your desk or table, and the iPhone can be charged by connecting the wall charger or USB cable.

It can even be used inside your car, and is ideal for holding the device for taking photographs or for video capture, and you can sync your iPhone with iTunes while in position. Below you can see a video of the holder and for more information click here.

Do you like the look of the Une Bobine?

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