Buy iPhone Fan book to donate house to homeless

Today we have a heart warming story about a man’s journey from the depths of despair with depression that led him to camp outside an Apple Store in London to wait for the launch of the latest iPhone, and now if enough people buy the iPhone fan’s book he will donate his house to the homeless.

Many of you may remember seeing the news about Rob Shoesmith and his experiment of camping outside an Apple Store in London for ten days leading up to the launch of the iPhone 4S, but the key feature of this experiment was that he couldn’t spend any of his own money, and instead rely on generous donations from various companies and organisations big and small as well as individuals.

The former bin man has now published a book titled ‘Bin There Done That’, which details his life through hitting rock bottom and fighting his way back up and camping outside while waiting for the release of the last iPhone. During the time he spent camping outside Rob met a few homeless people that overwhelmed him with their generosity, which is why he now plans to give away his house to a homeless charity.

He is now looking to achieve one million downloads of his eBook that is available on the App Store for iOS devices, and Amazon for the Kindle. Rob felt that releasing the book and saying that some of the proceeds would go to charity wasn’t enough, so he has decided that if his target is met he will sell his home at market value, and 100 percent of this will be donated to a homeless charity that should be around £100,000.

As many users have already found out the book is a compelling read, and as Rob Shoesmith is a friend of Phones Review we hope he reaches his goal. Below you can see a video of the man himself as he explains his decision to give up his home, and you can find his book on the App Store for only £0.99/$1.99 or on Amazon for £1.53/$2.46. To read more about the experiment click here.

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