Chrome for iOS prompts Google vs Safari

There’s some news today that may surprise many of you, as it seems that Google Chrome may be coming to iOS, which of course would lend itself to a Google vs. Safari contest. This may seem unlikely but one analyst seems pretty certain that this will be the case.

Analyst Ben Schacter says in a Macquarie report that the Chrome browser may be available for the iOS platform in the June quarter or alternatively “very likely” at some point in 2012, which sounds pretty convincing. With Chrome looking likely to become the top browser at some point this year this is important news and Schacter also asserts that Apple is already reviewing submitted code from Google, which almost sounds unbelievable.

The news comes to us from iDownload Blog who point out that this move would not only require Apple to open its App Store to Chrome but also allow Google to own the searches. At present for searches made through Safari, Google pays Apple around 60% revenue share, making the idea that Apple would accept these plans sound even more dubious.

To take another example, Mozilla’s mobile Firefox is not available on iOS though the Android Firefox Beta is now available as we reported earlier today. This is because Apple’s iOS development guidelines require the use of the WebKit framework while custom rendering engines are not allowed. iDownload Blog also points to the fact that Google would need to rewrite Chrome for iOS on UIWebView as Chrome and Safari’s engines are so different, which merely adds to the skepticism.

Still, Schacter also adds that a major marketing campaign is expected to push Chrome for iOS so it seems that he at least seems pretty sure that the two parties involved have reached some agreement. Bearing in mind that recent tests showed that Chrome for Android and iOS for Safari both attained a perfect score of 100 on the Acid3 test and a competition between Chrome on iOS vs Safari would be interesting to say the least. It’s certainly pretty intriguing and we’ll be closely following developments about the possibility of Chrome for iOS. In the meantime we’d like to hear what you think about this.

Do you think it’s highly unlikely that Apple would allow Chrome for iOS? Maybe you think the two companies have come up with a way to make it beneficial for both sides? Let us know with your comments.

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