Get Samsung Galaxy S3 day before May 30 release

It has now been almost two weeks since we were officially introduced to the Samsung Galaxy III, and luckily the company provided us with a release date for parts of Europe and the UK. Today though we have news on how you can get the Samsung Galaxy S3 a day before the May 30th release.

It has been revealed by Samsung that if you order your new Galaxy S3 from the company’s East London store, you can get your hands on the device a day earlier than everyone else. Android fans can get the Galaxy S3 on the evening of May 29th at the giant Westfield shopping mall in Stratford according to Cnet.

As from 6:00 PM on the 29th of May you could be one of the first people in the UK to have their hands on the new Android smartphone, but the handset is not available to purchase from the store on that day, as it will only be available to pick up if you have pre-ordered it online or in the store.

For those of you that are not able to get on a train to London there is still a chance for you to get the device on that day, as the early bird offer could also be available to retailers outside of the capital as well. Samsung is allowing other retailers to give out pre-ordered handsets from 7:00 PM on the same day so there may be no need to travel into London.

All of the major mobile carriers in the country will be offering the handset from the 30th of May, while the 32GB version is only available exclusively on Vodafone for the first month, but if you want the device SIM free it can be had for around £500.

Would you be interested in picking up the Samsung Galaxy S3 a day early?


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