No conversations on Disney’s Watch ESPN app via Apple TV

Apparently there is a bit of a rumour doing the rounds that there could be a deal forming between Apple and ESPN that could see Disney’s WatchESPN app come to Apple’s Apple TV set top box to existing cable customers according to a recent talk with Sean Bratches, marketing exec for ESPN.

According to the guys over at Cnet, Bratches spoke to the guys over at Bloomberg, saying that there is an opportunity in the future with Apple to authenticate via the pay-TV food chain much like they are doing with Microsoft and that is something they will participate in.

ESPN already has a WatchESPN iOS app available for the iPhone and Apple iPad, which is available as a free download from iTunes that is similar to apps from cable providers and paid premium TV networks, and requires users to be paid cable subscribers.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has access to ESPN3 for live on-demand sports programming but users have to be a paying member of the company’s Xbox Live Gold service, but thus far Apple TV has taken a different approach with such apps for the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, and the National Basketball Association, but each service does require an annual fee, but doesn’t require a cable subscription.

However, apparently Amy Phillips, an ESPN spokesperson has stated that ESPN is not having conversations with Apple on authenticating WatchESPN, whilst Apple, when contacted on the matter declined to comment. Thus it would appear for now at least Disney’s WatchESPN app wont be coming to Apple TV.

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