Android ecosystem is a diverse world with 3,997 phones

One has to agree that with the Android ecosystem, a customer does have quite a bit of choice when it comes to what Android smartphone they would like to own, something that Apple’s smartphone doesn’t offer, as my iPhone owning friends always remind me there is only one Apple smartphone. But just how many different Android based phone are there out there in the world?

Well the guys over at Opensignalmaps has apparently conducted a study over the last six months on Android fragmentation across 195 countries, and have been logging new devices that downloaded their Android app, and have based their study on 681,900 devices looking at API, model and screen size.

As a result of this study there are apparently 3997 distinct Android phones, with the most popular being the Samsung Galaxy S2, with some 61,389 owners downloading their application in the last six months.

When it comes to brand, old Sammy comes out as the winner with 40 percent of the market, or 270,144 devices, whilst when it comes to Android OS version, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Android 2.3 Gingerbread was dominant a year ago and is still the dominant OS version of Android, whilst according to the study as of April 2012 almost 8 percent of users have Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

So there you go, seems like there are quite a few device options for the Android faithful out there, and obviously more to come in the future, so unlike our iOS friends, Android has a diverse variety of devices to choose from.

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