Breathtaking Machinarium Android app with clever puzzles

There are so many addictive games, and one that is getting right on our nerves has to be the breathtaking Machinarium Android app with clever puzzles. The reason it gets on our nerves is because it is so addictive, so much so we just spent the last hour playing around with it, trust us you will too.

This Android app by Hothead Games is stunning to say the least, and we welcome you to the steam punk world of Machinarium, you will operate a very clever robot called Josef, we say he is clever but it will be you doing all the clever stuff. Josef is a tiny robot from a scrapheap that needs to go to the city to save his robot girlfriend; there are many puzzles along the way.

There are so many puzzles as well as mind-bending brain teasers, we have put a few videos below to help you along the way, of course we have not put all the videos “That’s Cheating”, come on now.

Along with the puzzles you will get many mini-games to rid the city of the wicked Black Cap Brotherhood robots, when you visit Google Play to install this £2.49 game you will not notice a lot of information, we recommend you just get the game and dive straight in. The animations and hand-drawn graphics are of pure brilliance as well as unique comic bubbles and symbols to get you into the plot.

Other features include original soundtrack compliments throughout the game, and a very interesting world that draws you in, there are a few functions and options within this game, find items and then use these to move on forward.

A little note you should be aware of is Version 1.0 is designed to give the best experience on devices such as tablets with 1024×600 or 1280×800 and higher screens. New phones and large screens with 1280×720+ resolution are capable of playing the game. We will leave it at this for now, no need to explain anymore other than saying “Go install right now via Google Play”, have fun and let us know what you think of the Machinarium Android app.


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