George Clooney caresses blacked out Galaxy Nexus

If anyone is going to capture the eyes of the ladies, and perhaps a few guys depending on your tastes of course, it’s going to be movie star George Clooney, and it appears Clooney has been hired at some considerable expense no doubt to feature in a smartphone commercial.

According to the guys over at Droid-life, by way of the Daily Mail, the film star was in Malibu this week working on a new Android smartphone commercial alongside a retriever dog actor, which apparently wasn’t his own pet.

Whilst on the beach, George was seen with smartphone in hand whilst petting, stroking and chatting with the retriever, and the Droid-life guys say that the smartphone George was holding was none other than a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

However, the guys do say that they assume the Android smartphone commercial wasn’t for the Samsung Galaxy nexus device because the Sammy logo on the handset had been blacked out.

So if it wasn’t actually advertising the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, one has to wonder just what Android smartphone Clooney has been hired to promote, still I guess we’ll just have to wait until the commercial is aired to find that little bit of info out.

George is obviously a animal lover, as the actor has had an overweight dog suffering from an under active thyroid called Einstein back in 2010, and has previously owned two bulldogs and a pot-bellied pig.

So any of our readers have any suggestions as to which Android smartphone George Clooney might be advertising in this latest Android commercial?

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