Unlimited shock for Verizon grandfathered data customers

The advancement in mobile technology in recent years has seen the way we use our mobile phones change dramatically especially as many of us now own smartphones, which means that data use has increased a great deal. Today though we have news of unlimited shock for Verizon grandfathered data customers.

The US carrier is planning to stop the $30 per month unlimited data plan that it still offers to 3G customers that were “grandfathered” into the service because they were data customers before Verizon switched to a tiered data pricing last July. Fierce Wireless are reporting that Verizon Communications CFO Fran Shammo said that as these customers move from the 3G unlimited data plan to 4G LTE, they will be required to purchase the Verizon data-share plan and move off the $30 unlimited plan.

Shammo added that “everyone will be on data share”, and is scheduled to be launched by the company during the summer, but so far no pricing details have been revealed by the carrier. Shammo feels the new plan will make it easier for families and small businesses alike to connect multiple devices. Shammo believes the industry has constrained the market as people think they need an additional data plan, and he feels that adding as many devices as customers want will make it more efficient from a family or small business perspective.

It is believed that the company will get customers to start using the new data plans when they move from 3G to LTE, which will spell the end of its unlimited 3G data plan. Shammo also revealed that Verizon will launch Voice over LTE by the end of this year, but won’t really push the technology until the middle of next year once it has a bigger LTE network, which is being claimed by Shammo to be at least equal to its 3G coverage by then.

Are you a customer of Verizon’s unlimited data plan and disappointed by this news?


6 thoughts on “Unlimited shock for Verizon grandfathered data customers”

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    eestubbs104 says:

    Will verizon guarantee that I will ‘always’ get 4G LTE connection. Right now, I own the HTC Thunderbolt and I still don’t get 4G connection all the time in my area. And I have had this phone for over a year and a half.

  2. Reply
    Osmer62 says:

    I don’t even have 4g where I live, and don’t expect it for another year. I think there will be alot of unhappy people. Whatever happened to keeping your promises to loyal customers??

  3. Reply
    Trejo495 says:

    I just leave them and go to no contract plan. I’ve been waiting for them to give me an excuse so I
    Can leave their expensive ass anyway! By doing this, they are making it easier for me to leave them

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    ccgabe says:

    Verizon is consumed by greed. I have been a customer for years and I have
    grown to hate this company. This is the kind of thing that happens when you have little or no competition. I am looking for a new phone cimpany.

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    Ronf57 says:

    the onlyreasoni stayed withverizon is i have the unlimited plans. if that goes…verizon with its’ late to the party phone releases doesn’t hold interestfor me….i will definetlyshop for another carrier

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