The ugly truth behind iPhone 5 screen & design

The next smartphone instalment via Apple is the so-called iPhone 5, and this got us wondering a little about the new screen size and change of design. We say that this is the ugly truth behind iPhone 5 screen & design, which is a little harsh but please let us explain.

We reported not so long ago mentioning that the new iPhone 5 will be a little larger and thinner, the iPhone 4S for example is 125mm x 58.5mm x 7.4mm, and the new Apple smartphone will be around 10mm higher, and will also be 2mm thinner. If we head on over to Reuters, they report that the iPhone 5 would move up from the iPhone 4/4S 3.5-inches to a new 4-inch display.

Stay with us because we will go little deeper into things that you will either agree or disagree with, we are only suggesting a few things that we would love for you to comment on, we always welcome your opinions.

If the iPhone 5 has a larger screen size and the design is totally different to the iPhone 4 and 4S, this could potentially be a pain in the backside on many levels, and this is where we get to the ugly truth. If the new smartphone comes with a larger screen, would current apps be compatible with it? It would surely not be impossible to run current apps, but if you look at when you get an iPhone app onto your iPad it did not fit the screen, we remember putting iPhone apps on the iPad 1 and at the bottom right hand corner it displayed “2X” and when this was pressed it made the app larger to fit the iPad screen, distorted and ugly is what we got. Now looking at this, if the iPhone 5 screen is larger surely current apps would be slightly distorted, obviously not as bad as the iPad distortion.

Going a little more into the iPhone 5 larger screen size leads us on a whole different journey with app developers, new paths and challenges will surely arise, not difficult but most definitely challenging for them to update current apps to cater the iPhone 5. Many developers will love the opportunity, whereas some will hate the idea of a larger screen. If you are a developer please do come forward and let us know what you think, thanks?

When the iPad was release developers had to build apps for that bigger screen, but these were new apps. The whole point of us mentioning this has nothing to do with devs building new apps for the iPhone 5, but purely down to current apps needing new updates.

Will Apple release a new iPhone with a higher screen or a wider screen, or both come to think of it? We may be looking at this all wrong, and this is why we want you to have your say. We all know that Steve Jobs wanted customers to have a phone that fitted nicely into their hands, and this is why he did not move on larger screens before because 3.5-inches was ample.

Moving onto the whole new design, if Apple decides to change the design with curvature in mind, many companies will have to design new cases, skins and covers for it. This will not be such a problem as current iPhone 4 and 4S cases will still be purchased, as there are millions of these current phones still on the market and will be for a long time. It is a little unfair to all those that have spent a fortune on customised cases for their iPhone 4/4S smartphones that will not fit the new iPhone if design changes are made, one we will be reviewing next week retails at $140, bit of a shock to the system to order another one to fit the iPhone 5 if it has a new design.

Please do let us know what you think of the above, love to read your comments. Is there anything else you can think of about the screen size and design change for the iPhone 5? Just a quick reminder: WWDC 2012 kicks of June 11, it is not sure if the iPhone 5 will be announced here. Some say it will not and that the event will concentrate on an iCloud refresh. Here are a few new iPhone 5 concept ideas — Concept OneConcept Two


35 thoughts on “The ugly truth behind iPhone 5 screen & design”

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    Doctor says:

    Im sure apps will need updating massively may be better res or anything else
    Regarding cases if some1 move from 3g/3gS to 4G/4S the sacrifice 3g cases for a better phone in all aspects. so if design changes i m sure it will this time so moving to that is no hustle for cases
    A bigger screen is a must in new iphone or it may be not much worth atleast for me 4inch may be enuf and edge to edge with not much elongated design
    I think apple will introduce aluminum design this time coz its premium quality look
    My english not so good

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        JakeRider99 says:

         Fan boys Indeed …face the truth dudes Apple is Beta and Android is VHS

        VHS Wins

        Once you get used to a larger screen like the Samsung Note or S3
        there’s no way you will go back to that tiny screen.

        Just ask all the converted.

        All you guyz obsessed with one handed use ,,, everything for the most part is now all voice controlled,

        It’s an all in one device and no need to carry a ridiculous size and heavy ipad with you

        Mark my words, if Apple does not increase their screen size to at least 4.5 they will be on the downward slide.

        An Apple a day leads your wallet astray !

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          JDM2012 says:

          The iPas is neither ridiculous or heavy! Undercutting samsung and android tablets by both size and weight! And people do carry iPads around with them, just like people carry “Heavier, Larger” Laptops with them to accomplish tasks, you sir are an idiot

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    Ashe11hk says:

    To the author,

    So what do you clearly want to say? Should the iPhone live with the 3.5 inch screen and with the same design for forever? I just don’t get you point.

    It seems that you are so scared to see a better iPhone with the 5.

    God be with you,

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      C'mon Man! says:

      I completely agree with everything Ashe11hk said.

      People can’t use 3G/3GS cases for their 4/4S phones, so what makes it “unfair” for people not be able to use their 4/4S cases on the 5? Isn’t it kind of common sense that iPhones aren’t going to have the same design forever? Phones are probably one of the fastest changing consumer technologies right now, so I don’t know how you could honestly expect the iPhone, the most popular phone in the world, not to change and improve. Maybe you shouldn’t go out and spend a fortune on a case unless you are either prepared to do it again in a couple years, or you are planning on keeping the same phone for the rest of your life.

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    Luke28 says:

    Not making changes because of a case? Your mad! could say that about the change from 3g to 4 shape…

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    Nrd97 says:

    yes the only way to get around the “developer app resize thingy” is if Apple doubled the resolution of their iPhone 4S in a 4-4.5inch display which is around (960×640 x 2 = 1920×1280) which would be a crazy resolution, but thats what we thought when the iPhone 4 first came out no now could believe the resolution was doubled from 480×320 to 960×640 (130PPI vs 330PPI). Wouldn’t be surprised if apple pulled of a FHD iPhone.

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    kestrel1960 says:

    I am not a fan of larger screen phones. The Galaxy is now just plain ridiculous. One handed use has always been a plus point on the iPhone & the resolution ensures everything is pin sharp. If I wanted bigger I’d use my iPad but as it stands the iPhone screen is perfect & it remains easily pocketable.

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    Bobbyzam says:

    Surely if they increase to 4inch screen, keep the same aspect ratio and problem solved for apps, upscale them! It’s not that big a jump and the apps are not going to look horrible. 4 inch screen for me would be perfect, the current screen for reading anything on is slightly too small, the current 4inch plus phones are rediculous , I don’t want to have to redesign my pockets to fit my phone in! So yes 4 would be great.

    As for you going on about cases and current ones won’t fit so what! Do you really want another iPhone looking the same???? Who has ever designed a phone around a case? No body with half a brain! Author of this article has put forward no relevant or meaningful points towards the future of the new iPhone, wish I had never read it!

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    Tomhiscox says:

    I hope apple keep the screen size the same. The current iPhone fits nicely in my hand and isn’t too heavy either.

    Samsung phones are ugly and the screen sizes are ridiculous. The galaxy note should be called the galaxy brick.

    I prefer keeping my phone and tablet separate Too.

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    Raylewry says:

    I just changed from a 13 to a 24 inch screen Sony PC, and a 46 to a 65 inch Sony TV screen SIZE with No PROBLEM ?….. iPhone 3.5 – inches to a new 4 inch !!!!!!!!

  9. Reply
    Shalom says:

    sounds like you just want an iPhone 4 S.2 

    this is a joke article, a waste of my time. you would by a new phone/contract worth £100’s and 100’s but your concerned that you would need to buy a new case haha

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    cw01 says:

    The thing everyone seems to forget is that there’s simply no issue with the current 3.5″ display. Apps display perfectly, are easy to navigate, and functionality is by no mean impaired by this display size. Some Samsung devices especially touting huge screens look both uncomfortable to hold and pretty ugly. I say keep your iPhone small and highly portable, keep your iPad larger and closer to a notebook display size, albeit a slightly smaller one.

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    James A Spalding says:

    I’m really upset that I can’t have the 3 minutes of my life back that I spent reading that article.

  12. Reply
    Pete says:

    Don’t put a title like that when you have no real facts. This article is a waste of time.

  13. Reply
    John says:

    Yeah apple can change whatever they want you shouldn’t go out and buy a case if you don’t know what the phone will even look like

  14. Reply
    Nejad says:

    Apple has always pushed the limits if you consider products such as MacBook Air without tinkering with overall concept. I’ll be very surprised if we don’t get a phone with much reduced thickness. And for the handset size, there is room to make the screen half an inch taller without changing the overall size. All can be done by changing the form and operation of return key and shifting position of lens and earphone up a bit

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    Trejo495 says:

    4 inches is perfect for me. I also need LTE 4G and a better battery. I also need an 8 or 10 MP camera.

    1. Reply
      BarnibusKloffenniggair. says:

      Need?!!!! Am pretty sure you can manage with the air in your lungs, food in your stomach, roof over your head and clothes on your back. I am a self confessed Apple Fanboy, but i am under no illusions as to the luxury nature of their products. None of us NEED them, and to say so is just plain silly. Say want next time. Sorry, rant over.

  16. I really hope they don’t increase the size of the iPhone. The 3.5″ iPhone is the PERFECT SIZE to hold in one hand, and still have your thumb touch all the corners of the screen.

    1. Reply
      elinventor says:

      well, that is what people  want, and people buying power  have much to say in the end

    2. Reply
      Canyouseethelight says:

      Yeah, the perfect size!! Not.

      My phone is 4″ i can hold it with one hand and touch all the corners. Problem?

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    A developer says:

    Changing the physical screen size does not necessarily mean changing the resolution, in which case apps would not need to be updated

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    Thomas says:

    Umm. Is it just me or does even the concept of having a 4 inch screen seem very dated? And who’s injecting these rumours all of a sudden? Rene RITCHIE of iMore has been extremely accurate with his predictions. He said, that the iPhone will probably not get a larger sized screen. And on the remote chance it does, it’ll top out no more than 4 inches.

    I remember late 2010, early 2011 there was some buzz that the next iPhone [4S[ would sport a 3.8 inch screen based on template designs “leaked” I wouldnt be at all surprised if Apple does go with a 3.8 inch screen and markets it as a 4.0 and larger screen.

    In any event, Apple simply can’t get around the concept that bigger is really better. All other smartphone manufacturers have. Apple still hasn’t realized this. A puny jump from 3.5 to 4.0 is meaningless. If they just go wtih a tiny 4.0 inch screen, they’re only doing this just for the sake of marketing, not practicality or functionality. They can justify to everyone who’s been waiting for a larger iPhone screen, that now it’s here.

    One more thing. Based on Apple’s history, they’ll very likely keep the same screen size for the next 5-6 years which is almost like infinity in today’s smartphone market. Simply put,for this reason alone, I can see HTC and Samsung gain even more ground over Apple. As a result, we could slowly start to see profits drop at Apple as a result. Analysts may say, has the Apple fanbase peaked and onto a downward trend?

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      joshua_mcmillan says:

      Adding an extra 0.5 inches wont harm the resolution of the apps, in fact you wont really notice it at all. Looking at samsung and htc right now, I don’t no what there next step is. What a 5 inch smartphone next?? Wouldn’t be surprised! I can see the samsung galaxy and htc smartphones soon losing there reputation, as they are known for having large screens. I guess thats it for them   

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    Alex09070 says:

    Since I used my Iphone 4 as a media device like watching movies, video chat, reading e books and using apps on it instead of just talking on it. Apple better have a bigger screen size than 4 inch. Otherwise I would jump to Samsung. People who just want to use the iphone to talk should just used a regular phone instead. 

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    Rugs says:

    Are the only future developments for iphones bigger screens? If so, I don’t think “upgrading” is worth it. It’s a phone. Why would you need a 4″ screen to call people?

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    Xavvyy says:

    I agree that it is a bit annoying to see most of the applications cropped but I am sure that app developers will do something about that. I also believe that the iPhone 5 looks a lot better than Apple’s previous iPhones. It is much faster and fits perfectly in the hand compared to other bigger smartphones.
    Now about the cases, this is a bit of a stupid to write, the iPhone 5 open a whole new market in accessories and gives the opportunity for people to customise their handsets but mainly protect them, and to be honest, I don’t mind speeding another £10 to £50 on a nice looking case particularly since the IPhone 5 costs over £700.
    Thanks for reading and apologise for my poor grammar, I am a French person writing an English comment 🙂

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