Best free Calorie Counter app for Android

If you are someone that wants to lose some weight or just eat healthily, there are a number of ways that people can make their task easier these days, and today we have some of the best free calorie counter apps for Android users.

First up is the highly rated MyFitnessPal calorie counter that features the largest food database of any Android calorie counter application with more than 1,700,000 foods and growing daily. Users will find easy and fast food entry with the app remembering favourites, and multiple foods can be entered at once with entire meals can be saved.

The app will sync with the web so users can even log on from their PC, and all your data is backed up online so you will never lose it. A barcode scanner allows the quick discovery of foods, and the app will track fat, protein, sugar, fibre, cholesterol, and more. There is also over 350 exercises and users can track both cardio and strength training, and to find out more and to download head over to Google Play.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret promises to be a simple to use application that includes a food diary to plan and keep track of what you are eating. There is also an exercise diary for users to record all the calories that are burnt and a barcode scanner and manual barcode input helps to find foods quickly. An option is available for users to get calorie and nutrition information for their favourite foods, brands and restaurants, and to find out more hit Google Play.

Next up and again available via Google Play is Calorie Count that allows users to search and log nutritional data more than 250,000 foods, and also features a number of popular exercises along with some healthy recipes. The app is an extension to the award winning free online dieting service CalorieCount.com that has almost three million users. Again there is a barcode scanner along with options to view current and past food activity and weight logs.

Calorific Diet Tracker promises Android users they will lose weight without losing their mind, and is focused on changing people’s eating habits, instead of providing a calorie count. The app uses a three colour traffic light system that uses a simple logging system, and once a meal is logged the app will provide your day a star rating, which is then used to improve your next meal. Over time users learn about the food categories and in turn teaches them better habits, and to find out more head over to Google Play.

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