Galaxy S2 now comes with ICS pre-installed

Well now, for anyone who has been considering purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone rather than opting to snap up the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone from the Sammy stable, the Samsung Galaxy S3, it appears that if you do pick up a Galaxy S2 now, it will come with Android 4.0 pre-installed.

According to the guys over at GSM Arena, although the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been around for some time, it now appears that Sammy has started shipping Galaxy S2 units pre-installed with the ICS operating system.

The guys state that they have only received confirmation of this from the Indian market, but figure that Sammy is doing the same in other markets as well, although that hasn’t been confirmed.

No doubt if you are looking for a Samsung Galaxy S2 at least you now know Samsung has taken the need to update to Android Ice Cream Sandwich out of your hands, and according to the guys, if you do want a Galaxy S2 with ICS pre-installed you need to look for the smartphone imported during April or after.

Of course if you do or have purchased a Samsung galaxy S2 that doesn’t have Android Ice Cream Sandwich the update is over the air so you’ll only require a WiFi network to grab and install the operating system.

So is there anyone still considering picking up a Galaxy S2 albeit the Galaxy S3 becoming available very soon?


12 thoughts on “Galaxy S2 now comes with ICS pre-installed”

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    Amrit says:

    The Galaxy S3 will be much better than the S2. Also if you buy the S2 now you’ll always get asked why you didn’t get the S3 because it is a couple of weeks away/out.

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      Yu Darvish says:

      who gives a rats ass…its a phone.  the S2 is just fine for what it’s used for, tired of the “buying the latest greatest to just say so” crowd

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    Romicom says:

    The ics on S2 is buggy and not as good as Gingerbread. I installed here in South Africa and not happy with it. The phone has to be restarted many times , something it never did before. The native Internet doesn’t work and I have to go through Opera most of the times. A lot of installed softwares are also not working like the ArcMedia. The battery life is poorer. It still needs a lot of polishing and a phone that used to be bug free and highly functional has become unpredictable.

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      Jayps says:

       Did you update via KIES or did you flash the phone? I updated my phone once via KIES (from one version of GB to a later version of GB) and the phone became soft bricked (KIES sucks).  Then I started to experiment and flash the phone with ROMs that I saw and wanted to try – it’s really easy 🙂 Yes, I know it voids the warranty of the phone but hey… I don’t regret it at all 🙂 Running ICS 4.0.3 now that I put on there myself and it runs wonderfully without any FCs, lag, unpredictable restarting, etc

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      Mcwong644 says:

      My 9100G was real crap on 2.3. Freeze daily, sometimes a few times/day! During calls, charging, idle in pouch, media scan, download apps, activate wifi or 3G, camera. In fact not useable coz it gets real hot and discharge battery while it freezes? always need battery pull each time.
      Whenever I need to use, battery has drained to zero, my lg Optimus one is 1000 times more stable. Now 5 days after ICS it feels like a ‘real’ phone. No more freezing or battery pulls, reliable like a blackberry.

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    Prasath Krishnamurthi says:

    what is the RAM capacity of the pre-installed GS2? is it still 1gb or reduced to 680mb? b’coz i updated mine and the RAM got reduced to 680mb 🙁

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    Rei says:

    I decided to purchase the Galaxy S2 and been using it for a month (it came with ICS 4.0.3 pre-installed) to replace my old Galaxy S (running on GB 2.3.6). I was seriously considering the S3 at first but the size made it uncomfortable for me to use when i handled a demo unit of it. There are also features on the GS3 that i wont be using anyway (i.e. NFC, Smart Stay, S-Voice, etc.). I’m also not the type to brag about having the latest tech or feature so not having them didn’t bother me.

    Had no problems with it so far except for one particular old app (no longer updated since 2011) that seems to have trouble running on ICS. I noticed that the “force close” pop-up doesn’t appear anymore. Instead, the screen would turn dark and unresponsive for about 10-15 seconds then notify you that the app stopped before returning to normal. It’s pretty annoying. Made me realize how much i missed the force close pop-up which i can dismiss immediately. I’m not sure if this is just my phone or if every SG2 on ICS behave this way.

    Anyway, the GUI is very fluid. I hadn’t experienced any significant lag except during heavy multi-tasking (even then it was only very slight). Battery lasted me around 1.5 days of normal use. Web browsing was a joy. Webpages loaded a bit faster than it did on gingerbread’s native browser.

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