iPhone vs Windows Phone change in China

The smartphone platform wars in the last couple of years has mainly been between Android and the iPhone after the two platforms left BlackBerry in their wake, but it seems in China the iPhone has not had things all its own way thanks to the Windows Phone platform.

Microsoft believes that its Windows platform is starting to increase the pressure on the iPhone in China, and according to Microsoft the platform has already gained a seven percent market share in only two months of being available in the country, and as Cnet are reporting this compares to the six percent that is enjoyed by the iPhone.

Michel van der Bel of Microsoft in China sees the platforms share growing further in the future with the combination of its handsets and Windows tablet PCs among business and individual users, and according to Bel this strategy will be handy due to the increasing consumer take up of IT. Bel does realize that the Windows Phone platform has a battle on its hands to gain market share from Android though, which currently enjoys around 69 percent in the country.

The platform is also a long way behind the Android platform with regards to apps, but the company currently has around 2,500 people employed in its R&D department in the country, and according to Bel Microsoft needs to and will invest a lot more in the China.

Some parts of the world have seen a boost to the Windows Phone platform thanks to the big push Nokia is now making with the platform and its Lumia range of smartphones. The Nokia Lumia 900 has seen some good demand in the US, but other countries such as the UK it hasn’t done so well.

Will you ever consider a Windows Phone handset?


3 thoughts on “iPhone vs Windows Phone change in China”

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    Superzar2000 says:

    My wife and I already have. Moved away from Android. And my sons all with iTouch and iPhones are considering the same when contracts run out.  They say iPhones get boring after awhile, with no options for refreshing changes like all the other manufacturers offer.  For this reason iOS will never pass the ~20% market share they can never get past, and unless they begin making major changes to make their phones more current and fun, they will slowly go down to 5% – just tlike the PC market.

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    Reksteen70 says:

    I have enough problems on my pc y would i want a windows fone. I love the open os that android is. Microsoft is to strick and u have to pay for most apps. Android is the way forward

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    ScientificBob says:

    I have a windows phone, so don’t need to consider it 🙂

    Am I glad I went for a nokia Lumia?  Absolutely!  Wonderfull phone, wonderfull OS.

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