New KLIK iPhone face recognition Facebook app

For the iOS faithful out there that take snaps of groups of people there is now an iOS app available called KLIK that will deliver real time face recognition to auto-identify and tag friends in photos by connecting with Facebook and scanning friends’ photos so it can develop a facial profile of everyone in a users network.

The KLIK app for the iPhone enables the user to see their friends names instantly appear right next to their photo before or after the user takes the picture, and if KILK doesn’t recognise a face it can use a “learn mode” to improve and train recognition.

According to Reuters, the CEO of Face.com, who launched the iOS app, Gil Hirsch says that they noticed that at events or parties many photos were taken but only a few were being tagged. The KLIK app identifies people by matching faces in images taken with or uploaded to the app, and due to relying on Facebook, only friends in the user’s network can be identified.

Hirsch also commented that it isn’t like the user can just point this at someone in the street and make it work. However the learn mode does enable a user to tech the app who a person is by pointing the iPhone camera at the person and then entering their name.

Apparently with the KLIK app for iOS, a user can also apply Instagram style filters, along with sharing photos via email, Twitter and of course Facebook.

However apparently some critics are concerned over privacy, to which Hirsch says that the system has been engineered to preserve privacy whilst delivering a fun social value and nothing creepy.

For those that would like to check out the KLIK app for the iPhone you can download the application as a free download by hitting up iTunes.

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