Extra battery with T-Mobile HTC One S PowerSkin Case

We like to bring readers news about accessories for smartphones as well as the phones themselves and today we have news on a case for the T-Mobile HTC One S that also has a built-in battery. The PowerSkin for the HTC One S will allow you to get the best out of your phone so read on for more information.

The PowerSkin is a silicone case with a built-in battery, especially useful for heavy users and the many of us who use our smartphones increasingly and worry about running out of juice. It closely envelops your HTC One S and offers real practicality as well as looking good. The casing is one lightweight piece of silicone rubber that offers toughness whilst providing up to twice the power for your phone.

The PowerSkin for HTC One S (T-Mobile) offers smart battery technology, charge and sync, is rechargeable, includes LED battery status lights and uses patented XPAL Power battery technology. Specs are a power capacity of 1500mAh with input and output spec both 5V, 1A. It will give you up to 238 minutes of talk time and around 136 hours of standby time and it weighs 23g and comes with a charging cable. Dimensions of the PowerSkin are 5.52-inches x 2.82-inches x 0.76-inches.

You can see a video showing how to use PowerSkin cases below this story. For more or to order the PowerSkin head to power-skin.com here where you can see ‘where to buy’ links for different regions as well as FAQ’s. For the US the price is $69.99.

We’d like to hear our readers’ thoughts about this battery case. If you own an HTC One S on T-Mobile is the PowerSkin something you would consider? If you already have a PowerSkin for your phone we’d be interested to hear if you would recommend it or not to our readers so send us your comments on this.


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    Vette669 says:

    Bought a case last night on ther site , put in
    $10.00 discount code and it said the code was old or already used so it wouldn’t let me use it .Hope the case works better than ther discount. Let you know when I get it ?

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