I’d Cap That app is hilarious

If you are one of the iOS faithful that likes applications that daubs your images with captions, then you just might like the I’d Cap That iOS app, an application that has become the number one on the USA free charts and number one USA photo and video app because of its hilarious captions.

The I’d Cap That app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad, takes your everyday photos and slaps an hilarious and sometimes crude caption on the photo, and allows the user to save and share those photos with friends.

The I’d Cap That iOS app features hundreds of random funny captions and never repeats a caption, you can pick a photo from your library or via the camera, and you can even tweet the capped picture from the application.

Basically the I’d Cap That app for iOS devices performs one function simply, and that is to automatically place an hilarious caption onto your pictures, and you have to be 17-years of age to download the app.

Apparently the reason for that age restriction is because the I’d Cap That app captions can be somewhat on the dirty side, thus some might think the app is somewhat inappropriate because of the dirty language used but nevertheless the captions are quite funny, and well of course if you are offended by such things then simply don’t download the app.

For those that don’t mind the odd crudity, and would like to take advantage of what the I’d Cap That app for iOS devices offers, you can download the app to your chosen iOS device for free from iTunes, and if you do, feel free to let us know what you think of the app.


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      Jasmina ;) says:

      It means you have to like update your phone. You have the old version. If you update it, it will delete all your music and apps.. Js. 🙂

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