Internal peek at the HTC One S: video

If you happen to own or contemplating picking up the HTC One S smartphone, and would like to know what the handset looks like inside then you might enjoy the video footage we have for your viewing consideration below, as it is a teardown video of the HTC One S.

The HTC One S video footage comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Engadget and by way of DirectFix, and is the first time we get an internal peek at the Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone as DirectFix shows you how to replace the HTC One S screen.

Apparently the tools required to get into your HTC One S include a Torx T5 and Phillips precision screwdriver, a nylon spudger, and a hair dryer if the displays adhesive is troublesome, and of course very steady hands, and one must also realise that doing such would naturally void any warranty.

Once inside you’ll see the battery pack dominates, along with a blue coloured shield that protects the main board and includes the lens cover, along with numerous fragile components that have to be removed before gaining access to the display so you can separate it from the device.

I’m quite sure you don’t really want me to go through all the shenanigans, and would much rather simply head on down to hit that play button so you can check out getting into the HTC One S for yourself, so I’ll leave it right there and let you get to it…enjoy.

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