Sony Music Unlimited app for iOS to rival Spotify

Normally popular applications find their way onto the iOS platform before being released to Android users, but with the Sony Music Unlimited app for iOS the situation was reversed as the Spotify rival is released on iTunes.

Apple were probably most responsible for bringing legal digital music downloads to the general public, and until now Spotify were the closet offering to rival the iTunes store with its monthly subscription based music rental service. Now though as Redmond Pie are reporting Sony is getting in on the act with the launch of its own Sony Music Unlimited app for owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Until now the service has only been available to Android users and owners of certain Sony products such as the PlayStation 3. Just like Spotify users can stream music to their iOS device for free when using the basic plan that costs $4, and for this users are allowed to choose any song from their music library synced from their PC using the Music Sync option. There is also access to Basic Channels, and users can try the Premium plan for free for thirty days.

This allows unlimited streaming without ads from Sony’s expansive catalogue that boasts millions of tracks, and users also have the ability to view recommendations and again use their own music library with Music Sync. Premium users can also play any music track instantly thanks to the on-demand service, and new releases are promised to be added on a weekly basis.

Sony says in the description of the application that it can only be used via a Wi-Fi connection, but Premium subscribers can add any song or album from the catalogue to their personal library for easier access. Music Unlimited can be found on the App Store as a free download and requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Have you used the service from Sony?


3 thoughts on “Sony Music Unlimited app for iOS to rival Spotify”

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    Ben says:

    I use this service on Android (Xperia S), PS3, and desktop. the service is brillant on all devices.

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    Gonzalo says:

    In summary Sony unlimited sucks, I had it for a month using my PS3 and I’m ready to cancel it, let me list my pros and cons.

    1 Tons of music but mostly unknown crap that strangely keeps getting randomly queued over well known artists over and over. Cover bands that play hits? really ? then later you can’t find the real songs.

    2 It shows you a song but it skips over and it won’t let you play it, why show it to you then?

    3 The “Like” feature that allegedly adds a song to your favorites list works on 1 out of 10 songs, no warning or anything it just doesn’t do it, same with adding to your album or playlist.

    4 The “Unlike” doesn’t work, I unlike a song and it plays 3 songs later and again and again.

    5 Takes forever to start on the PS3, and once in a while it goes silent, when I go to see what’s going on is stuck on some song and it shows is playing but just sits there and have to manually advance to the next song.

    6 If you do find an album you like you’ll find out that some songs play and others will not, even if you select them, and so it happens they are the best songs of that album. Seems they are pushing on you all the music that they couldn’t sell otherwise.

    7 If you turn off the PS3 while music unlimited is on, it crashes your PS3 and next time you start it you have to wait for the stupid scan like when you cut the power. Sent tons of “error reports” keeps happening.

    8 Barely any settings at all, God I hate that elevator music when it starts on the PS3 and the pinkish background.

    9 Plays the top 100 or something popular songs automatically in a few minutes if you don’t pick anything when it starts, maybe 2 minutes after, and of course is that Beaver @#$$ every time so I have to run to stop it because I feel blood dripping from my ears.

    10 If you manage to create a playlist or add to your favorites, there is no random feature, so you end up memorizing what songs comes next.

    11 I had it for a month and my favorites list is probably less that 40 songs, even though I hit the like button on probably 1000 songs or more. Really annoying to find out later that they weren’t added to your favorites.

    12 Edited songs all over, hard to see in the title where it says unedited or clean version, until you play it and realize is not the version for grown ups, a setting for edited or unedited content would be nice.


    1 Sounds quality is amazing, I ripped cds at the highest quality before and still not as good quality. I thought I had a crappy sound system until I played a song in music unlimited, the bass is crazy, that I will miss when I cancel it.

    2 I never heard a song skip, Pandora does it all the time in PS3 and on the PC sometimes.

    3 Premium has a lot of channels already added like 80’s, 90’s, night, rock, rap, pop, etc, makes it easy to play music you like.

    4 No advertisements.

    5 Used it on my pc, iphone and ps3, so I could play my favorites anywhere where there is an internet connection, it does notice if you are using it on more than one device but you can go to your friends ps3 sign in to ps3 network and sign in to music unlimited no problem or on any computer.

    6 They have remastered albums of oldies, and they do sound much better.

    7 Easy to sign up and easy to cancel, just uncheck the auto renewal check box in account settings.

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