Enhance photos with the perfect caption app

We like to bring our readers news on useful or enjoyable smartphone apps and we’ve noted that captioning photos is becoming increasingly popular. With that in mind we’ve rounded up a selection of caption apps for the iOS and Android platforms, one of which is currently the number 1 free app in the US.

Putting captions onto photographs can be both practical and also entertaining and so it’s no surprise to find that caption apps have recently seen a surge in popularity. The first app we’ll bring you is for Android devices and the following three are iOS app for iPhone, iPad and iPods. Simply hit the title links to go straight to the App Store or Google Play to download.

Our first suggestion is CaptionIt and this is a free Android app for devices running Android 2.2 or later. This photo caption maker enables the user to caption their photos and then share them with friends if wished. Users can share via Facebook, Twitter, Text Message, Email and other ways and one of the many great benefits of captions on photos is to name every person on the photo. If you’re anything like me you have reams of photos that you didn’t caption because you thought you’d never forget people. Roll on ten years later and it’s a different story, unless that’s just me! You can also choose from different styles, colors and fonts and it also features voice recognition for ease of captioning.

Next we have an iOS app called I’d Cap That and this is the #1 free app in the US as well as being the #1 photo and video app too. It’s compatible for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd gen), iPod touch (4th gen) and iPads running iOS 4.0 or later. This is a great app with high user ratings and you need to be over 17 to download it. This one comes up with some funny captions for your photos although some are a little crude. There is a warning not to download this app if you are easily offended but the captions are often very entertaining indeed. There are hundreds of random captions available and the app claims never to repeat the same one. You can save the photos to your library and share them with friends for hours of fun.

The next app is Caption Picture, an iOS app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPads running iOS 3.2 or later. This one is priced at $0.99. Simply take a photo or choose one from an album, pick a caption, fit it into your snap and then you can upload it to Facebook or text or email it to your friends and family. Users can scroll through to select a caption or choose to use the Random category.

Our final caption app is another iOS app and this one is called Caption Action. This one is suitable for using with iPhone, iPod touch and iPads running iOS 4.2 or later and is rated a 12+ app. It bills itself as “kinda like a comic strip, kinda like a cartoon,” and there are plenty of one-liners suitable for occasions such as birthday parties, concerts, nights out, vacations, a babies section, pets and even a compliments and insults category.

Hopefully among these four apps you can find one to suit you whether it’s for practical use of simply to amuse yourself. If you download any of these apps let us know what you think of them. Maybe you already use one of these and could share your thoughts on it with our readers?


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