Google Doodle prompts Robert Moog 78th via music apps

On this day back in 1934, Robert Moog was born, and as I’m sure you have noticed, today’s Google Doodle celebrates Moog’s 78th birthday. Moog of course invented the Moog Synthesizer, one of the first widely used electronic musical instruments, which visitors to Google’s main page can try out as the Doodle is playable.

As such, what we have for our readers today is a couple of mobile music apps prompted by the Robert Moog Google Doodle, and these mobile music apps are for iOS devices.

So we’ll kick things off with the Filtration iOS app by Moog Music Inc, an app that is a phenomenal real time audio effects suite, and powerful studio tool, and audio filter and effects engine that lets the user use sound from three sources, the built-in oscillator, the sampler, or line/microphone input.

Filtration for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad features a high resolution alias free DSP oscillator with sawtooth and square waveforms, is loaded with edgy presets, has five waveforms, sawtooth, square, ramp, sine, sample and hold with crossfade and morph, multi-touch X-Y pads, and the ability to switch Pad to Pitch Lock mode to play chromatic scales. The Filtration app can be downloaded to your device at a cost of $7.99 by hitting up iTunes.

Then we have the Animoog for iPhone, again by Moog Music Inc, and is Moog Music’s first professional synthesizer for iOS, and powered by the new Anisotropic Synth Engine. Animoog for iPhone enables the user to assemble unique sounds in the X/Y space from timbres of a variety of modern and vintage Moog synthesizers and pedals.

Animoog for the iPhone also features polyphonic modulation, polyphonic pitch shifting, a delay module, a thick module, record module, orbit module, path module, a Moog filter, a flexible modulation matrix, MIDI in, and 32 next level presets by Richard Devine available in the Animoog Store.

Furthermore the Animoog for iPhone app, as part of the celebration of Moog Music’s birthday to honour Robert Moog, the Animoog for iPhone app is available for just $0.99 through the 29th of May, and can be downloaded from iTunes.


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